Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

There are way fewer toys specifically for men, but we have grouped together the different types to give you a comprehensive overview of what is available.

Masturbation Sleeves

The next set of toys is the masturbation sleeves. Designed for to increase stimulation during a hand job, this toy is probably one of the easiest toys to use. The sleeve is typically a long tube of warm fleshy material (like jelly or silicon) that has a large opening at one end for the penis and a smaller opening at the bottom end. The trick to these toys is finding one the right size. Although most appear quite small, they stretch to accommodate most size stretching up to about 3 extra inches. So although width isn't usually a problem, length can be.

Read our comprehensive and unbiased review of the highly rated and very popular Fleshlight male sex toy.

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Blow Job Simulators

Most men agree; blow jobs are one of the best things in life. Sadly, it would take quite a few partners, unless you are lucky enough to have one with "the hunger", to satisfy all those urges... Fortunately, there is a wide range of blowjob simulators that are the next best thing. Available in a variety of models and materials, the only thing missing is the full serviceĀ…

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Vagina Simulators

The male equivalent of a traditional vibrator for women, realistic vaginas are that fantasy toy most guys wish they had. Available in varying levels of realism, shape, and color, these toys are ready to take you anytime... Mounted, perhaps between the mattress and the box spring, realistic vaginas can be a great way to build your sexual muscles and endurance.

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Realistic vaginas

Realistic vaginas are, quite honestly, my favorite male sex toys. They feel excellent, and they're easy to maintain. Still not as good as the real thing, though:)

Not so long ago, I graduated from Fleshlights and strokers and moved on to bigger and better things. I found that masturbating with a sex doll that had breasts, vagina and anal openings fit the bill just perfectly for me! The vagina on the doll felt pretty similar to the Fleshlight, except you have an entire "body" to experiment with...kinda like a 2 for 1 of sex toys. Here's an informative article on sex dolls: It's a good primer on what they are, and aren't.

Hopefully you will find it helpful!



i have a penis pump 5 flesh

i have a penis pump 5 flesh lights and a gigi and my wife is ok with them all!! she really like the penis pump! so every guy should get one!

Fleshlight is the best

I've tried quite a few masturbation sleeves. Some give you absolutely no feeling at all, others break after using them a few times, and others are really excellent. I've found the fleshlight to be incredibly sensitive and hardy.

when you say you've tried a

when you say you've tried a few masturbation sleeves, that comment doesn't include the flesh light right? because i just bought a few and i don't want then if they break after a while!

I want one

I really want one but I don't know how to get one. I am only 14. Can anyone give advice?


what you should do, same as i did when i was your age, is go online and look for a toy you want then save up for it. Then get a giftcard like a visa or something like that and put how much you need to put on go back to the website and put that cards info in when you order. these days they offer discreet shipping so it will be easier for you than it was for me.and when your parents tell you about your package in the mail simply go to your room open it hide the contents then replace it with something else and tell your parents it was a prank from one of your friends. hope this helps and for all you ppl out there reading this and think im sick for helping him go fuck your self. cuz hes just trying to get some experience .

Used the fleshlight on my boyfriend!

I love the Fleshlight's textures! One of the best sex toys around. I have used it several times with my partner and it always makes him cum...much easier than a hand job when I am tired!

do you think if i get him a

do you think if i get him a forbidden textured flesh light he will finally do anal with me?


My wife bought me a penis pump one day and omg its great. It makes my cock more ridged and harder. It also makes you last longer. My wife likes it cuz she can feel all the veins on my cock in her pussy. She has me pump it up for her every once in awhile and when i do she will get on top and just fuck the hell out of me. the we roll over and keep fucking till she cums twice or more.

you lucky bastard! i need to

you lucky bastard! i need to try that cuz it seems like you two have alot of fun!

She wont sleep with me

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for about six months and I love her so much. I really want to sleep with her though and she isn't ready yet. I asked her to suck me off and she just won't but I dont want to force her. We do other stuff and have been naked before but she wont let me put it in, even with condoms. I'm 16 and have had two other sex relationships and I think she is jealous. I also have a ten incher, will that hurt her and is that putting her off.

same story as yours. we have

same story as yours. we have been naked she lets me eat her out but when ever i wan to put it in she stopped me one day i asked her and her reason was because it was to big. so what you should do next time is get her to lay on top of you while your both naked this way shell be able to control how far you go in her. tell her this and shell open up just like my girl did. welcome to the 16 year and 10 inch club.

Most women are scared of

Most women are scared of anything 7-8 inches and up. Though if used right, there is never harm from size, the sheer thought scares most women.
And my suggestion, is to try focusing more on her bro. Lots of foreplay, mabye ask her to teach you to please her, even if just by touch, show you're willing to do whatever She wants. If you can please her, she'll be more open to anything you ask of her.

Good sex toys for men like

Good sex toys for men like Anal Toys can really spur up sex activities in a couple.


id be pissed if my boyfriend

id be pissed if my boyfriend bought one of these. id feel like i wasnt good enough!

you should really by one and

you should really by one and show him that you are sexy enough to give him a toy and still have him come back to you. cuz thts what my girl did, we have been having sex for about a year and she came over one day with a toy for me . i started to use it and then realized it aint the same with out a sexy body attached

Sex Toys are like

Sex Toys are like Masturbation... It should not take the place of sex. It should be in ADDITION to sex. So you shouldn't feel like it has anything to do with you. Sex toys are good for masturbation, or sex with a partner. This goes for male, and female.

I'd love to use a Vibrator on a chick, fun to try new things, if it makes your partner happy.

I feel the same with with

I feel the same with with girls.

Gigi anyone?

Any guys or ladies out there heard of the Gigi? It's
an awesome masturbation sleeve that has a vagina opening on one end an anal opening on the other. When I am horny and in the mood for pleasuring myself I almost always go for this. It's an experience you have got to try.

i have one and use it every

i have one and use it every other day and never get tired of it !!!

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