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Standing Doggy-Style Sex Position

This is Standing Doggy-Style. In a venue where lying down is undesirable, this is a great position to practice. It is highly advised that the receiver find a suitably secure object to hold onto or balance themselves against; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther you spread your legs the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.

Take this one out of the bedroom

I love this position for sex outside of the bedroom. In the kitchen, pressed against the wall, on the balcony of a hotel, in the bathroom in front of the mirror, or in the shower. And it can be so hot when you only take off the few pieces of clothes needed and leave the rest on!


my wife loves this position. I rub the head of my penis on her clit till she's ready to cum. then we will start intercourse while still in that position and she'll have multiple orgasams

Standing Doggy-Style

My husband and I tried this and it was amazing! The deep penetration feels so good. He played with my tits and smacked my ass, it was very hot. This is definitely one of my favorites! I like the idea of doing it in the shower, we will have to try that next!

hotleela's picture
It looks

It looks hard. Im a big girl and im a little bit shorter then my boyfriend and its hard for a big girl like me.

enhance this one...

try in bathroom in front of mirror, with girl wearing high heels. Can squeeze tits and see girl's face during penetration. Works every time for me and my asian.

Sex in front of a mirror is

Sex in front of a mirror is awesome! My bf put up a big mirror in our bedroom. I can't help myself...I watch him fuck me every time.

sugar cherrytush
Love doing this bent over a desk or a table

My boyfriend love sliding my panties down then stepping so that they are behind his ankles. Then he starts of with long slow strokes and eventually ends up pounding into me good and hard. And he loves to bend over me and play with my breasts or my pussy with his fingers while he's fucking me in this position. I get super wet when we do this.

i do this to my girl with a

i do this to my girl with a strapon, this is her fav

I agree this is my wife's and

I agree this is my wife's and my favorite position. She loves it because of how deep I get and how good it feels on her g-spot. So much so she asks for it. I love it because I got an awesome view of her back, ass, and hips. Her back tattoos really are a turn on and I can grab her ass, massage her back, touch her breasts, and even grab her hair. This position is best in the shower, with her leaning against the bed, or her leaning against a table. It is so much more intimate because of the touching and the visual of me going into and out of her. I disagree it is a control thing, my lady works her hips while i thrust and she also reaches back to grab my ass too.

Best Position!

This is the best position for a great visual of my dick sliding in and out of my wifes pussy. You get nice and deep penetration and the moans are the best. I can't think of a better way to finish off this position then to have her turn around and get on her knees to cum in her mouth.

High View

Did this position to my "wide receiver" last week on the Cosmopolitan balcony high over Las Vegas lights. She braced herself on the railing and I threw her skirt over her back and drove my cock deep. She moaned and moved in rhythm with my thrusting and we both enjoyed the deep penetration while enjoying the lights and traffic far below. Very erotic, fucking over the heads of unsuspecting crowds below.

Pleasurable With A Capital P

Superb position, certainly one of my favourite. Bend her/him over a table or bed, even the kitchen counter perhaps, and just start drilling. Such an intensely pleasurable position...the first time myself and my girlfriend did this, by the time I'd finished, a thick, clear female ejaculate was sliding down the inside of her leg. It's even better if your partner is wearing some enticing clothing, such as a skirt or shorts.

For those who are experiencing height difficulties, I would suggest that the giver bend their legs slightly, or that the receiver simply bend lower over/on whatever happens to be the leaning object.

The ultimate quicky

This is the kind of position that we can engage at any time anywhere, to get both our knees trembling.
I like the spanking sounds when I engage in this position so a problem for me (and a blessing at the same time) is that my woman's ass is pretty big (45" ass, 39" waist) so when she's in this position there isn't much space left for proper in-and-out movement and slapping sounds. Her butt touches my groin even when only the tip of my penis is inside her.

me and my gf succeed in

me and my gf succeed in doing this without any support
(she's 1.78m and i'm 1.82m)
it's a blessing because we can do this anytime any place, usualy this is very quick and intense.
Definatly our favorite quick position, she loves to walk around filled with my seed afterwards, makes her feel a bit dirty xD

My bf did this to me last

My bf did this to me last night!! Hottttt!!
But it's wayyy better if you bend over something. At one point I was lying over the side of our lounge room armchair and gripping on to it. It's easier and hotter that way. Love it!!!!!

