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The Usual Sex Position

In The Usual fellatio position the receiving partner simply lays back while their partner performs oral from a lying position between the receiver's legs. The giver can also use their hands to explore the whole of the receiver's body. Although not overly intimate, this position is a great treat for the receiver...

wide one
new years day

i was pleasantly awakened this morning to the wife sucking my cock. it was her special thank you for last nights phone sex adventure with her BFF.
we normally dont go out on NYE anymore, her and her BFF (lets call her brenda)call each other on NYE and have some private fun.
yesterday when i got home from a long, cold day working outside, all i wanted was a hot shower and to crawl in bed for some much needed rest, seems they had different plans for the evening, and it included me.
after i showered, i noticed the wife had put out my suit, and her sexiest party dress, hmmm maybe we are going out tonight...
she was in her bathroom finishing her hair and make up, and told me of the plan...
her and brenda were gonna get dressed up for NYE, and have their usual midnight phone call with a few new "rules"
i could finger and fondle her with my hands or toys, no kissing, licking, or sucking, and i wasnt allowed to touch myself anytime during the phone call....
the phone would be on speaker so brenda could hear everything we were doing.
i helped her finish "prepping" for the night, shaved her pussy nice and smooth, replaced batteries in her toys, and shaved my balls and cock
i got dressed and was sitting watching TV and playing with the dog, when i heard the distictive click click click of her heels coming down the hallway, she entered the room, what a sight..
her long blonde hair flowing, sparkly, low cut, mid thigh length LBD, and her 5" fuck me heels. she stodd in front of me, waiting for me to say something, i had her slowly turn, as she did i lifted her dress to see what she was wearing underneath. to my delight, i found a pair of lace top nude stockings, matching green lace thong & garterbelt, she turned to face me again, and bent over closer to me, under her low cut dress was the matching lace bra !!

it seemed like forever before the phone rang, we were together on the couch, it didnt take long before brenda had asked for a pic of us, a quick email and she returned one of her as well.
when the wife saw brendas pic her hand disappeared under her dress, and a naughty conversation started.
i fingered and probed her pussy and ass, she was moaning loudly and squirming around, somewhere during the call, she reached out and released my erect cock, stroking, licking, slurping while i played her her pussy.
midnight on the east coast came all too soon, as did both of them, multiples times and they said goodnight.

we kissed and cuddled on the couch and floor or a while, and "got down to business" eventually ending up on the dining room table or our final finish just after midnight our time...
i put her to bed fully clothed, and stripped down naked and fell fast asleep.

after my wakeup call this morning, she's finally removed her dress, still in her heels/hose and bra breakfast is almost done...
some breakfast nookie would be great!!

A nice treat for him

This is a fun way to give oral for me. I can just lie there for as long as I like, playing with his cock and balls. He can run his hand through my hair, or even get a little aggressive if he wants. And I love to deepthroat him and look up at him while in this position.

sachin ghadage patil
Nice pose

Nice Article

my fave.

my fave.

that way my knees aren't hurting on the hard floor and he can really watch me suck him off.


My bf loves it when I go down

My bf loves it when I go down on him, I always make him moan ;). One time after a long day of work for him I greeted him in the living room wearing a red lingerie that he loves on me because my ass looks great in it. I started taking off his clothes and kissing him while rubbing his dick. Once he was just in his boxers I took him to the room and told him if he wanted to play ;) of course he agreed so I took of his boxers and I threw him on the bed and handcuffed him to the bed. After that I started stroking his dick and sucking the top of his head. Once he was really hard I put an ice cube in my mouth and ran it up and down his dick, he said that the contrast between the warmth from my mouth and the cold from the ice cube had him seeing stars. After this time he was open to trying many new things since this was new and he loved it! ;D you girls should try it and tease him with your clit.

his fave way to receive

My BF loves me going down on him while he's on his back just as in this position. He can just totally focus on the way I make him feel. I love how he moans and tells me how it feels... it makes me hot and motivates me to do it more.


well my friend came by and he was laying down playing the game on his phone while laying on his back. he was talking and i just whipped it out and started sucking him off. he hushed up real quickly and forgot what he was going to say. then i start bobbing my head up and down real fast. he came so hard that his legs were shaking and i still kept going.

i like this one..

because i can be active, he must do nothing and its fun to play with him a little bit longer.

Head job for my Nick

I am always a little timid when it comes to giving head to my boyfriend.I never have let him cum into my mouth yet.Another big turn on is when I return home and kiss my husband knowing I just sucked a dick. Ha !


Your a untrustworthy whore with no honor at all.

