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Sybian Sex Position

For those of you who haven't heard of this position, it is a derivative of Cowgirl. Sybian is a machine used by women for erotic self-stimulation. Its greatest advantage is that it has detachable dildos that vibrate and rotate, thus stimulating the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

Now, a real person substitutes wonderfully for the Sybian! They simply lie back on an ottoman that's high enough for them to be ridden without the receiver being in too deep of a squat. (A positional aid such as Liberator's Wedge Ramp Combo will also do marvellously.)

Because of the receiver’s superior positioning, they have all the control needed to comfortably bounce, rock, rotate, or slide. It is clear from the animation that the legs will get a workout; however, Sybian is conducive to sexual endurance – the receiver can hover above the giver as they trusts upward, or receive support from the giver's hands holding them up by the thighs or buttocks.

I want to do this with my guy

I want to do this with my guy but pin his arms to his sides so he cant do anything with them and tense my pussy round his cock til he starts begging then i'll let him play a bit because that's when we both get even more excited and he starts thrusting me as well..... I'm wet just thinking about it

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. One of her favorite positions (and mine) is the Sybian. This time we did it in a chair. The sensation of her slipping her pussy around my cock was exquisite! She moved her pelvis forward and back and I could feel her leveraging on my very rigid cock as well as her vulva rubbing my balls. As she began to climax, she picked up the pace and moaned until she cried out in complete orgasm. Sensational. Then I lifted her and moved her to the bed next to us and positioned her in the Butterfly. (Go to “Butterfly”) (Also, go to Drill, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

next on the list.

For this to work you need a something that's narrow and long like a gym bench or a recliner with the leg rest lifted to 180.
From what I've seen more harder pounding can be achieved that what you could get on a bed or couch.
Me must try dis 1.

im a virgin and so is my

im a virgin and so is my girl but we are both ready to have sex. is this good for our first time?

ummmm...not this one because

ummmm...not this one because your girl might not want to ride something 1st so i think she should be on the bottom 1st and whens she ready let her ride.

vagina lover123
im going to do this the next

im going to do this the next time me and my girl hang out

What a Rush!

God, this position is beyond words but a try is in order. I could feel her slide down onto me and swallow up all 8 inches of my wide cock. Her warm wet pussy squeezed while she moved her hips back and forth and I had a good view of her juices running down onto me. I flew 1000 miles to meet her for this! We screwed from 5:00AM until 8:00PM for three days stopping only for meals. We did 36 of the positions on this web site and checked them off one by one. I NEED TO DO 36 MORE NEXT TIME!!

the 1000 mile giver

This was definitely worth it for me as well as for guy could go so deep and i loved feeling every inch go in, inch by inch, until he was in all the way; loved rocking back n forth on him...drove me EXQUISITE LOVER & I'M READY FOR THE NEXT 36!!!

emmm good times

my fb did this while wearing an actual cowboy hat and matching boots and nothin else. it made me draw my pistol first i can tell ya


mmmm i really want to do this i love top but my hips and legs arent all that strong any ideas how i can ride my man wit out hurting my self!?


this looks sooo good!!
i wanna try this!!


my boyfriend wanted me to

me and my bf were doing homework together and when we finish we got naked and did this

this is such an easier

this is such an easier version of the Amazon sex position, we are actually doing this right now and he gets his cock in my cunt so deep.
We're trying for a baby :D (hopefully a girl, obv.. but a girl and a boy would be lovely)

Change it up

On this position I changed it up a little bit try this position on an exercise ball I promise ur man will love it.

Good advice.

Thanks for the tip.Sounds awesome.

sexi cani
this position i wanna try it

this position i wanna try it looks so good, i like to have some controle sometimes. his cock would get so deep in me it would be amazing.

my boyfriend was lying down

my boyfriend was lying down lifting weights on his weight bench, and i came over, pulled his shorts down, and climbed on. best exercise ever.


Yea I must agree, laying on a weight bench was awesome, I think I will work out even more. That a good way to get me to work out more. LOL

Omg !! I Tried this last

Omg !! I Tried this last night on a prostitute ! Dayum ! It is sooo good , she give you so much pleasure ! Coming in her !

Is anyone keen to try it with me ?? x


I gotta try this one!

this one is great cuz i can

this one is great cuz i can get my guys dick so deep in me it feels sooo damn good to feel him all the way in and when i cum omg i cum so hard i just want to keep cumming again and again

that looks so nice :) cant

that looks so nice :) cant even tell you haha

i wanna fuck my man like

i wanna fuck my man like that on top of the roof when it's raining!

i'm so gonna do tht

i'm so gonna do tht

Yea i'd imagine what it'd be

Yea i'd imagine what it'd be like in the rain :o