penis extensions

Penis Extensions

These toys are not only for men who wish to be longer, but also for women who love that sensation deep within. There are two types of penis extensions: the strap-on, and the strapless. The strap-on is a hollowed out rigid or semi rigid tube that fits over your man’s erect penis. As the name implies, a strap is required to help keep the penis extension in place. The strapless extensions however roll on much like a condom with a few extra fleshy inches at the head. This is another great toy that can be applied with your lips and tongue if the material is flexible and soft enough.

The downfall to these great toys is that they do affect penile sensitivity. (It is like the equivalent of wearing four or five condoms.) Although they do cover the penis and are quite thick, they are not considered an adequate measure of STD and birth control. For the strap-on type of extender a condom should be worn underneath for effective safe sex practices. With the strapless kind, a condom should be worn over the outside of the extender.

Extra care needs to be taken with jelly, rubber or silicon extenders as nicks in them could cause them to tear. Furthermore, oil or petroleum based lubricants (i.e. Vaseline) shouldn’t be used with rubber, latex or cyberskin type products. As well, silicon-based lubes can’t be used on silicon. If incompatible lubes are used on the extenders, deterioration may occur. A little bit of soap and water is all it takes to clean these toys up. These extravagant penis extensions can be fun for role-playing, or just trying a different penis for a day. They do increase both size and width and come in textured variations for your pleasure. If your man finds the decrease in sensitivity a mood killer, try out the vibrating version! Once again I remind you ladies, just because the penis is covered, there are plenty of other erogenous zones that need some attention! It may also be important to remind your guy (not during the heat of the moment of course) that this toy is just fun for role playing and that it has nothing to do with inadequacy of his tools or his ability to use them.

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me and my bf used this it

me and my bf used this it worked quite well but it was a pain when i wanted to suck his dick dry as we had to keep taking it on and off , i tried sucking the extender but the cum was rubbish and it didnt feel as sexy

safe sex with a penis extrension?

Is there a penis extension out there that you can use during sex and not have the fear of getting her pregnant? not worried about getting an Std been with the same woman a long time. just curious and looking into new ways to spice up our sex life.


If your girl is open to it, get a vibrator that is larger than your penis and while you are using that in her vagina you can get the pleasure of giving her anal sex with your penis while using the vibrator simoltaneously.

You could...

Try a penile implant. Not sure where you'd look for such a thing but I imagine you could look it up via Google or something.

Anonymous (not verified)

Prostrate cancer surgery eight years ago resulted in permanent impotence. Mutual masterbation has been satisfying our physical needs but lacks the closeness of normal intercourse. The usual suggestions, viagra, etc are not effective. We're considering trying a penis extension. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


maybe some sort of super thick reusable condom?