why get a sex toy

Why Get a Sex Toy?

Why would anyone want to buy and use a sex toy? Well, the sex toy industry is as big as it is for a reason... Here are just some of the many reasons it may be a good idea to have a couple around...

  • Add variety (supposedly "the spice of life") and fun to the sex life of you and your partner; they can be used during intercourse, or foreplay, or both.

  • Make a great partner substitute for periods when in-between (or instead of) sexual relationships.

  • Are a great way to receive stimulation that may otherwise be difficult to sustain (fewer aching jaws and hands!)

  • Reach spots that a partner may not be able (or want) to reach; an example of this might be anal toys.

  • Can assist in situations where one partner requires more attention than the other is able to give (multiple orgasms can be VERY tiring! J).

  • Are great for those times when one partner "wants to" and the other partner doesn't or can't.

  • Promote good health. An orgasm releases stress and tension, and is a great way to start the day or as a "night cap" to help sleep. Dealing with sexual frustration will allow a person to deal with all the other issues that they have to contend with. At the same time, while they are separated from a partner, or have no current partner, they can be satisfied without having to risk cheating or getting a STD from some person they met at the bar.

Pleasuring Women

    Clitoral Stimulation

    There are many women cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation; most positions for vaginal intercourse do not provide sufficient stimulation to the clitoris. Toys can also provide the extra stimulation that touching or oral sex does. Anyone who has used a vibrator will be able to tell you that they often induce the most intense orgasms. Most, if not all, new vibrators and powered toys have intensity adjustments to suit personal preferences and sensitivity. A toy can bring a woman to orgasm in as little as a few minutes, as she learns from experience what she likes.

    Multiple Orgasms

    Most women who use sex toys have quickly learned that they are a great way to achieve multiple orgasms. Depending on the versatility of the toy, there are many different kinds of orgasms. A vaginal orgasm is very different from a clitoral orgasm, which again is very different from an anal orgasm. Imagine having a toy that has the dependability to be able to last long enough to help you achieve all three in one night, or even better, all three at the same time, repeatedly...

    Helping out

    Some women require a lot of stimulation, over a long period, to be able to reach climax. Many men on the other hand are unable to last long periods in a single go. Wouldn't it be great to have something that can keep you hot while your partner takes a breather waiting to go again? Whether its there to keep you going, or to get you there, it can result in a greater sexual experience. You will be satisfied, and your partner won't feel inadequate because you didn't enjoy the encounter as much as he did. In most cases, removing this stress will be enough to improve the experience for both partners.

Pleasuring Men

    Creating Orgasms

    Vibrating toys can be used to help a man achieve orgasm when held against his shaft, gland's head or testicles. These orgasms are often easy to come by, intense, and can come in multiples. Different types of stimulation can bring him pleasures that he has never known before!

    Improving Orgasms

    Whether with a partner, or by himself, a vibrating toy can serve as a side dish, instead of being the main dish. It can be used to improve masturbation, a hand job, oral sex, and even intercourse. A particular type of toy, the "cock ring" has recently been combined with a vibrator. This combo toy vibrates the entire penis, stimulating it, and turning it into a vibrator for his partner. Although some men are freaked out by anal play, the prostate gland remains one of the best ways to turn a regular orgasm into an incredible experience. Having some play in that area does not in any way question a man's sexuality, and can bring him into a world of orgasms so intense that he will be exhausted afterwards.

    Achieving Erections

    Whether a man is having trouble getting his first erection or fifth, there are few ways better than a vibrator to resuscitate his interest. The toy can become a regular part of foreplay, and can help him to be able to have marathon sex.

    For most people choosing a sex toy is a very personal experience. It involves finding the products that meet their needs, which can be daunting given the thousands of varieties available. From large and powerful, to small and dainty, there are sex-toys for everyone; they are available in every conceivable type, shape, size and price.

Choosing a Sex Toy

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