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Under the Hood Sex Position

The Under the Hood version of cunnilingus has the receiver lay on their back with their legs raised up pointing toward the ceiling. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position exposes the groin area to the giving partner who kneels there to perform. The giver is also able to use their hands to caress and explore their partner's whole body.

This position requires some flexibility on the part of the receiver. Those less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver's thighs at mid-point. The female equivalent of this position is called Southern Exposure.


foreplay for me, when he do this and then making the Folded Deck Chair position.

sachin ghadage patil

Nice this one

Do men really like doing this

Do men really like doing this? I have tasted my own,but I dont know about tasting another woman...maybe I will try it and see.


Great angle to eat her ass out as well. I can hook my arm around her leg and play with her clit as my tongue makes circles on her ass hole.


Humm.. so good for sex with pos'

I love this position, im in

I love this position, im in total control of everything with nothing in my way of her fat wet vagina. being able to lick, suck, and play with her clit is amazing. Also gives you the best angle to slide your tongue as far in her vag as it will go giving her orgasm after orgasm... I guess I was just born to eat vagina. I think I need a new partner to test out my skills in this position!

Great position to suck on

Great position to suck on her clit....I love licking clits!!!!


lets try it i'll give uu a clots ;p


Its the best feeling ever! You have very good taste. :)


This is a great position for cunnilingus and annelingus, I wish I had a GF now. I am a caregiver and it takes up most of my time.

I do this the best which

I do this the best which lady want me to do this to them.

I like

almost any position where the girls legs are together like this. Her vag looks soooo good that way. I can never decide whether I want to Fuck it first or taste it.


This is similar to how my wife and I do it, but I usually get on my knees on the floor and she hangs off the edge of the bed. This way I can work my tongue all the way without killing my neck. I love licking her pussy...she smells and tastes amazing, especially at the end of a long, hot day, or just after she pees. My wife is very hairy down there - which I love - and the hair really traps her scents so there's usually a powerful stench - just thinking about her smelly pussy turns me on, and I'm constantly craving to go down on her...


I got to eat her pussy lick her ass watch her as she cum big turn on

Desert Is Served

Love when I slide my tongue up between her pussy lips flicker her clit then slide down very slow lick her asshole stick my tongue in her pussy hear her moan lick&suck her clit while squeezing her tit&nipple after she cum I lick her ass some more then slide inside her pussy

love this position!!!!!!!!

love this position!!!!!!!!

love it

Enjoy it alot, but sometimes can be tough holding my legs up and slightly out for a long time. lol
HE can go in as hard or soft as he wants, eat, lick, suck, lightly bite whatever part of the pussy he wants. He can be as neat or messy as he wants. For me start soft then get in there hard with your face and tongue!!

well put :)

well put :)


this is a good position i wanna try!!




This is the best, ever. I cum in under 4 minutes flat everytime!!!!! EVERY woman should get this at least twice in their sex life. Its DEFINANTLY a must.

I would like to

Ooooh looks like a nice postion she would like

this is the absolute best way to eat a pussy

my wife absolutely loves me eating her pussy like this. I will suck her clit for maximum pleasure to her, but will slide my tounge, lick her cunt all the way to licking her ass hole. She loved it.
She always has an orgasm, and we haven't even gotten to penetration yet.

All this is the way i

All this is the way i usually do it, i lick and finger her some to, but dont pay full attention to the clit alone cover the whole thing i suck on her lips and all, stick my tongue as deep as i can, she moans and archs her back can quit moving after im done she is all shaking and dont even care if we have sex but that makes sex even better she gets right freaky after a good licking during sex she will try to tear holes in my with her finger nail, scream and moan, it turns me on even more, a couple times the neighbor came over knocked on the door to make sure everything was allright and had phone call from people down the street. * If your good at licking your girl she will never want to leave you much less the bedroom*

luvin it!!!

i love this position!! my ex bf used 2 do this, unfortunatly i'm single now but rememberin te gd old days!!!

I want to do this! ☺

I would love to do this to a hot woman while I jacked off! I would nut all over the place! ☺