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Reverse Sybian Sex Position

As the name implies, it's the Sybian, but in reverse! The partner on the bottom is straddled by their lover (who is facing away) as they lay back on an ottoman or a positional aid. Ideally, the receiver can comfortably maneuver themselves by putting their weight on their feet, or simply sit back and move their hips as they please. The receiver’s hands can be placed in front or on their thighs to help maintain balance.

As an alternative, the receiver can vary the depth and scope of penetration by leaning back and placing their hands behind; it is easier in this variation for the lower partner to do some thrusting. If Reverse Sybian is too deep of a penetrative position, the lover on top is able to hover over her partner, thus making it an invigorating quadriceps exercise as well!

I want to do this but my guy

I want to do this but my guy would have to thrust as well to get it really deep but I don't like that I cant see him, one of the biggest turn ons for me is being able to look at him and the pleasure on his face

it is excellent. I love

it is excellent. I love watching my girl ass why she enjoy herself


it was the first time that i got orgasm in this position today. it was ammmaaazzziiiinnggg!!!!!!!!

im wet just looking at this

im wet just looking at this


this position is amazing! me and my ex did this and he would reach forward and hold the very top of my thighs and my vagina. such a turn on!!

cool position

this position is lovely

oh yeah

my former fuck buddy once tied me to an ottoman. she sucked my cock for a while and the then madly fucked me before letting me go. its fantastic for both. i got her back by tying her to the ottoman and then leaving her their for a few hours with a double vibrator in her.


Thats fucking hot! i'm going to have to try that sometime...when i find some1 to do it with =)

Love the view

This is one of my favorite positions, and the view is great as her lips wrap around the cock, and especially if she has a fabulous ass. Anal would also be great, as franceska has enthusiastically suggested.

wow that looks.. heavenly :)

wow that looks.. heavenly :) hehe

it's a great wat to let

it's a great wat to let go... but it's also great in the ass too! IT'S AMAZING it made me squirt! my boyfriend didn't notice though he was enjoying himself too much to notice. TRY IT with your lova!

i've done!

I've done this before! its a good way to let go ;)