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Teaspoons Sex Position

Teaspoons is similar to Bodyguard, but kneeling down. A rear-entry position with all the intensity of Doggy Style and with the connectivity of a side-by-side position. To get in this position, the receiver simply kneels in front and is penetrated from behind. This position is especially good in allowing the giving partner access to touch and caress the other's body, so make sure to keep those hands occupied!

The only difficult part of this sex position might be in aligning the genitals; the easiest fix is a couch cushion or pillow.


I love doing this with my guy before moving into doggy. I can't go straight into doggy. This feels relaxing but also intense. It really warms me up. When I'm ready he pushes me onto all fours and I can take his pounding.

Teaspoons mmmm

I agree with last comment, this is intimate and i can control without my b/f getting too excited and slamming into so hard i feel him hit my cervix which for me gives a sharp painful feeling that i dont like and bloody hurts. I do like doggy and all the natural positions leading from it but not when hes over excited. This way i can keep the pace steady and he can also kiss my neck and play with my vagina at the same time, to feeling my tits, and i can put my hands back and caress his neck, his bum or just stroke his thighs....lovely yum yum


This is one of the best positions for ladies, because u know he can easily play with the clits as you're do it. u know it gets very crazy when one hand is stroking the clits, while one is stroking the breats tits, oh my god....all u do is squeeze his buttt.....

Doggie often hurts as

Doggie often hurts as boyfriend gets in too much, but this position is much, MUCH better - I could even say it is my favourite, because we can feel our bodies so close and move deeply without hurting. It doesn't make me cum as it doesn't involve pressure on clitoris, but I like it for romantic or wild relaxation - Teaspoons is really worth trying. Both of you will be in heaven!

When in this position i

When in this position i usually use one hand to finger her then the other hand to squeeze one of her tits

very true

You're the man dude, doing that makes it very exciting....


this one is such a good one my guy to play with my big tits and my clit

so excited

that I can't stay still. my husband has to hold me up. So men, hold your ladies when they get wild.
also, for ladies, one tip. It's tighter for them if instead of spreading your legs, close them, so they are inside his legs instead of out.


When I fuck her like this, we gave to start in a different postion or alter this one so I can get my penis in there. But then we're all good. xD

Oh god, I LOVE THIS pose...

Oh god, I LOVE THIS pose... and now at least i know its name :)

Its great/amazing.....takes

Its great/amazing.....takes awhile for both to cum.

I love it when the guy plays

I love it when the guy plays with my clit while fucking me this way.... feels amazing!


I am so aroused! Holy crow that looks so good bout now, bf just dumped me, all because wouldnt do a four some. Yet I did the three some!

thats ridiculous. you will

thats ridiculous. you will find someone better

When I did something like

When I did something like this I fingered my gf.


...can't wait to do this, assf*ck style! :)

Really nice

This position is really really nice, and romantic even. The closure and the feeling of the skin touching, the arms around her, her holding her arms around your neck, the kissing, the touching her breast, her clit, taking the hands all over her front body even, very nice, i love this position because of the closure and touching. And very pleasureable aswell for both parts. But i suppose the size on the penis matters in that case. But else its really pleasureable for both parts! Very big recommended, its a 10/10!

Damn, reading this just got

Damn, reading this just got me so horny! Sounds like you know what you are doing! ;)


She loves when I kiss and bite her when wevdo it like this, and this postion is just right so that I can get at her neck a play with her breasts.

Anal Sex

Hmm, Anal Sex aint tried that before, boys will be boys

great stuff

great one, she really loves it when i reach around her to play with her breasts.

haha, its so amazing. Did

haha, its so amazing. Did that 30 minutes ago :P


hi i like this 101 like this position so hot

Jade <3 Kevin
hmmm :/

Does this really give girls pleadureplease tell me how?
Am still in the debation part fro doing this :/


Well i havnt given my girlfriend anal yet but we have spoke about it whats the pleasure out of it for the girl but its worth trying i guess!