The first thing I do

As a woman, I love giving head, it really turns me on. My advice to all the mean out there is to moan if you enjoy it, not just lay or stand there. Your sounds makes us girls much more turned on about doing it--making it fantastic for you and building confidence/power in us. I think it is a primeval instinct. But remember guys: women need to be stroked and fondled, played with and explored rather than just 'oh she's wet...I'll stick it in.' Being wet is just the start of arousal, or at least in my book.

I agree. It turns my wife on

I agree. It turns my wife on as well. The sounds of encouragement are vital as well. Most ladies can be self conscious they are doing it wrong, then they start to overreact. I run my fingers thru my wife's hair, massage her shoulder, and am sure to vocalize my pleasure. Women do not enjoy doing this as much as they enjoy the reaction they get from men. If you are a guy lucky enough to have a woman with a tongue stud, nothing is better.

First Time

Ill say this, yesterday was the first time I gave head to my boyfriend and I quite enjoyed it. Though, I am going to give head without the flavored lube next time cause I was shy and unsure if I should have takin him in my mouth without it. So I flavored him out of first timers nervousness. But I liked it, he felt nice inside my mouth and he was nice and hard, tender, and the head felt great on the back of my throat. And he loved it too. I really had no clue why I was mentally distant from oral sex. But now that I tried, I actually enjoy having him in my mouth.

Only once

This is the only thing I've gotten and only once but I desire more, any ideas on what to do?

Did this last night. My guy

Did this last night. My guy pushing my head down, watching me then tilting his head back biting his lip then his mouth just dropping open. Then I switched to sucking his balls. He said "You shouldn't have done that" I ask, "Why?" he said, "Because now your gonna get attacked." Such a turn on!!


God you're lucky, all my guy does is twitch and moan with his eyes shut, I know he enjoys it but sometimes i want a reaction like what you had, so jealous ;D

My gf

When my gf sucks my dick it hurts instead Of feeling really good and it feels amount like she is biting so I brought it up and she says she isn't am can't fix that problem... She also says it's just too big for her mouth and she cant move her teeth, what do I do?!?

to big

ur dicks ovbiosly way to big for her mouth so get her to do a lil bit of ur dick in her mouth every possible moment or get her touse bottles to make her mouth wider x hope it helps x

for those of you that have

for those of you that have done this...
is it easier to deep throat? and does the guy cum quicker or slower then he does when you fuck face?

Giving head is fun!

Ahh the usual! My DH enjoys it more because I get my tits involved. I bring them up around his dick, so they can rub up against him while I suck and do my thing. He can also grab my boobs and tweak my nipples which always gets me more excited!

First time

Yesterday morning, after my new bf had just made me cum by fingering me I said 'wud u like a blow job'? to which u can guess the reply. I performed it in this position. It was the first time I've had a guy cum in my mouth and I'm happy to report it won't be the last!

I like it when she takes the whole thing

When the girl takes all the penis in her mouth gets it wet before we start to have sex thank melissa your the best.

This really is my usual

This is a great position, it's comfortable and if we want, he can fuck my tits while I suck on his head. It also gives great access to his balls so I put those into my mouth and stroke him.

I love doing this to my bf.

I love doing this to my bf. i get him to start maonin loud and cum alot. :) its one of our favorite things to do

Im 15. My girlfriends a

Im 15. My girlfriends a virgin and wants to have sex right away. But I think we should just have oral for the first time. What is the best to do first?

Try the 69 position, it is a

Try the 69 position, it is a great first time oral position.

oral first is what i like

oral first is what i like because the guy can finger the girl while shes sucking on him and then you and her will most likly be turned on

Tackle Me 69
Lol love

I always do this to my boyfriend! He loves it! <3 I love doing that to him and listing to him breathing heavily!

i love my gf mouth

this is the easiest and best ever! my gf love my cock

I need this done....its has

I need this done....its has been way to long since the last one.

For ladies for long hair

When my husband and I were married, my hair was semi long, a bit past my chin. When I did this position my hair would fall about my face and he would brush it back. I had my hair cut so he didn't have to do it but when my hair grew back, he would brush it back again. It feel so nice to have your man touch your face and hair as you do this. It doesn't feel like a chore. Guys, do this to your lady. It's so sweet!

Any dude who doesnt at least

Any dude who doesnt at least stroke a lady's hair while she is doing this doesnt deserve this awesomeness. I always stroke my wife's hair (when she has it short, i run my fingers thru it), reach down and massage her breasts, and massage up her neck and shoulders. The thing she does that drives me wild is she makes eye contact with me while she has my shaft deep in her mouth. Nothing is hotter.

Yeah....its also nice to

Yeah....its also nice to feel her breast up againist my balls...

