How Do I Teach Him to Eat Me Out?

Q. My boyfriend and I have had sex before, but he doesn’t go step by step. He just puts the condom on and rubs lubricant and sticks it in. I want our sex to be romantic and erotic at the same time - and oral before sex. The thing is I give him the best head ever! But when it comes to me, when he eats me out, literally its a few licks and he expects more head. He doesn’t even know how to eat me out and make me have an orgasm. How do I spice up our sex life and teach him how to eat me out to get MY pleasure in it?


A. If you want your boyfriend to improve his skills in the oral department, you’ll have to approach the situation with delicacy. Men can be really sensitive to sexual feedback, so structure it in a way that gets you better head, not shuts the door on it. Cunnilingus - Basics and Advanced - are excellent resources to study prior to trying one of the following two approaches.

The indirect method is done when you and your lover are becoming intimate. It involves sexual confidence and some Dirty Talk - Basics (or Advanced) - on your part.

    1. Sensually convey how much of a turn on it’d be if he went down on you. Keep it positive and validate his sexual prowess as you do it. Describe exactly what you’d like him to do to you, first with Fingering and then with his mouth.

    2. If he takes the bait, make sure you reinforce what he’s doing with a positive response like “oh that feels so good” or “a bit more, here”, rather than “not like that”.

    3. If you see that he’s about to stop short again, don’t panic. He may just need a quick break, so change positions and ask him to finger you while you play with yourself. Give his member some attention as you do this (it’s a good reward) and then gently redirect his attention back to you.

The direct method involves being more up-front about your needs. Choose a moment when he doesn’t seem tired or distracted. Affirm that he is desirable and skillful in the bedroom, even though it may not feel like he is; remember we don’t want to turn him off oral unintentionally. Express how much it would mean to you if he could give your parts extra attention; being playful and sexy about it helps. Tell him you’re willing to make it worth his while, even if it means more 69’s, doing it in the shower, or getting a Brazilian wax, etc. If he has an issue with your taste or smell, it’ll be the last thing he’ll want to admit to you, so wash, groom and adorn your vagina with extra care and attention.


i have been married for 3 years and one day i told him what i liked and didn't like and what really made me quirm and he was willing to take it into consideration and now i can love every moment of him eating me out.


I am a bit older than most of you and my girl friend is quite a bit younger. Also I had prostate surgery and my erection is not the porn standard (you know massive and hard as if that actually exists in most younger men) and there is no ejaculation. Anyway we have great sex because (1) we talk about what we like, (2) we have no hang-ups about the lack of penetration sex (although it sometimes happens) (3) we put into action what we say we like and (4) we express our fantasies. The good part is that while she will have up to ten orgasms in one session and I have none, I really enjoy the abscence of post-coital flaccidity which means I last longer, she has more time to fellate me and we can try numerous positions without falling asleep.

Eat your hearts out you younger men.


For me it just came natrually.I did it for the first time when I was 20,and crave it now!I think it's one of those "either or things"I love the whole aspect of it...taste,smell,sounds.Very hot to see your SO squirm and squeal from pure delight!


REGARD smell problem. Donot give a chance to prop up the thougt in your partner.
1.wash your pussy with u r choice fragrant.
2.Make him to travel from head to the novel comfortably exploring ur sensivities while ur responding giving suggestions.
3.Keep a banana inserted in ur pussy and make him 2 eat.It will bring him 2u withougt calling him,this worked wonders with me.


I'm so interested in the banana topic! You have to be a lil more it a peel banana?! I like my friend to eat me,but I don't feel that much pleassure;like a get bored when my friend eats me. Perhaps its me...Please give me more info, I want to try it with my friend maybe I can actually like it and cum all over his face;just like he wants to...


That's a really funny idea right there. It sounds fun and yummy!

eatin you out,

find out what he likes regarding taste, you can always try different stuff , like fruit juice,s things like that , my gf, poured honey all over her pussy, it was the most horniest things ive ever experienced i was licking her pussy for ages, so don't give up hope, there's always a solution,

Frustrated and angry

My husband wants to make me happy this way but he is just not good at it. He is too rough, way too literal, totally without any creativity, goes right to it with no gentleness or foreplay, and he does not "get into it" himself - I feel like he is just doing it to prove something to himself and it has nothing to do with making me feel good. He says i should be patient and teach him but how many times am i supposed to tell him or show him the same gd things? It's not as if he has to constantly teach me how to touch and suck and pleasure his dick! Plus if i say "that feels good" or whatever, he will stiffly keep doing JUST that until it is irritating and boring. He "strokes" me like he's trying to scrape paint off a wall, "licks" me like he's trying to stab his tongue thru a plastic bag or something. It is fucking painful! If i move away from him he gets all bent out of shape over it - like what am i supposed to do? Let him manhandle me for the sake of his ego? I'd rather have him go practice on some other woman til he gets better at it, then bring his skills home to me. I know that sounds odd but i'm out of patience with this whole game. It just leaves me feeling angry with frustration and for the most part i wish he'd just let it go, because although he insists that he loves to eat pussy, that's never been anything he's ever shown interest in or seemed to want, and it has always been hurtful and lousy with him so i never ask for it either. Suddenly he wants to be an all star muffin muncher, and I get to be the teacher - and I'm sorry, but I just don't have the patience. So now we are in a place where the only good sex we have is no sex at all, and I feel like he's just setting me up so he can blame all this shit and all his personal hang-ups on me. Any thoughts?

i want it

i want my boyfriend to try more things with me, like going down on me, but i don't know how to get him to do things like that...he is one of those people who jumps right into sex with no foreplay or anything and i honestly get really bored during sex...he doesn't like to talk about it and changes the subject everytime i bring it up...what do i do?

i hooked up with a girl like

i hooked up with a girl like that once... and i just went along bcuz i didnt think i was that good at it but i want foreplay cuz it helps get me in the mood and is also a win win situation... but as a girl what do u like during foreplay ? can u give me some tips