So I had AMAZING sex the

So I had AMAZING sex the other night. We started off in missionary (like always) him on top and he just started pounding away. Then we switched to me on top then I sat up and rode him Asian cowgirl style which he loves cause he always bites his lower lip and he has great access to my boobs. Anyways we were going at it for a while then I said, "Babe I don't think I can take anymore." He simply just pulled out quickly flopped me over on the edge of the bed and finished off standing doggie style. I'm sooooo glad we didn't stop before ;)

that sounded hoooooot! what

that sounded hoooooot! what else would u suggest if me and my partner think we've maxed out but havent

didnt work wit me

i tried it once but it didnt work with me
she was shorter than me so it didnt work :(

could try....

my bf is like a foot taller than me, so we adapted standing doggie style to accomodate the height difference. Instead of having me stand too, i had my knees on the chair and my hands/arms holding onto the back of the chair. The chair helped to make up for the height. It felt amazing to me, and by his moaning, he didn't hate it. ...we did have to have the chair pushed against my desk, though, so we didn't tip over, just a thought... Hope this helps ^_^

My hubby's legs are longer

My hubby's legs are longer than mine so this isn't real easy. But, I love shower sex and this is a great position for that.

This is my fave position -

This is my fave position - me bending over bed and him taking me hard from behind - soooooooooo good. Did it last nite with new bf (in addition to several other positions) and he smacked my bottom and grabbed my hair in the process - felt like a naughty slut which is gr8!


my ex and me liked the sound of my balls smacking her clit, she liked to look underneath and see them smacking against her, as soon as she asked if i ever f***ed a girl in the a**, i said yes and thats what im gonna do to you NOW! i pulled out, picked her up by her legs from behind with my hands under her knees, then slowly inserted my cock into her a**, then began to speed up my strokes with more intensity, i pulled out again and made her beg me to put it back in while at the same time stroking her a**hole with it, she of course did and i slowly slid it back in and began to pound her until she came then i finally came. 1 minute later round 2 began in the shower with her cleaning me with her tongue.....

Too tall/too short.. any tips..=)

So me and my GF have tried to do this a couple of times but im quite tall and my GF is somewhat shorter. This gives some troubles with the angle of entry. I have to squat and she needs to stand on her toes for this to actually happen and that takes a great deal of the pleasure out of it as it is harder do go fast and hard...Any tips?

you also could try this...

my bf is like a foot taller than me, so we adapted standing doggie style to accomodate the height difference. Instead of having me stand too, i had my knees on the chair and my hands/arms holding onto the back of the chair. The chair helped to make up for the height. It felt amazing to me, and by his moaning, he didn't hate it. ...we did have to have the chair pushed against my desk, though, so we didn't tip over, just a thought... Hope this helps ^_^


i had this done to me today for the frist time and omg it was great! i was always on bottom so i never knew any other ways so i was very surpised when he came up behind me and pulled down my pants and started to fuck was great and the fact knowing that someone could come down the trail at any moment is great fear but a great rush to. that was my frist time fucking in the woods to.

I do this way in the shower.

I do this way in the shower. Sex in the shower is awesome. Hot, steamy, wet and naked.... what could be better than that? ;)

We go into the bathroom and

We go into the bathroom and use this position. Usually for a quicky.

Gotta' Love It!

I dated a hot little redhead back in high school and we had sex a lot using this position.

She would bend over to let me slide my penis deep into her. We never bothered using a chair for her to support herself on. I just made sure that I had a good, tight, grip on her hips. this kept her hands free so she could rub her clit or play with my balls.

Often times, she would rub her clit until we were both about to cum, then she would start on my balls, causing me to ejaculate a monster load deep inside her.

