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Turtle Sex Position

The Turtle is similar to the Bassett Hound variation of Doggy Style, but higher from the floor with the receiver on all fours, butt pushed back with legs almost together. Their partner kneels behind holding on to the receiver's bottom or sides. Because the receiver's rear is pushed right back penetration is still easy and deep!

my fiancee and i

My fiancee and I tried this, but he just likes to go fast and hard. From everything we have done so far (we have been together five years but couldn't do anything until friday) he seems to like rear entry the best. I don't however. It feels like he does'nt want to look at me while we do it. I just want to make him happy but I don't want to always feel like I need to have a bag over my head just so he'll face me. I mean we have faced eachother, but it almost always goes back to rear entry. What should I do? I don't want to lose him beacuse I don't make him happy in bed, but...I don't want feel like that is all he wants me for while we're trying to be intament. Could it be that, that's just the way he is and I'm over analyzing it or what?

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Great for when you want to go to Pound Town!

We do this with my wife's legs together and it is our favorite position. When you really want to pound her as hard as you can no position is better!

this is my favorite position.

this is my favorite position. used to do it with my ex all the time.. and women that are wondering about anal, as long as your man uses lube and goes very slowly,lets you get used to it then u will be fine

when i first tryed this i

when i first tryed this i have never had any sexual relationship whatsoever... and now im kinda scared to re try it

joel r
Thinking about

Thinking about doing this with my girl. Hehe.

I like the look but...

Doesn't it look uncomfortble when you have to have your arms in? This is my opinion but atleast put elbows out so you don't scratch yourself by acident o.O Looks comfy but the arms don't...

Actually, it's pretty comfy.

Actually, it's pretty comfy. I was doing this with my boyfriend, and I had my arms tucked under my breasts in a crossed position like you would have standing (which is kinda nice because you could play with them if you wanted), or crossed under my forehead. I found it to be rather pleasant the whole time.

Why is there nothing on Anal

Why is there nothing on Anal sex?

there's quite a few on anal

there's quite a few on anal sex.

There is, right under the

There is, right under the 'Sex Basics' section. My suggestion is to get yourself warmed up to it with your lover fingering your ass first, and if they're willing, Analingus is also pretty nice and helps to relax you and your muscles. Also, lube is your friend, since your colon doesn't provide enough moisture for anal, and from my experience, the lube on the condom isn't enough either. You're best going out to buy some, just make sure it's safe for the kind of condom you're using, and if you think you're using enough, add some more for good measure.

Definitely lube is your

Definitely lube is your friend, and just take it slow. Have him go a little bit in, then out, then a little further, and so on till you are fully into it.


when im usually in this one or the doggy style i end up putting my arms out in front of me, stretching the upper part of my body while pressing my a. back to the guy. it feeels sooo good...

Wanna try that one

Wanna try that one

Young Dude
My gf, really likes this

My gf, really likes this position. It can go really deep, especially if its anal :)

Could you make this not

Could you make this not anal?

Yeah. Its amazing .....

Yeah. Its amazing .....

Yeah most rear entry

Yeah most rear entry positions aren`t anal. It`s just referring to how the girl is penetrated, like angle and such. I don`t like anal, but I love rear entry. I can`t wait for my bf knee to heal and we can do these again.

response to make anal comfortable

Q from Lizz: How do i make anal sex comfortable..

First of all if you want to give anal a try you don't have to start there and in fact I wouldn't recommend it. Not sure what all you other pros do, but I like to have my man start in my vagina and work his way into my AH. Or you can add lubricant and just have him rub his hard penis up and down around your butt and V area. That area should produce it's own pleasure points,(LOL), you will most likely get even wetter to the point where is hard for him not to slip in the A. Have him press right on the AH very gently and just see how far he can get in and out. Even just a short amount of rear entry can be fun. Remember the more you try this the more comfortably it becomes each time and you may find yourself craving it. To me it's such a turn on for him to evening just try to push in that area. Even if we still have V O. Hopes this helps somebody:)

Nice info..sounds exciting I

Nice info..sounds exciting I think im gonna try it

Oh I hope to try that and

Oh I hope to try that and see if it helps. My partner accidently slid into my AH when we were having vaginal sex one day and it hurt even though that area was wet, but that was the first time it slipped. But I would like to try anal.

gonna try it right now,oh

gonna try it right now,oh honey, i got to show u something, turn around and bend over, ;)

luv it

its like the woman is kneeling for you. hot!

sexysoft86 do i make anal do i make anal sex bf n i hav tried it 3 tyms and it was so uncomfortable 4 me....
this position looks so arousing.....

Marilyn Manson
anal is not to comfortable

anal is not to comfortable and there can be mess ups i wonder if my bf gets tired from being on his knees.

from behind v anal

I picked-up on various positions that 'anal' comes up everytime an 'entry from rear' is discussed. Being an anal protoganist myself, I feel it ashamed that some think that 'rear entry' neccesarily implies anal. No, it just means the woman is facing away from her man.
And anal is definitely not messy is you use common sense...