7 Shower Sex Tips

For some people, sex in the shower proves to be a carnal challenge. Some feel uncomfortably confined while they’re in the stall, while others get too distracted by the thought of slipping and falling. However, although it takes some creative manoeuvring, there are many advantages to this very wet form of sexual activity.

Why it’s Great

The shower is the most natural place to be naked, and getting intimate there creates a novel twist to your sex life. Having steamy hot water run down your bodies can be extremely seductive, which also seriously increases your chance of getting lucky. The setting is naturally conducive to sensual caress, oral attention and deep Kissing. It’s an efficient, no fuss way to get off, and comes in especially handy when you don’t have privacy or when time is a constraint. It’s refreshing and invigorating, which is great for those who fall into a coma-like sleep after they cum. It’s also very suitable for those who suffer from the adverse effects of chronic body odor.

Doing it in the shower is a highly effective form of Foreplay, as well as a perfect opportunity to get a quickie in. Shower sex can be the place where the main event takes place or a deliciously clean precursor to getting dirty everywhere else in the house. Though, you don’t necessarily need to leave the bathroom. The shower is a great transition to or from having sex on the sink counter, in front of the bathroom mirror, or up against the wall; you can use the toilet (with the lid down) as a seat while you give head or as a prop for sex positions like Doggy Style - Standing.

So now that you’re all fired up to get wet, check out our tips for shower sex – they’ll help make it sexy every time you step under the spritzer.

1. Safe is Sexy

Please be careful when getting down in the shower. It’s very easy to slip, so take precautions to avoid any unnecessary, let alone embarrassing, injuries. Here are a few suggestions. Make sure your shower floor is clean of any soapy or oily residue. While at play, use bath products carefully; you can easily lose your footing on a slick body scrub. Although steamy can be sexy, provide adequate ventilation to prevent anyone from getting faint or dizzy.

If you don’t have ledges or handles to hold on to, head down to the local hardware store and see if you can find handles or towel rods that can securely adhere to the shower wall. They provide added support and stability for the couple, and if positioned right, can boost eroticism. (Try sticking them on the ceiling or higher up along the wall.) Avoid slippery floors by using adhesive grips or a rubber mat. If you need a boost, an option to check out is a sturdy, rubber-bottomed stool.

2. Make it Spic and Span

Soap scum and piles of hair in the drain take the magic away from shower sex – and fast. A bathroom that’s well prepared for sex includes a sanitized shower stall, a fresh scent, and clean towels. Avoid clutter by removing unnecessary stuff off counters and the shower caddy. Post coitus, make sure that all leftover bodily fluid is rinsed away; if not, it can leave a sticky residue that’s hard to clean.

3. Set the mood

Be prepared for anything and everything. Many of the same accessories you keep handy for lovemaking in the bedroom are useful in the bathroom; candles and scented Massage oil are a must. Have nicely scented soap on hand, but use it with care! For many women, not only does it lead to an uncomfortable reaction when it contacts the vagina, the irritation may linger for days afterward. Opt for lots of foreplay to get lubricated and keep a bottle of silicone (not water-based) lube on hand. One of the few downsides of shower sex is that water quickly washes away natural lubrication, so have some extra handy!

4. Clean Each Others’ Nooks and Crannies

Washing one another is an intimate and seductive act. Both of you come out clean, smelling fresh and feeling confident, all of which help put you in the mood. Use a sponge, bath mitt or soft washcloth and lather each others` bodies with a mild soap or gentle shampoo. Take your time to caress sensitive areas and feel free to sneak in a tongue or a finger.

This activity is a natural lead in for other sensual stuff like Oral Sex, erotic shaving, Analingus, and Anal Sex. If you’ve always wanted to try some racier oral sex positions, the shower’s the place to do it; we recommend trying Eve’s Ecstasy, Jack Hammer or Forbidden Fruit. And, when it comes to the ladies, make sure you spend enough time getting her really turned on – a common complaint from women is that shower sex takes too much concentration without enough pleasure.

5. Water Toys

What a great place to introduce a sex toy! Consider the fun you could have with a waterproof vibe. There are also splash-proof, hands-free options available that can be worn by either a man or a woman. How about a Dildo that you could suction to the shower wall? If you don’t have any Sex Toys suitable for water play, use tools that are located right at your fingertips. If you don’t have one already, a quality shower head is the best investment into your sex life in the shower. As one of the most common ‘sex toys’ that women start out Masturbating with, not only will she appreciate the gesture, she’ll also love all those fan dangled spray and massage options.

