vibrating sex toys


Vibrators are a great addition to anyone's sexual repertoire. Whether a replacement or addition to the 'real thing' there is a size and style to suit everyone. Check out the ones below...

Traditional Vibrators

When people think of vibrators, usually this style comes to mind. Traditional vibrators are slim, straight, somewhat phallic (although they do not look like a real penis), between 4" and 8" in length, and are usually made of hard plastic. They are available in many different finishes, including bright colors and metallic. Most traditional vibrators are adjustable, allowing the user full control over the vibration level. The hard plastic outer casing helps maintain the strength of the vibrations by transferring them directly from the motor, so they are a good choice for people who think they might like the feel of stronger vibrations but who don't want to purchase an electric vibrator.

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Clitoral Vibrators

Many women can only reach orgasm, or prefer the orgasm they have, during direct clitoral stimulation. The orgasms achieved by stimulating the clitoris are intense and satisfying, as any orgasm should be...

Enter the category of clitoral vibrators. These vibrators are designed with the clitoris in mind, offering powerful direct clitoral stimulation while the user is free to sit back and enjoy the sensations. Some clitoral vibrators are small and non-insertable - designed to stimulate only the clitoris. Some clitoral vibrators offer clitoral stimulation via a small "animal" or attachment on the shaft that reaches the clitoris when the shaft is inserted into the vagina. Neither type is "better" than the other is, and each has certain pleasures unique unto itself. Whichever type you prefer, clitoral vibrators offer powerful clitoral stimulations that are just not possible during manual stimulation. These toys are usually small and compact, making them great for travel, and they don't usually look like a traditional vibrator. If someone were to stumble across a clitoral vibrator, they might not immediately identify it as a vibrator.

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Egg Vibrators:

The egg vibrator is another advancement in vibrator technology. A small egg shaped capsule, usually two inches or so in length, houses a powerful vibration motor. These eggs can be used internally or externally, and usually come with a remote battery pack that lets you choose between several vibration options and multiple vibration intensity levels. Egg vibrators are wonderfully satisfying and are capable of powerful sensations.

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Rabbit Vibrators (Dual Action):

Combination, or rabbit, vibrators are currently very popular, in part to the great publicity received by the jack rabbit brand. They have the ability to stimulate the vagina like a traditional vibrator, as well as stimulate the clitoris and/or the opening of the vagina at the same time. A good example of a combination vibrator is the Jack Rabbit. This is the most recognizable combination vibrator on the market because of its popularity, and because it was featured on HBO's "Sex and the City". It consists of a small "rabbit" perched on top of a pink jelly vibrator shaft. The rabbit is designed to directly stimulate the clitoris and is controlled by a remote battery pack. The shaft, which is also controlled by the remote battery pack, is capable of twisting back and forth, and of "rotating" the pearls around in a circular motion, which stimulates the labia and the opening to the vagina.

Many women find the combined features of these vibrators are a perfect recipe for orgasm. They require less work than other toys and the stimulation levels of the clitoral stimulator and the shaft can be adjusted independently to fit your mood. Combination vibrators are usually high quality and come in many shapes and sizes. These vibrators are extremely easy to use and are great for both experienced and novice vibrator.

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G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators are usually shaped like a traditional vibrator, with the exception that they are curved at the end to allow contact with the G-Spot. G-Spot vibrators are typically between 4" and 8" in length and have a base-mounted vibration controller. If you want to try a G-Spot vibrator, be sure to look for one made of plastic or a firm jelly material so it does not bend when it is inserted. The best G-Spot orgasms come when you apply firm pressure, so you want to be sure the vibrator can withstand that kind of stress without flexing too much. G-Spot vibrators, especially ones made of jelly, are available in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and as attachments or "sleeves" that fit over traditional vibrators. G-Spot vibrators are very popular and if you want G-Spot stimulation, they are definitely the way to go.

