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Twister Sex Position

A variation of the Intersextion position the Twister position differs because both the giver's and receiver's legs are wrapped around each others torso (head to toe). This allows for an unusual angle for penetration. However, care should be taken to not ever-extend the penis which is pointed at an unusual (downward) angle.

not much to look at

so not my fav position.

It looks sooo good but idk

It looks sooo good but idk if I am flexible enough!!!! :D


well i was wondering if this is really good for the girl?

Oh my god my current ex and

Oh my god my current ex and i did this postion on his first time. I basically had to teach him all he knows. so i used this postion first.
This position was sooo good that he cummed early and i actually had him moaning <3

so sad

looks great but idk if my boyfriend's dick is long enough

my bf's dick is long enough

my bf's dick is long enough (9 inches) but.. ehhh... my boobs face another direction in this position. I prefer something more face-to-face with eye contact

this is a really good

this is a really good position, cause he can tough your clit with his hands or it rubs against his body.. turns you on majorly and this makes me and my man cum so fast!

this one is good but its

this one is good but its hard to keep up with the twisting.

i love this

i love this one its amazing but watch out orgy comes quick

Anonymous (not verified)

I love that.

Anonymous (not verified)
Requires a large soft penis

I tried this with a few men, and the only one who could stay in for more than minute had a large penis. Not just large when erect, but quite long when semi-erect so he had the length and flexibility needed.