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Super-Woman Sex Position

Not just anyone can merit the title, Super-Woman (or ‘Super-Man’ for those of other sexual orientations). But if they can assume this position, they have certainly got a shot. A thrilling member of the rear entry family of positions, this one will really keep you sex-plorers hanging!

Lovers can prepare for this 'flight' by assuming either the Doggy Style - Standing or the Ben Dover position with the receiver’s back to the giver’s front, with the receiver’s hands placed on a sturdy flat surface in front. The giver grasps the other by the thighs to lift them over a couch or bed so they can reach below for support.

As our heroine is suspended in the air, it is critical to avoid over-extending the back; this outcome can be avoided by having the giving partner hold them securely by the hips, hands as close to the waist as possible. If the receiver augments this by keeping their abdominal muscles engaged, you're truly ready to have some fervid fun.


well my fwb made the mistake of keeping his boxers on when he wanted to do this to me. at first he was gentle. then he kept stopping then restarting. getting faster and harder with every pound. by time he finished, his boxers were soaked. he looked at me like WTF. so much fun

Super soak that ho!

Super soak that ho!

i love this but i have to

i love this but i have to wrapp ma legs round him its tighter nd his dick goes alot deeper into ma pussy try it its AMAZIN

I won't do this out of

I won't do this out of principle... The last Superman movie sucked.



i love it hard in this

i love it hard in this position ^^)

love this

I tried this one time recently when i randomly grabbed this girls legs and it was just her arms on the bed, she squirted all over my legs


That.... that is just awesome. Id pay to see that. You sir, are a hero

damn me and my hubby have to

damn me and my hubby have to try this (after my parents leave :( damn i want my parents to leave. i want to be fucked sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. 2 more days then the sex feast my begin. couch or bed :)


now that makes me wet! god i'd love to try that..dunno if i'd be strong enough though :P



sperm comes out of my cock so quickly

i love my dick goes in side my gf pussy i use to have a wife with 2 kids but we divorce now i am fucking my gf sooooo hard she starts crying on friday night starting from 6 o clock to 12 in the morning i do nonstop in mygf pussy she starts screaming so loud my parents can hear her too once my dad saw me fucking her soo hard she started crying it was soo amazing i love it cum goes all over her assholeshe gets nervous that she get preagnant i tell her its ok dont u want more babies she says may be so i fuck her harder for a long time like maybe 2 -3 hours luv it

Last night in Metropolis

Me and my gf were doing this and I painted a huge S on her chest. After I was done I found a red cape that I used to wear at my D & D games. I should have put it on her.

Looking for the right girl

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to try this? I am definitely game!

I'd luv to try this too baby!!

Anytime anyplace I'd love to do this it looks so effin hot


reckon you can enter the front door liek this???...

Athletic and Uninhibited

Men -

If your lady is athletic and uninhibited, you need to try this position. It is fantastic and, once you've done it, she will ask you for it.

I love fucking my lady and she loves being fucked by me.

Amen Brother

Amen Brother

Guys you have to try it. The

Guys you have to try it. The girls I have done this with come multiple times, they rave about how good the sex is. You would be surprised at the control you have over the whole experience in this position. Explosive!!!

whoa, i'm so wet right now,

whoa, i'm so wet right now, damn, i wanna try this. haha

mk so.. how does the girl

mk so.. how does the girl keep her legs up in the air like that? it looks a little difficult but maybe easier off a bed

its great

i do that with my br---er all the time so good especially with him having a 18 incher all the way in

what? brother..?

what? brother..?


This has to be tried...looks amazing....