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Hands-Free Vibrators:

Also known as "Venus Vibrators" or "Butterfly Vibrators", these toys are designed to directly stimulate the clitoris. They are usually small devices, about the circumference of a soda can, that nestle up to the vagina and clitoris and are held in place by waist or leg straps. Butterfly vibrators are usually designed to resemble an animal, such as a dolphin, hummingbird, rabbit, or of course butterfly. The advantage of Butterfly Vibrators is that they are virtually hands free, which leaves the vagina exposed and ready for oral stimulation, intercourse or stimulation with other sex toys. They are wonderful vibrators and are versatile enough to be used many different ways.

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Vibrator Kits

With so many options, it can be tough to settle on one style or type. Luckily, there are vibrator kits. Basic kits usually include several types of vibrators, a few sleeves of various shapes and sizes, and some lubricant. If you want to get fancy, you can find kits with items like feathers, blindfolds, masks, name it. It is usually cheaper to buy items together in a kit than it is to buy them separately, so if you find a kit you like, go for it!

The vibrators sold in kits can range from medium to high quality, so check out what you are buying. If you are interested in a kit that is really inexpensive, chances are the quality will be lower than that of a "premium" vibrator. Many people find that the inexpensive kits are a great way to sample several types of vibrators, say for example a bullet and an egg. So, if you try an inexpensive kit and find a vibrator you REALLY like, you can always consider upgrading in the future. Kits also make great gifts!

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I really wish to purchase a vibrators after I get more proficient with the Kaegle (sorry for spelling wrong) exercises. However, I'm not sure whether I'm more of a penetration/clitoral stimulation person because I've never orgasmed. What should I get for learning purposes? I really REALLY want to have one since I hear it's an amazing experience.

One of my Friends, a Girl,

One of my Friends, a Girl, told me they had never had an Orgasm before even though she's not a Virgin. So, being the awesome friend I am I told her I would go buy her a Vibrator. She doesn't know if she gets more stimulation from her G-Spot or Clit. What kind of Vibrator would be the best choice to get for her? Also as far as I know this is her first Sex Toy as well.


I bought my x-gf a vibrator. She had liked the idea but wasn't sure I would approve. So it had been her birthday present. We bought the rampant rabbit one. The first night was amazing, she had never come like that before on her own (as I had watched her finger herself before, huge turn-on and good info-collecting) but wow that was something else. Had the massage first to warm her up and then I produced the rabbit. She was amazed just how she felt when using it. Didn't replace me, but a huge addition to foreplay (or it was). Loved the varying speeds as I could go slow to start with and then speed up as she was close to orgasm. One of the games we played I used to keep her "on the boil" and then allow her to orgasm by turning it up fully.

ok, me and my gf have really

ok, me and my gf have really good sex! most times i give her orgasms by oral or by playing with her clit, but thats probably 60% of the time and the other 40% is from intercourse. should i feel jealous or be comfortable about using sex toys during intercourse with her??


I'd always wanted to try a vibrator (with my bf) and he didn't know. But one day he said "Got something to ask you"? I was worried, but then he said "Watching the odd bit of porn (I do with him, as it really turns me on sometimes) and see that a lot of women love vibrators, what do you think"? He was worried that I would be upset with the idea. I was all for it, and he was reassured that it wouldn't replace him, unless he was tired and wanted to have a bit of fun, but didn't want sex. I have never used it without him though. Got the usual rabbit one, but wow so glad we tried it. The bf admits he loves using it on me so he can be in control of what is happening to me (not in a controlling way in any other sense). He also likes it because he can see my face and the changes to it when I am close to orgasm or just about to which he says is a total turn-on for him. Also have a clit vibrator, which is amazing for both of us. If I want to use it during sex, bf says he can feel it against his penis and it turns him on more and more. Want to try an anal one, but we aren't too sure and it is still in the thinking about process.

Should I get one?

