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Suspended Mastery Sex Position

Suspended Mastery is an adaptation of Mastery. To get into the position the receiver simply sits in the lap of their seated partner facing them and on the edge of a bed or couch. The receiver then leans back away from the edge and their partner, while the giver provides support by holding on to their hands. Unfortunately, the position isn't great for generating vertical movement, so a rocking motion will be required to create horizontal movement.


I just want this to be done to me pronto

So Awesome

This position is so awesome, I like to use this with the ladies as I stroke their clitoris while we're doing this position. It gets them so wet and they just moans and scream with pleasure. ;)

that looks fun!

that looks fun!

This made me so wet(;

This made me so wet(;

i did this to my wife a few

i did this to my wife a few minutes ago and i was thrusting her so hard that her big ass titties knocked her glass eye out we're still looking for it lol


damn, all these positions look like alot of fun...but my man is rather simple. i think we've only varied from missionary style when we're outside and cant lay down. :(

Tried this a few days ago.

Tried this a few days ago. AMAZING!

This looks very interesting

This looks very interesting


Almost like a waterfall position.. this stimulates the g spot and drives the woman crazy...

This it's an awesome

This it's an awesome position...
Specially because it leads to the cangaroo position when you are holding your girl by her bottocks and she's holding from you from your arms...

This position is amazing

This position is amazing especially if your guy is strong and can hold you up but a big bonus is if he has a really big dick. the bigger the better is what i love ;) i wanna do this position now again! fuck

ohh la la

Yep im doin this one whether he likes it or not hahahaha...mmm mmm mmm

this is for me

i need a big dick to play with right now and this is what i want to start with any taker



im ready and more then

im ready and more then willing

i frecking love this pos..

i frecking love this pos.. me n bf went campin n the huge pond had like a 20 foot drop..his idea to hang me off of it.. its a good thing i like to be adventureous.. was so sexy knowin he wouldnt let me fall.. one of the hardest times ive ever came..

This position looks so good

This position looks so good gotta try it tonight with my husband im sure he'll love it :) cant wait to try it with him ill probably change it up a bit by putting my hands on the floor instead of him holding them ..

my bf and i hit this one on

my bf and i hit this one on accident and loved it. i leaned to far back mastery position and so i put my hands on the floor and he fucked me. he went amazingly deep and the angle was great. he said he loved seeing my tits sway and bump. great position

agree^^ gr8 position

agree^^ gr8 position

cant wait to meet my love

cant wait to meet my love

GRRRRR why does my fella

GRRRRR why does my fella have to be on holiday till next week without me... he's not going to know what's hit him when he gets back

Found the Target!

In our recent session together, my girl and I started with this one and it was fantastic. Could watch my wet cock slide in and out of her and listen to her sigh. A few days later, we repeated and this time we kept her a little less horizontal and MY GOD!!!! I found her G-spot! She was moaning and sighing and I just kept ramming home to give her more! Next time we close the 1000 miles between us, this will be the first position of the day!


to say the least....this was SO EROTIC, if there's ever any doubt, get rid of it. this is the way to go. i never wanted to be disconnected from my lover's hard delicious cock, could die & go to heaven in this position!! (damn those 1000 miles)


GOD, that would break my back. I don't have the greatest back in the world, haha...(:

i love this its so sexy

i love this its so sexy