6. Appropriate Sex Positions

Prepare an arsenal of passionate poses to steam it up in the bathroom. If there’s a significant height or body size difference, it’s all the more reason to have some practised in your mind. In addition, be mindful of positioning yourselves so that water isn’t spurting into one another’s face.

The most appropriate positions are variations on the standing Rear Entry position, Bodyguard. Have her put her hands up against the wall and spread her legs, as though she were getting frisked, and penetrate her from behind. Get her to bend right over as in Ben Dover and then support her by the wrists in Prison Guard.

If you want gaze into each others’ eyes, try some of these face to face poses. If differing heights don’t get in the way, be on your feet in a sort of standing Missionary; then, get a leg over in Dancer, one of the most popular positions for the shower. If you can really get a leg over, try Ballerina. Another hot shower position is to hold her up entirely, shown in Stand & Carry.

When you need to take a break, get down on your knees and try kneeling Missionary, Bended Knee, or some good old Doggy Style. If you want to be able to sit for a while, do the Lotus.

7. Make the Best of What You’ve Got

You may not own the shower you’ve always fantasized about having sex in but, whether it’s big or small, use what you’ve got to your advantage. If you’ve got a tight space with nowhere to sit or rest a leg, you’ll have the most fun with standing positions. Press her against the wall of the shower and penetrate her from behind; the coolness of the shower wall will be an invigorating contrast to the hot action going on behind her.

If her legs are long enough, she can use the walls of the shower to hold herself up as he presses her body against the wall for Face to Face penetration. Wrapping a leg around his hip or leg is also a great way for her to maintain balance during Intercourse. When you need to use a restful pose, throw some towels down on the shower floor and use them to have sex on while you’re on your knees.

For those of you who’ve got a shower seat or a bathtub, enjoy the convenience. Use the seat and ledges to prop up a leg or to brace against; find creative ways to incorporate the bathtub ledge into intercourse. Since you’re not as confined with space, why not try positions like Bulldog and Cowgirl.

Final Thoughts

With all of these great reasons to get dirty while you’re getting clean, why not try getting it on in the shower! Whether you use it to start off a night of fantastic lovemaking, or as a quick way to get off, the shower is an un-sung winner.

shower sex was the most...

shower sex was the most... erotic feeling in the world. my bf likes to carry me and fucks my pussy with his hard cock over and over and over. theres a one foot height difference between us so it was usually hard to do other sex positions. but the townhome we have now has a shwer seat so i have him sit down and i do a lil dance for him which gets him so hard and then we have sex with me on top of him riding his cock like no tomorrow. and its good too cuz i guess im a loud moaner (according to him) and he has his way with me in the shower. he goes the hardest when were in there so i can moan as loud as i want and not have to wroryr about neighbors.

Tried this once

...didn't work out. It was really awkward. Nowhere to really hold onto and we have a great height difference (11 inches) so it just made things more difficult. We gave up after a few minutes. But like someone mentioned earlier, it's great for foreplay.

i have always wanted to try

i have always wanted to try this but i odnt know if my bf wuld be up for it.. he doesnt lyk to experiment too much.. how can i convince him to do this with meh?

ok well i wanted to try this

ok well i wanted to try this alot to but wen i did it sucked u cant do anything i have a shower about the same size as normal i guess but it blows trust me the bed room is alot better if u fore play a little in the shower it would be great

just wondering

im a virgin so i wanna know is sex in the shower better than in a bed

My first time we took a

My first time we took a shower together and then still dripping wet he took me standing and i was on the edge of the bed. I wanted it in the shower because i though that would help wash away any bleeding that occurred, but shower sex in a normal rectangle tub with shower head is really tricky and cramped.. if you have a good size stall or straight up big tub it would probably work better.

college sweetie
Just wondering

it all depends on what you like. every one is different

i have had shower sex

i have had shower sex countless times and the position i find easiest and most exileraing is ballerina, my bf loves it when i am pressed against the wall with one leg on top of him. and i love the way the hot water excites me!!