I want to get a vibrator to add extra spark in me and my boyfriends sex life. He thinks that if I get one, it'll replace him. How do I get him to see that it wont? I just want one to use for when he isn't around (we are goin to different colleges in the fall).

if any of u want a vibrator

if any of u want a vibrator just get a playstation game with vibration in it and use the controller for vibrations

I was thinking of getting

I was thinking of getting one for my wife while Im away. how would I introduce it to her it I did?

When my wife and I first got

When my wife and I first got married she was turned off of the idea of using a vibrator. Then one day I was out shopping for condoms I saw that Trojan made a vibrating cock ring. Needless to say, I purchased one and she has loved vibrators ever since.

So what I'm trying to say is, start small.

Yeah iv been using those for

Yeah iv been using those for a while now and they are getting kinda old im thinking about going to spencers and surprising her tonight in bed

How do you get a vibrator if

How do you get a vibrator if you are under age?

the way to get a vibrator if

the way to get a vibrator if your under age is to find a friend who is of age and ask them to get one for you if you give them the money. thats the only way i can think of. how old are you anyway?

ha, i tired asking this on

ha, i tired asking this on the forums and instead got into a fight, honestly i don't know, sorry. if you do find something, that'd be cool if you let me knew

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bullet vibe and gspot vibes used together...OMG it's a must try :D

i want one lol :( lol :)

i want one lol :( lol :)

Can anyone tell me whr to

Can anyone tell me whr to get Vibrators in India??

Gottta get that!

damn my mom is all against me gettin one but im still gettin one cuz they better and they feeel so damn good!!! if i can get a stripper pole i can get one of these!


would it be....hmm... would it be natural for me to be uncomfortable with my girl having a vibrator because i think that she will compare it with me, or that scince she uses it i wont be good enough for her?? plz help

Vibrators don't come close

Vibrators don't come close to the pleasure of sex in the slightest. You shouldn't be so afraid of her comparing you with it since having sex is more personal than pleasuring yourself. Overall, I don't think you have to worry.

my boyfriend was the same

I was arguing with my bf for a while about buying a rabbit. My argument was that when he's home alone he can masturbate all he wants whereas I' just not able to, no matter how hard I try. So, eventually I won and he bought me one. I was afraid it would work but it did! it was nice. it worked. it felt good. but, sex is a personal thing, it's about the talking, being held when it happens, etc. so guys, don't worry.

unless you're robots in bed of course :/


i found ma mums vibrator an jesus christ its gud i get orgasms sooo quickly with it now but i was wondering where i u get 1 cus i need a much stronger one now :P

Extreamrestrants has a nice

Extreamrestrants has a nice selection of toys and vibs. The work nicely.

Pussy lover
you use your moms?

you use your moms?


yall know of any good places to buy good vibes!?

like i have a bullet vibe i keep in my purse but im looking for a good big vibe yall know of anywhere?!

Extream Restrants. They are

Extream Restrants. They are wonderful.

my vibrators

I've had many experiences with toys. I even use them when having sex with my gf I like using butterfly vibrators during a 69 or ill use my friend the jack rabbit when she's not in the mood for sex

Need to add...

Yea, I think the cyber flicker is good for beginning the process, I havent owned it for a long time, I've had one orgasm from it, but several from the love bullet...I dont always need the cyber flicker to begin with, but sometimes I need it or sometimes its just fun to begin with that one to make the play and sensation last longer.

My favourite vibrators :)

I have never liked to use dildos, but I've always been active in masturbating, ever since I was a very young girl.

My favourite vibrators are the cyber flicker and the love bullet.

I like the variety and feeling and soft vibration of the cyber flicker, but it is hard for me to reach an orgasm on that one, and that's where the love bullet comes in.
It has a more effective vibration (not way too fast or too slow, cant describe it.. hehe) and I know exactly where to point it to, so I reach an orgasm. I am much more used to vibrators like the love bullet too.