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Standing Doggy-Style

This is Standing Doggy-Style. In a venue where lying down is undesirable, this is a great position to practice. It is highly advised that the receiver find a suitably secure object to hold onto or balance themselves against; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther you spread your legs the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.

Definitely one to do again

I did this last night, it was fab... my boyf looked so sexy from behind whilst it he thrusting against me.. Felt amazing as he got all deep inside me..was on the edge of bed.. had to push against the wall to hold on. Orgasmed a lot... and i'm prettty sure he enjoyed it

I've tried this twice.

Me and my gf tried to do this twice, but every time I go into her pussy, she says she feels somekind of a pain in her lower stomach. Can anyone help me and tell me why this is?

Salted Melons
Too deep maybe?

Depending on factor like your dick size, her vagina depth, and how deep you are thrusting into her, you may be hitting her cervix. For most women, this causes intense pain.

Just tried this one for the

Just tried this one for the first time last weekend. It's amazing. At first I felt a little pressure, but as we sped up I could feel him sliding in and out and it just turned in to pure pleasure. The giver can have control by thrusting forward, or pulling you back. Or the receiver can have control by swaying back and forth. Definitely a great position

I've tried this twice



Me an my bf are both 17 an we just had our first time doing this postition at first it hurt like hell, but afterwards it felt absolutely amazing. It felt like he was so deep inside me...I wish we could do it again, really soon.


mmm this was sooo gd.
i started moaning in the first minute cus he was rubbing my pussy as well and i like let go of the chair it was that gd, n i smacked my hed of the chair. i passed out for like 10 mins but when i woke up again, my bf was still fucking my hard so i cummed everywhere and lookd round and his cum was on my ass too so he liks it off.
the feeling was amazing tho ;)

lol wtf, ur bfs fucked

lol wtf, ur bfs fucked


your bf licked his cum off of your ass?

hahahahaha ohhh yeah. :)

hahahahaha ohhh yeah.

my bf did this too me hurt

my bf did this too me hurt like hell but i wanna try it again. . . i love pain.

tried it

tried this great position did it while my ex was on the bed so she did have to worry about holding her self up. Great time


Me and my GF did this a couple times, she's got these nice perfect hips that i love to grab onto and slam my dick inside her super hard and fast, occasionally kissing her back and rubbing her pussy when i think im about to explode. Also, i love seeing her ass smack against me, it's a huge turnon.

I love the sound of the

I love the sound of the slapping of skin during thrusts.... not to mention the feelig I get when his cock is so deep

i did this yesturday with my

i did this yesturday with my man except no chair the couch ;) and we did lots more ^-^

good stuff

did this once in the fitting room of a department store in the mall with my gf. pretty nice position. it was our first go at rear entry, and i'll say this, the view is pretty good when you're used to missionary all the time


i love it when my boyfriend totally just fcuks me from behind on the couch, and pulls my hair while going at it and plows me really hard. its so sexy he also grabs my throat and violently says dirty things to me it's so hot :-) i definatly cant wait to try this position it looks fcuking sexy!!!!


i wanna try this with my girlfriend but she's too shy and too scared. what can i do?


Next time she bends over wearing sweats pants her, yell SUPRISE! and start slamming her.


This is really good for when my energy level is low and my husband is ready for some nookie. He knows that this will be for him and I am along for the ride. I like that I don’t have fake it for him and can just enjoy the feeling of being screwed. We do it in the bathroom with me leaning over the counter and watching him in the mirror.


My bf likes to bend me over the couch and f*ck me from behind. I absolutely LOVE this position. He hits me in just the right spot in this position and makes me cum multiple times. He also gets extremely turned on by watching me scream my head off with pleasure and although he can contain himself for several hours normally, in this position he can only last about 20 minutes before he explodes. This position is SO HOT.

my fave

this is my absolute favorite. i love when my man pulls my head back by my hair and then chokes me while rammin his long hard cock inside me. or when he grabs my tits really hard and starts ramming into me really fast. this position is amazing!

I love doggy style. My

I love doggy style. My husband and I tried this one night outside and my parents dog walked up on us, looking at us confused. (lol) We couldn't help but to laugh so we had to stop.


I LOVE THIS SHIT MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! But my girl always tells me her side hurts the next day if we do this the night before??? Any answers???

could be

because you are too large? A male friend of mine has told me the same thing, and claims that he is overly well-endowed. His women complain of pain the following day. I have had that happen a couple of times with lovers who had unnaturally large units, and the only solution for me was to have them not go so deep.