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Sensate Focus Exercises
Sensate Focus Exercises

"Slow down, you move too fast; you need to make the moment last!" Good advice, especially if you're in the habit of racing through your lovemaking.

Prostate Surgery
Prostate Surgery

A guide for men and their sexual partners to better understand the surgery, and its associated risks (including sexual functioning).

Reasons people Cheat
Reasons People Cheat

We explore why people two-time their partners and the underlying issues that drive them to unfaithfulness.

5 dating Do's and Don'ts
First Date Do’s & Don’ts

The point of dating is to meet new people, enjoy good company, and (hopefully) experience chemistry with someone you really come to like.

Getting Over Being Dumped
Getting Over a Break-up

Being ‘broken-up-with’ can make the world seem like a cruel and heartless place, but you need to bounce back before you wind up....


Pulling unwanted hair out from the root using wax - Ouch! But if you can withstand the discomfort, the benefits can last for up to 6 weeks.

sex with the ex
Sex with the Ex

Should you ever try to re-kindle the embers of a defunct relationship – just for sex? We consider the pros and cons of this risky proposition.

is viewing porn harmful?
Is Pornography Harmful?

From hairy palms to going blind, there is no shortage of warnings about the danger of porn... is there any truth to them?

bringing up an std
Bringing up an STD/STI

Telling a prospective new partner about your Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection is not easy; here is some advice on how to go about it.

Sex in small places
Sex in Small Places

Turn ‘awkward & uncomfortable’ into a must-do variation on your sex play. Find out where and how you can have big fun in little places!

Male Sexual Response Cycle
Male Sexual Response

Pleasuring a man is more than just a race to the finish line; there are actually some surprising similarities to pleasuring a woman!

stop your relationship from drifting
Stop Drifting Apart

Have you been finding your relationship with your significant other to be drifting? Here are four ways to get you back in tune with each other!

sex and menopause
Menopause and Sex

If you thought having a period every month was bad - just wait till you discover the joys of menopause! But there are ways to manage it...

Get Your Online Dating Profile Noticed
Get your profile noticed

Here are five of the best ways to ensure that yours is an alluring profile that gets noticed by the right person, every time.


Otherwise known as 'Piles', they’re embarrassing and a real “pain in the ass” ... but did you know that anyone can get them?

Sex Drive Killers
Sex Drive Killers

Is your libido in park, or worse yet, in reverse? Here is a rundown of the most common reasons why it’s stalled - and what you can do about it!

how to deep throat
Fellatio - Deep Throat

Ready, set, GULP!? It's not as simple as saying "aah", but our guide sure makes it easier to go deep - really deep!


Not low libido, but no libido! As an emerging sexual orientation, asexuality is "not just for amoebas anymore".