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How To Guide to Webcam Sex
Webcam Sex: How To

If you haven't already tried it, Skype's slogan says it best: "Sign in now and enjoy more ways to keep in touch!"

Ego E3 by JOPEN

An elegantly designed couples ring with luxurious features, the delicate curves of the E3 will appeal to both him and her. (8/10)

Fellatio tips from him
Fellatio Tips from Him

From man to you, read on to find out all about fellatio, and how to give him the best blow he has ever had!

cunnilings tips from her
Cunnilingus Tips from Her

Ever wonder what she's thinking while being eaten out? Check out our list of the top things most women wish their partner knew about going downtown!

Her top sexual fantasies
Her Top Sexual Fantasies

What exactly do women have cooking up behind their seemingly cool facades? Asking dozens of women reveals our top ten list of most common confessions...

Sex after Prostate Surgery
Sex After Prostate Surgery

This editorial aims to help provide a better understanding of the prostate gland and the possible impact of ‘Prostate Surgery’ on sexual functioning.

Household Sex Props
Household Sex Props

Believe it or not, your house is brimming with orgasmic potential, with all kinds of everyday objects not being used to their full capacity.

Sex in the Incan Empire
Sex in the Ancient World: The Inca

Sexual culture during the Inca Empire reign was strongly present during rituals, open & liberal in sexual practice, with formal but generous rules re marriage!

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips
Online Dating Photo Tips

Not sure what pictures to use in your online dating profile? Here are five tips to help you make the best first impression you can!

Lelo Gigi Review
Lelo Gigi

By far the best G-Spot toy we've tried. Superior quality, classy and a great performance! A GREAT gift for any occasion. (10/10)

Sensate Focus Exercises
Sensate Focus Exercises

"Slow down, you move too fast; you need to make the moment last!" Good advice, especially if you're in the habit of racing through your lovemaking.

 JOpen Vanity Review - Vr 10.5
Jopen Vanity Review - Vr 10.5

'Jopen' your front door to the skilled craftsmanship of female sex toy visionaries! It's Vanity - but the lady's worth it! (9.5/10)

Prostate Surgery
Prostate Surgery

A guide for men and their sexual partners to better understand the surgery, and its associated risks (including sexual functioning).

Reasons people Cheat
Reasons People Cheat

We explore why people two-time their partners and the underlying issues that drive them to unfaithfulness.

5 dating Do's and Don'ts
5 First Date Do’s and Don’t

The point of dating is to meet new people, enjoy good company, and (hopefully) experience chemistry with someone you really come to like.