Super Sex Sling Review

Super Sex Sling

The Super Sex Sling by Sheetsports was impressive.The sling provides a comfortable and diversifying sexual experience by allowing the wearer to adjust the straps to deepen penetration and leaves your hands free to do whatever you want with them. The Super Sex Sling is in a category of toys that you should definitely consider if you have overlooked it in the past.

The sling consists of a neck pillow which attaches to two buckles via a sturdy nylon strap, each of which connect to an ankle cuffs. The neck cushion is a lot like the fabric on those blow-up neck pillows used for traveling, except this one is filled with soft cushioning. It doesn’t chafe and with the pressure of your legs pulling on it, you’ll be extremely glad that it’s as cushioned as it is. The buckles really do release quickly, which allows the wearer the confidence and flexibility to easily adjust the straps for a different sensation. The strain is taken off your back and legs and you can hold onto the straps during play, or use your hands for other things.

Super Sex Sling

My impression of the company’s promise of better penetration and G-spot stimulation is that it was incredibly accurate. According to my experiences, the sling really does increase the sensation of deeper penetration and I found that because of the elevated positioning of your hips, it allows your partner to more easily reach the G-spot than through conventional sex. Some might use a pillow to raise a woman’s hips, but this allows for more of a lift. After using the Super Sex Sling for the first time, I blanked on what it was like to have normal missionary position because I enjoyed it so much. It was liberating and really opens you up!

A few suggestions for using this product:

  1. First, try it on following the directions. I didn’t - and went through a brief “this isn’t really working” phase before figuring it out. I know it probably isn’t rocket science, but in the heat of the moment it’s easy to get ahead of yourself… With an understanding partner, it doesn’t really matter, but if you want to impress someone, I suggest you do a dry run.
  2. Second, strap it to your ankles – the Velcro can strap-on for a very firm hold, especially if you’re thinking about vigorous intercourse. My inclination was to avoid it and just slip my feet in but I was pleased with the result when I strapped it on.
  3. Third, make sure that when you put it on, the nylon strap that is connected to the ankle cuff is located on the outside of your leg.
Super Sex Sling

One of the things that I was really impressed by, was the information that came along with the product. The Super Sex Sling comes with an instructional DVD featuring a lot of ways to use it. The only short fall, if I HAVE to come up with one is switch-able larger cuffs that can accommodate your thighs… as the current cuffs are definitely designed for your ankles.

The Super Sex Sling provides a very unique deep sexual experience or an incredible oral experience through a simple, yet very comfortable, harness system.


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Where to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing the Super Sex Sling, if you are in North America please to check it out at Eden Fantasys, or if you are in the U.K./Europe for LoveHoney.