I do have a serious and

I do have a serious and honest question for you ladies out there who claim to enjoy this.... do you like looking at it as well? I mean, does the sight of it turn you on? I'm a little nervous about doing this with my GF because I wouldn't want to force anything on her, nor would I want her to blow me if she didn't enjoy seeing my penis.

I love to do this, the guy I

I love to do this, the guy I had sex with kept telling me that I dont have to if I dont like it but I do. I was a little shy at first but after a little bit I relaxed a bit and had just as much fun as he did.

I love to look

I absolutely LOVE to look. The sight of my man's cock turns me on but even better, being able to taste it or watching it when he pounds me. I'm pretty sure I love looking at him as much as men like looking at us. I also LOVE, watching him (or other guys in pornos but him more) stroke himself. I love to watch.

Me personally

Yeah I do, it turns me on. But I like his reaction more, I feel powerful and confident know that he is basically completely at my mercy. And I can get a lot of reactions out of him and I can tease. But I like it because he's excited and it makes me feel good to know that I turn him on.

The visual is more of a guy

The visual is more of a guy thing. When I take off my top, my husband is ready to go in no time. When my husband drops his pants or gets out of the shower, looking at his dick is not a big thing to me. However, it is not a turn off either. I like holding and caressing it in bed. And I really like licking, kissing, and taking the soft spongy tip into my mouth. That gets me wet and ready to go faster than anything.

After we were married, I thought it was yucky to have his dick in my mouth, but after I first tried it I found it to be exciting and a real joy.

Don't try to pressure her to give you oral if she is hesitant. Instead give her some oral and be vocal about enjoying how good it is. A good time to suggest for her to give you some oral would be going to bed just after you get out of the shower. Or while you are in the shower together.

I enjoy do this for my bf,

I enjoy do this for my bf, he just loves it! It makes him happy and i do anything to make him happy :). Everytime i give him head he always cums a little in my month than i have to stop becasue i don't like the taste of cum. I found it is just way to thick. But i try my best to not show i don't like the taste of cum. Is it better to spit or shallow? i don't know i was asked lots of people and some say spit and some say shallow. Which one will make him happy, or do i do what i want? I never really asked him which one he wants becasue but i will have to ask him some time when we are alone.

can't get BF to cum

I love to go down on my guy but I can't get him to come. I know what to do. but it isn't working - does anyone have any suggestions

FYI - I am using my hand as an extension of my mouth. I use saliva to keep my hand wet. I don't stop and start I keep it consistent. I also play with the routine but using a circular motion from time to time - nothing works

a lot of dudes have this

a lot of dudes have this problem--it stems from socitey telling men that you are objectifying women if you do this--and makes them too shy to orgasm. you could work your ass of orally or take this shortcut...start off orally and then have him put on a condom(yes-even if you are married do this). Then have sex in your favorite position, have him pull out before climax and remove the condum. then pick up where you left off orally. sometimes the extra stimulation of sex is necessary to get a stud going. My wife and I start off orally, switch to standing doggie, and finish orally--which is the best damn shortcut you can take.

First off, really tease the

First off, really tease the area. Give him soft kisses starting from his chest and going right down to his pubic mound. Kiss your way back up. Then you can start flicking your tongue around his cock. Blow cool air on it. Play with his balls. Make eye contact and give him a seductive smile. Some guys get really turned on when you show him how much you enjoy it by moaning. ;-) Once he's hard, slowly take him all the way in. Mix in alot of variety. and down motions with your hand and mouth. Mix that up with circular motions. Grab his cock and lick the head like an ice cream cone. You can take a break whenever you want and tease him more. Once he's close to coming, keep it consistent and make sure to give alot of attention to the head. Hope this helps! :D

you really know what you're

you really know what you're talking about...damn!

giving oral sex

I gave my last bf oral sex but I always hated the taste of his pre cum that kept coming out. It was salty. Makes me not want to do it to my new bf. Does every guy taste like that? Need help...

flavored condoms

flavored condoms really do help, and flavored lubricants. They really do make a difference! And you don't have to swallow the cum if you dont' want to. It's all about massaging his willy with your mouth. There's no rule that you have to get the cum in your mouth. My hubby has a healhty diet, and eats lots of fruit but I am still apprehensive of him squirting right in my mouth.

The taste of cum varies on

The taste of cum varies on your guy's diet. If he's been drinking, that can make it really bitter. The more water, veggies, and fruits he eats, the better it will taste, believe me! :D

this is my usual

tips:a lot of drink lots of water..jaja
my husbands usual.

I need to learn how to blow

I need to learn how to blow a guy, any tips/suggestions?

a lil tip ...

when i usually suck i pass from his dick through my's round & smooth so it passes nice:)

Any way to not choke to

Any way to not choke to death?