Golden shower

I talked my gf into peeing on me in the tub long ago and she liked it so we tend to piss on each other's body and face in the shower which normally leads to drinking it as well. Nothing turns me on more than to be showering like normal and hearing her tell me to get on my knees because she has to pee. Just thought I'd mention something many of you may not have tried and the shower is the best place to try it after all. :)


I was wondering, do you have a urine fetish?


me and my boyfriend do this whenever we get the chance!!! we absolutely luv it, then when we're finished we wash each other!

My girlfriend told me that

My girlfriend told me that we will have sex in the shower i don't have any experience, the article really helped me but any one who can tell me their own story it will be much better , like which style was the best and how to long lost without a condom or VIAGARA lol

thanks alot and have fun

when me and my husband first

when me and my husband first met that is where he asked me to date him, strange huh? we have sex in the shower often and we always keep baby oil on hand in the shower to help lube or use a soft soap that leaves the skin silky.

me and my boyfriend tried

me and my boyfriend tried having sex in the shower yesterday.. but for some reason we couldnt get it in and it hurt so bad! the shower setting, we both loved, and both of us were super horny. we just could not get it in! any thoughts as to why? could it have been the water?


My husband and I have difficults when having sex in the shower. I'm only a couple inches shorter than him which makes it hard for him to be in me and standing, so it makes it so I have to use the handles to swat on or doggy style. the positions don't always work for everyone, just experiment and enjoy the ones that work.

the same thing happened to

the same thing happened to me just today...i was so mad....the bathroom we were in was just oo dang small

love shower sex

My wife and I have never had sex in the shower before.one day we decided to try it and it was fantastic, we soaped each other down and then due small space did the standing up missionary. It was great, being able to thrust inside her as the warm water fell down on us was quite erotic.We then dried each other off headed over to the bed and continued on.

Can anyone help me? Me and

Can anyone help me?

Me and my boyfriend keep trying to have sex in the shower, but due to the fact that I'm a good head and a half shorter than him, standing positions are difficult. I can never get myself high enough for him to enter me properly, and if we try something like cow-girl, or normal doggy-style, one of us ends up with a mouth full of water in a very cramped space (small tub).

Any ideas?

shower sex

me and my bf had the same problem! it would usually result with; lots of forplay before we lef tthe tub
me bending over or
getting pinned to the back wall -love it

eventually we would try getting down in the tub :)
but depending where we were.... i found i liked it the most when we would position ourselves sideways with him sitting on a ledge of the tub and riding him

I must agree that showers with hardware are needed but i think any reusable suction-cup candles are the way to go!

Very very helpful!

Me and my boyfriend have never had shower sex before so reading this really helped! So when we decided to try shower sex I remembered everything about what this article said and our experience was amazing!! It made my first time in the shower feel like I've done it before! Same with my boyfriend. Now I totally love having sex in the shower! And he does too! :)

Love it.

When you find a position thats right for you, sex in the shower is one of the most pleaserable experiences ive experienced yet! Reading this makes me wonder why me and my boyfriend dont do it more often!!

Key Points Of Sex Shower

I LOVE having sex in the shower, it is AWSOME. The warm water spraying, splashing over your body heightens the sensuality of the experience so much.
The key to having great sex standing in the shower is for you and your partner to brace yourselves against walls in the shower, so your legs and arms don't get too tired. Wash each-other all over, and then rinse off before trying penetration. It can be good from behind if you have room enough for her to bend at the waist somewhat, or facing each-other if the girl can brace her legs high enough for you to bend down and get in underneath. This puts a strain on your knees, so spread your feet as wide apart as you can.
The only other problem is that the water can "dilute" my lubrication and make sliding in and out of me more difficult, so you might want to include some lotion or something slightly oilier, not as water-based.

yep definately! i remember

yep definately! i remember my first serious boyfriend and i had a very eventful day one day. We had sex in the shower several times. Afterwards we just could not tear our hands off each other. We had sex another several times afterwards in bed, it was so good and so satisfying i can't wait to do it all again!

tried this

I have to say sex in the shower is amazing. My ex and I did this several times with sevral of the postions. Of course we warmed up by washing each other first which then led to sex which then led to washing each other again it was great!( it also cleaned us off too) Then afterwards I recomend sharing a towl to get back to your room and there you can either cuddle naked or have sex again. I definatly recomend this and follow these rules these are great.