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Viennese Oyster Sex Position

In the Viennese Oyster position the receiver lays on their back with their lower back and legs raised all the way up so that their ankles are crossed behind their own head. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position totally exposes the groin area to the giving partner who lays atop the receiver to perform. The giver moves up and down on the receiver to create friction. The giver needs to use their hands to support their own body weight so as not to crush the receiver.

This position requires considerable flexibility on the part of the receiver and it cannot be (fully) achieved by most, but it is wonderfully "naughty" due to the feeling of being totally exposed. Those less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver's thighs at mid-point.

Yoga helps

My fiance is 5'4 120 lbs. Not exactly petite but not big either. For the longest time she wasn't able to do this. One time we got close to this, with her ankles behind her shoulders and she came like no other. She wanted to increase her flexibility primarily to try getting her ankles behind her head so she did some yoga and advanced stretching classes at the gym, kinda like gymnastics stretching. Since then she has been able to make the transition.

I love it too, the angle that my cock hits in her pussy creates incredible tightness. I read on other sites that following childbirth, women's pussies were not as tight and that led to frustration in the bedroom. For those of you having this problem maybe this position would help. The g-spot is in direct contact with the cock as it pistons in and out.
For a guy this position is up there with the head over the edge of the bed for deepthroating as primally sexy. Just thinking of this position, my cock riding the thin line between massive pressure as her g-spot is stimulated and popping out due to the angle is heavenly. As a guy seeing a girl in this position if you don't get hot, you need to reevaluate your priorities. Doubly its an easy transition for anal sex too, nice and easy slide into the backdoor.

we tried this

but my ankles was not crossed behind my head, but rather beside my head and he holded me (with his hands in the hollow of my knees), need a little bit of flexibility. In this position it goes very deep, sometimes to much for me.


It's very easy to just do "under the hood" from this position too. If you aren't too flexible, just have your guy push a bit on your legs. So much outer grinding going on there


My ex loved the fact that I was super flexible! We loved this position because I could get both feet behind my head and keep them there. With me pinned, he could get so deep and it could be super intimate or really fun! Really wishing I had a guy to do this to me right now because it makes me orgasm soooooo many times ;)

average ant
By Far the Best

My ex was able to put her legs that far back but not crossed behind her head, ankles to her ears. I could go so deep that I could feel my cock going through her and then poking me in the stomach. She would always cum like this and one time claimed to cum with ever thrust. I just kept going until she looked like she could not take anymore. I came in her, she was on the pill, and I really miss being able to do that. She came again from my ejaculating deep in her. The craziest part was her continuing to basically convulse with more orgasms as she was not even being touched. I really wish I had someone who could take this now.

This Position Is Not

This Position Is Not Something I Really Prefer For Any Normal Amount Of Copulation. In Fact, It Is Incredibly Uncomfortable If One Does Not Take The Proper Measures To Limber Up Before Attempting It.

It Holds A High Possibility For Dislocated Hips And Is Simply Not Worth The Effort.

thats looks like the guy can

thats looks like the guy can get his penis in so deep. when i start dating again i would love to try that. just hope i can be flexible enough to try that LOL

I can get one leg over my

I can get one leg over my head, but I do not think I can do two. I would be worried about my leg sliping and kicking him in the head. Can anyone say, "Mood killer"?


Im so glad im flexible just my boyfriend doesnt really agree about doing sexual activity yet Ive been told to wait;/<3 Im alright with waiting a few months but this is definatley on my to do list;)xx


This one is sooo fun. Me and me ex love doing this one when we get together for some "quality" time since her current bf dont know how to please her like i can. to bad she aint here right now cuz i wanna fukk so bad right now.

wantme baby
any girl

position looks friggin amazing just need the flexible girl to do it withj any takers

Love at first penetration

When my ex and i did this position i was instantly speechless. i squirted 3 times that night. It was amazing.

OW! my legs hurt just

OW! my legs hurt just looking at this! though lol.

Amaaazing feeling!

My bf has no idea how much I love it when he does this. However, he tends to do it a little too early and it hurts for him to go too deep and he ends up switching position in response to my 'ow's' =[

Yay flexibility! I love

Yay flexibility! I love being made for sex hahaha

lol! i thank my mom all the

lol! i thank my mom all the time for getting me into yoga when i was 8 years old!

This position is Amazing for

This position is Amazing for both the Giver and Receiver. It gives the guy a full View at the Pussy and that's a turn on in its self esspecially after she's soaking wet. Any Ladies wanna try this position ill be more then happy to show you

Oh my god, this one is

Oh my god, this one is amazing. My boyfriend goes crazy when we do this one! I love it myself! Although after a while my legs hurt terribly.

looks painful if ur not

looks painful if ur not flexable

BEST. I dislocated a girls

BEST. I dislocated a girls hip this way once.

