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Standing Doggy-Style

This is Standing Doggy-Style. In a venue where lying down is undesirable, this is a great position to practice. It is highly advised that the receiver find a suitably secure object to hold onto or balance themselves against; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther you spread your legs the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.

when i did this with my ex

when i did this with my ex she preferred it on the bed, so she could bite a pillow ;)
she used to scream and i did it for me aswel
anyone wna try it with me?

sexyangel 1
I like!!!

I wanna try this with my bf!!!!

sexy ass position

ill fuck da hell out of ma girl in this position ill pull her hair too

Love it, but does he?

I love this position! It feels so great! Typically, a guy is supposed to guy wild for doggy style right? My boyfriend says it's okay, but he doesn't get much pleasure from it. I love it and wish we could do it everytime! Any suggestions on how I can make it more pleasurable for him? Or any thoughts on what's wrong?

that's weird

Doggy style is supposed to be the "safest position" in terms of pleasure for both people.

I would recommend some hard-core dirty talk. When you orgasm, scream or moan really loud and tell him you love it.

Nothing turns me on more than when a women screams and moans when they orgasm.

Love this one, but...

My bf REALLY loves this position and so do I, is there anything that can be done to prevent the queefing?

squeeze harder?

squeeze harder?

WOW this looks amazing he is

WOW this looks amazing he is just giving that cock to her i wanna fuck now!

Very Awesome

Love this position. Can't wait till we get a bigger house to try different places in the house. There is about 8 inches in height difference between me and my hubby but we both love it.


I did this with my partner in the lounge and using the couch for support. The combination of my sexy underwear and the view my partner was getting had him coming in no time. Mind you we were both very horny to start with and my pussy was extremely wet!!! Making his thrusting easy to slide in and out of me and the overall sensations mind blowing!!! I am get horny thinking about what we did.


how do i pursuade my boyfriend subtly that i want to try this out? i've got the house to myself for 4 days. so going to have him over an evening or two. ;)

subltey doesnt work. you'll

subltey doesnt work. you'll have to be blunt. show him this seemed to work for me! :P


Im 15 and really wanna convince my gf to try takeing it up the ass (sorry i could be more subtle lol)

im affraid of her getting angry at me and putting it out of the question forever if i ask her bluntly

what things can i say or do to let her feel more inclined to try new things?


u cood try licking her crack or putting a finger up ther wen ur poking her anyway :)

Simple solution

You: hey I am going to do it anal with you, alright?

Her: OMG no.

You: come on it will be fine.

Her: You know what, i think I wanna break up with you.

You: What? Why?

Her: Because I just realized that at 15, we are to young to be having sex. And I also just realized that you are immature and are not a good boyfriend. I hate you.

You: But I love you!

Her: No you don't, you just like the sex. In fact, go check out some gay porn, i always thought you would like it anyway.

~Later on that night~
You: Mom, i think im gay.



shower position in the shower. he can fuck my pussy from behind and play with my clit at the same time. God, im horny now! Hes alittle taller than me so i have to stand on the edge but he makes it work.


I like this position very much, especially if im leaning on the counter or table, My boobs rub against the surface of it making me hornier and my bf loves entering me from behind ;)

donny blondie
deffo v. good 4 a quicki me

deffo v. good 4 a quicki me nd my b.f do this all the time it give me a inmense feeling and gives him powerful orgasms it feels amazing for both of us takes a while to get rite and if ur doing it with anal deffo use loads of lube or it will hurt xx

:))))) my guy cums soo fast

:))))) my guy cums soo fast like this. but instead of a chair we use a mirror and that way he can still see my face and what-not.

that is the hottest sex my

that is the hottest sex my wife and i ever had--standing doggie in front of a mirror. she loved seeing me behind her in the mirror. i find myself coming quick too because it is so visually stimulating--seeing my shaft in and out, seeing my wife's hot ass hips, lower back tats, and being able to reach her breasts and hair. We are hooked on this position and most of our sex, even if it starts elsewhere, usually ends up in standing doggie. Another mirror to try is a tall, side mirror--it is like watching a porn that you are staring in.

I really like this

I really like this animation.


always luvd this1, but wen i tryd wif bf he dsnt stay hard. wat 2 do? (I like it 2 much 2 give it up)


learn to type proper English, this always turns guys hard.


get with me