We had sex like this every chance we could.

I highly recommend Standing Doggy Style. The penetration is awesome, she can play with herself or with you, and it's easy to reach around her to play with her tits in this position!

is really looking for a

is really looking for a woman to do this with any takers just message me i promise you wont be dissipointed lol.

me thinks u've found the

me thinks u've found the girl ur looking for ;P

This is my favourite! Theres

This is my favourite! Theres nothing like having him fuck my pussy from behind hard and fast!! This is the position that makes me just scream,Ive always wanted to do this at the beach at night,just knowing we can get caught at any moment is a turn on for me

Hit it from the back...

Imma big ass guy love hittin it from the back... Imma Beast

This works perfect with a

This works perfect with a table or desk

okay so im a virgin and my

okay so im a virgin and my boyfriend is coming over this weekend he wants to do this and im scared any tips?

How did it go...

I would say use a FAV...


Yeah.. I can never ever bend over when we are alone cause down come my pants and he is there. He just can't seem to resist when I bend over if he is in the mood. We have been together since I was 14 and we are still addicted to sex. :) But this one is fun, over the couch, or a chair, or the table, or he grabs my arms and holds me like that. Mmm I love it.

We do this in the shower or

We do this in the shower or with me bent over the bed and it always feels so great! I love the way I can feel his dick sliding in and out and he grips my hips super hard; makes me moan like crazy :D

Also a favorite of my wife

Also a favorite of my wife and I. this position is awesome, comfortable, and safe in the shower. The modern woman has made this position a popular one because of body art. guys are visual, and seeing us going in and out plus hot lower back tats make this position a winner.

joel r
doggy standing

Yeah. I need to try that. Plus in the shower ya can get squeaky clean.

The best quickie

As some of you may know from reading my other post,me and my ex are f**k buddies. So saying that, he came to the house and his girlfriend in the car to get something. He couldn't resist he threw over the sofa pulled out his d**k and f**ked me real good his this position. It was great. Th whole time is girlfriend in the car outside.


This is my favorite position -- except at the side of the bed, rather than on a chair -- when my wife is wearing a skirt without panties. There's something very hot about making out and then turning her around, bending her over, and going at it while she's fully dressed (except for the panties)!! If she isn't wearing a bra, it's a lot of fun to reach up her shirt to squeeze her breasts and pull her nipples too!


Yes I agree, especially when she's wearing a skirt without panties. My wife and I also love doing this one. I work from behind whilst she's standing next to the bed. However, every now and then I take my cock out and then she goes on all fours to stand on the bed. She lowers her head and elivates her ass. I go on my knees and lick out her very wet pussy from behind. After a while, she asumes the original standing position and my very willing cock works her from behind (and repeat the sequence). Love it!

Sounds great

I definitely need to try this the next time my wife and I go doggy style. I love the idea of switching between fucking her and licking her stinky pussy from behind. Of course I'll have to lick her ass a little bit in between, too!

tottally worth it

i did this a while ago with my ex bf, i just had a shower and we were getting ready to meet his family for dinner and bent down to my lower draws to get clothes and he just came up behind me, grabbed my breasts and started thrusting into me i began to moan and got an orgasm. this then led to cow girl and we were an hour late for dinner but it was worth it ;)

yup tried it once- and

yup tried it once- and looking at this site i will try again but with ben wa balls

perfect c:

this one is fun to do when looking up positions :D it might even make it more fun to make it a game, hard deep thrusts for yes to a position slow strokes for no :D

joel r

Lol. Thats a good idea Kassie Kat. Mmmm.

High and tight

Im tall and shes short.It feels surprisingly tight when I slam into her with my kness bent.


Ooooooooooooooh, this is one of my favourite positions, i am so excited my sweet love toota to try it together, you will love it,,love you

a slight variation

Great position the girl loves it cause i can really go hard and fast. I like to grab her wrists and hold her up so I can really go hard and have her cumming in 5 minutes. When she is ready to cum I let go of her arms so she can rub her clit. gotta love this one.