Different position- same title

Well I love this position, Its one of my favorites to give it to a girl. Ive been able to do it with any girls that I have tried. Thats not all IVe had sex with. However, I have heard of the viennese oyster and it was way different. It was actually a cunnilingus position where the giver is on his side and kinda goes under the girls leg to get to her pussy while she sits. almost like the 68 hers, but to the side. Either way, what the animation is portraying I love it. And Id still like to try the cunnilingus one too.

i shall fuck her like this

nice to give a fuck this way...

Have you seen me SPYOLE!!!

Have you seen me SPYOLE!!!


I loved this position. It's amazing feeling and amazing to watch. My boyfriend liked it too because he could tell I was enjoying. The only problem was after a little bit it started to get uncomfrortable. And I'm pretty flexible.

im going to try it tonight

im going to try it tonight it looks like so much fun and looks like it feels really good from what i hear from all of you it does so me and my man are trying it. its on like donkey kong lol

mmm, i like this one ;)

me and my boyfriend do this one a lot... i love his huge, juicey cock, and with this pos. he can get really fucking deep in my pussy. mmm, i get horny even thinking about it. you def. have to try this one if you haven't.


yeah honey. i tried this with my girl she screamed n screamed more. does it look that pleasant?

Seriously, when my guy as to

Seriously, when my guy as to do this i was like there is absolutely know way my body could bend like that.. but he convinced me into doing it.. 'nd OMG i drives me crazy ever damn time we do this.. I mean seriously he one time he tied me to the bed post like this 'nd teased me by eating me out n fingering 'nd with my vibrator for like an hour.. then he went sooooo sooo deep. tht i screamed when i came n he went crazy.. lmao I came like 15 times that night wow amazing..we do this all the time now..


Hey I was looking at this position and it looks so ausome , anyone out there that can do this position want to do it with a hot guy

Not flexible enough

I would so do it with my boyfriend, but he is still has his V-Card And I can't bend like that I wish I could though.

i love this my background in

i love this my background in dance and gymnastics make this so easy and very pleasurable.....

This position is no struggle

This position is no struggle for me at all, I've always been very flexible and I've been told that being able to put my legs behind my head was only good for one thing.. and of course this is that one thing.

Looks Great

Looks great, and would live to try, but try finding a woman capable of that.. I can dream


I can do that if your still up for trying it

Mmmmmmmmm. This one feels SO

Mmmmmmmmm. This one feels SO good. Nice and deep penetration. I'll usually start my throwing my legs over my boyfriend's shoulders and then he'll push me back further and far as I can go, fucking me nice and deep. Great way to hit the G spot with this position!


I'm very young, and a virgin. And I really think I'll start with yoga, or something, cause, damn, I would love to do this one as a first..

listen to them cause you'd

listen to them cause you'd wanna deffinatly wanna stick with missionary.. the first time hurts like hell.

My first time did not hurt

My first time did not hurt at all. On the other hand, I was an active girl and masterbated regulerly at the time.
Yoga is a good idea. I took dance and some matial arts so I am pretty flexible. It is good to have it before you start on the harder stuff.

Yoga is great for many

Yoga is great for many things such as relaxation, toning the body, and gaining flexibility, but you're young and a virgin. This position will surely be the last thing on your mind, it hurts like hell, the only thing you're really going to want to do is lay there very still because of the pain.

you DO NOT want to do this

you DO NOT want to do this position for youre first time. wait until youre more comfortable with missionary and sex doesnt hurt anymore. and as far as yoga goes you dont need it for this position, just lay in your bed and put your legs up straight in the air and stretch the muscles. he'll be holding them in place during this position, not you.

penis size

this is a deep penetration positon. my penis is 7inch long by 5inch thick. will you be able to handle that?

Animation Gone Awry?

So in the animation, her feet are wrong. Like, scary contortionist wrong. I just find it humourous.

ahaha i noticed that. it

ahaha i noticed that. it looks like the guys hand is a foot and one of her feet is a scarf. very weird :)

ohhhhh i love it when i get

ohhhhh i love it when i get pinned down and he just holds my leg and just dills my pusssy i cant help butt scream, the animatin should go wayy faster thats the best way to go andd deep as hell, i want sex nowwwwwwww


A good idea is to stretch befor u do this position. But if you dont its more fun for him

More fun?

what do you mean, if you don't mind me asking?

This looks so good. I want

This looks so good. I want to try it, but first i need some one to try it with.

Tha Scorpion
If she's flexible this is

If she's flexible this is nice! I dated a woman once who wa multi-orgasmic and she came 32 times over the course of our night, the majority coming from this position.

dang I can go deep and wow

dang I can go deep and wow does she moan. I LOVE this position - She begs for more too!!

I love it!!!

I finally convinced my girlfriend to do this one and omg! I love it more than anything else! I love sex! So much fun! And I love this position how her pussy is just completely exposed and how she moans and screams! So loudly! I had to cover her mouth once, but I got to see her eyes rolling back and ooooo!!! I want to see her now! but i won't get to have sex until tomorrow night when I go over to her house cause her parents will be away.