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His top sexual fantasies
His Top Sex Fantasies

While some men will be eager and willing to divulge their sexual wants and desires, other men's brains may be harder, or even impossible to pick...

Why is it so Difficult for Women to G-spot Orgasm?
Elusive G-spot Orgasms

Ever asked yourself why some women just can’t come? They can, and we’ll tell you how to make it happen...

Male Psyche

If you are looking for a little spice in your sex life, consider hand-cuffs and other restraints to truly feel like you are being ravaged!

healthy body means better sex
Healthy Body, Better Sex!

Another good reason to care for our physical & mental well-being. The better we look after ourselves, the better the reaction to the action!

How To Guide to Webcam Sex
Webcam Sex: How To

If you haven't already tried it, Skype's slogan says it best: "Sign in now and enjoy more ways to keep in touch!"

Fellatio tips from him
Fellatio Tips from Him

From man to you, read on to find out all about fellatio, and how to give him the best blow he has ever had!

cunnilings tips from her
Cunnilingus Tips from Her

Ever wonder what she's thinking while being eaten out? Check out our list of the top things most women wish their partner knew about going downtown!

Her top sexual fantasies
Her Top Sexual Fantasies

What exactly do women have cooking up behind their seemingly cool facades? Asking dozens of women reveals our top ten list of most common confessions...

Sex after Prostate Surgery
After Prostate Surgery

This editorial aims to help provide a better understanding of the prostate gland and the possible impact of ‘Prostate Surgery’ on sexual functioning.

Household Sex Props
Household Sex Props

Believe it or not, your house is brimming with orgasmic potential, with all kinds of everyday objects not being used to their full capacity.

Sex in the Incan Empire
Ancient Sex: The Inca

Sexual culture during the Inca Empire reign was strongly present during rituals, open & liberal in sexual practice, with formal but generous rules re marriage!

Sex and Aging
Sex and Aging

Like fine wine, sex really can improve with age. A healthy attitude & body, plus experience & communication can still help pop your cork!

cunnilingus basics
Cunnilingus Basics

Performing well is extremely pleasurable for her & for you. Do your homework, be gentle and listen to her responses & you really can't go wrong...

massage basics
Erotic Massage Basics

Does massage live up to the hype? You bet! There are few more pleasurable & intimate moments you can share. Here's how to make it into glorious!

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips
Online Dating Photo Tips

Not sure what pictures to use in your online dating profile? Here are five tips to help you make the best first impression you can!

anal sex toys
Anal Sex Toys

Specifically designed for safer and easier anal use than vaginal toys - these are bum products of the very best kind! :) Check them out...

female orgasms
Female Orgasm

Not every female can reach orgasm, but many more could if they relaxed and took the time and effort to explore their body to see what works for them!

Male Psyche
The Male Psyche

Do you know how your man thinks ... or want to? You might be surprised! Here are some tips & tricks to get inside his head & help figure him out.