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Under the Cuckoo's Nest Sex Position

This position can wake up the carnal appetite in anyone, and is one that endows sheer pleasure on the receiver. Standing with one leg up on a chair or couch, the other partner sits below, face-to-genitals. The givers hands are free to caress breasts, buttocks, legs and stomach.

If the receiver’s height makes it awkward to perform oral sex, the giver can be propped up with pillows. The receiver could also don a pair of high heels, which would be an additional visual delight.

wide one
1st time eating her

we had just met, she had invited me to visit her 1200 miles away. i arrived, we were sitting on the couch watching TV, i was exploring her body while we sat there, she was wearing a cute little sundress, i reached under her dress, and found a lacy thong, she raised her hips, and i slid it off. she stood up, took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. she was standing at the foot of the bed, i was on my knees in front of her, slowly lifting her dress, kissing and licking her inner thighs. she put her leg up on the bed, spread her legs, and i dove under her dress. i came up for air after the 2nd time she came. her pussy was soaked, her juices running down her inner thigh..
we've "revisited" this same scenario several time in the past 15 years, usually at some time of formal party or dinner. she's started not wearing a thong anymore when she gets dressed up. several have been misplaced :-)~

We tried under cuckoos nest.

My wife and I tried this last night, with a slight variation. I was sitting on the lounge and my wife was standing on the lounge with one leg on the lounge arm. I found this more comfortable than me on the floor. I could lean back against the lounge backrest and my wife could lean forward and press harder when she wanted more pressure from my tongue. It was good having 2 free hands to play too. We both enjoyed this position.


It hurts my tongue a lot.!

Absolutely love doing this

Absolutely love doing this position especially when he looks up at you while he's being naughty!

My wife is going to get this

My wife is going to get this for her birthday


Lucky wife!! I guess you know, happy wife, happy life :)

Ur a good husband!

Ur a good husband!

lol some of these names are

lol some of these names are just hilarious.

RedLips's picture

.. only look at this position on the 3D excites me ..

wanna try this with my bf.

wanna try this with my bf. any suggestions on getting him to try this position?

Add a little fun

The first time I did these types of things to women, I had a girlfriend in college. She brought a couple of cans of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. We took them and where ever we put some the other had to lick it off. It started out innocent but she slowly kept spraying lower and lower until she put some whipped cream right between her legs. I can tell you, once a guy gets his first taste of going down on someone this way, they will do it more and more often.

This works good in the

This works good in the shower!!!!!

hmm i havent tried this one

hmm i havent tried this one yet. too bad my girl's in another country for a month. Is there anyone who would let me do this to her?

I know I would

I know I would

want to do it

looks wonderful love to try it i love to feel as i love

I wanna try this one!

I wanna try this one!

I LOVE bf can eat

I LOVE bf can eat me while putting up lotion...ahaha..I MISS MY HUBBY

this looking like fun.

I just started dating this guy and I can't wait to try this with him in a month.

a month, why not now?

a month, why not now?


I need to give this a try

I did this to my wife at a

I did this to my wife at a picnic area. We were travelling and stopped to eat lunch. After lunch this was my desert. It was so nice to eat her pussy in the day light using the table for her support. Need to try this again sometime.


Wow, I'd love to be eaten in this position. Mmm Mm Mm..

I would totally help. Love

I would totally help. Love doing that.

I would love to help out

if you want me to lick you till you cum we can try all the positions you want

I tried this and my gf

I tried this and my gf squrited in my mouth lol