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Crab Sex Position

Talk about a lively way for her to get G-spot stimulation; the harder she goes, the deeper it feels! Or possibly it’s another variation for anal sex?

The easiest way to transition into Crab is by warming up in Arm Chair, though you'll find that Crab is simpler and less tiring to perform in comparison.

The lover on the bottom ought to be sitting up with legs stretched out in front. The partner on top should sit down in their lover's lap (facing) and allow them to lie back, so that the receiver can complete the final pose by positioning their legs on either side of their lover before placing their hands behind and onto the other's knees.

The tricks to successful execution are:

    1. to find a comfortable angle for the phallus;

    2. achieving the right rhythm of the rocking motion; and

    3. placing a bolster underneath the giver's knee to provide added support.

If you're curious about other positions where the superior partner is on top leaning far back, Crab is great to transition to Cradle , then Bridge.

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My girlfriend wants to show

My girlfriend wants to show me how powerfull and how dominating is she , so in this pose , she rides me good , but she puts her feet on my face or in my mouth , anyway she has nice legs so its good feeling :D , you should try it

using my gfs acount

we did this a couple of hours ago actualy had a neighbor nearly kicking the door to tell us to shut up oops my go wake her up to cunnilingous yum sweet pusssy

update - she loved me suprising her we did 69 and cowgirl for the rest of the day cummed so many times so did she

My man and I have tried this

My man and I have tried this both this way and reversed. It does feel amazing both ways, but we can never do it for very long cause I start feel lots of pain in my back. Is there any way that we can fix this so the pain doesn't happen?

this is ded hard ma bf's

this is ded hard ma bf's penis kept slippin out i end up in a fit of laughter

this one looks amazing, i

this one looks amazing, i would love it to have cock go really deep in me and just cum :)

next time try this, em and

next time try this, em and my bf do it all the time and its freaking incredible! my bf has a huge dick so we do anal in this position and then he fists me at the same time. literally mind blowing

a lot of fun

My husband and I have only done this one a couple of times, but we both love it, especially when we both lean up a little and go at each other! It feels so good to feel him come in and out!!


this one looks slightly uncomfortable for the guy..
I mean dang..its gonna hurt..or it looks like it will..

TRY IT then let us know >.

TRY IT then let us know >.<

Ball busters

We stopped doing this one as she was slamming into my balls with alarming regularity.Her ass had indentations of my sac for crying out loud.



need advice

if ure 5 months preg is it ok to do this position. i just want sex for pure plesure but i dont want to hurt the baby HELP

i love this one cause i get

i love this one cause i get a clear veiw of boobiess:)

i know this might sound

i know this might sound funny but im straight but really like to look at girls online. will any girl send me a pick of them doing something sexy haha

great for prolonged fucking

This is a great position for long slow fucking. I prefer it with the girl further back so she's resting on the bed, we clasp hands and thrust against each other. Can go for hours like that as long as we're relaxed and well fed...

To much for me

This a wonderful position for deep penatration,but it is no fun if the dick is to BIG and LONG.

is there such a thing as a

is there such a thing as a dick thats TOO big and long??? lol

trying it!!

i really wanna try this!!

my boyfriend wants to try the arm chair, so i think if we do the arm chair, we can go right into this! :)



his cock went so deep into

his cock went so deep into my cunt, I LOVED IT! Sometimes if i'm lucky, he lick my vagina, you should try this deffo!

super fun

this was awsome. i got a workout and a he went really deep into this position. Fun!!!

That Looks nothing like a

That Looks nothing like a crab.

The woman is in what is

The woman is in what is typically called a 'crab' position. Would you like her to put on a costume or something?

Lmao! That's gold :)

Lmao! That's gold :)

done this before

my bf and i did this position a while back and it was great...just found out its a real position and has a name haha :)

you recommend oral before? XD

you recommend oral before? XD