Lelo Gigi

Lelo Gigi 1

The Gigi by Lelo is by far my best and most favourite vibrating G-spot toy. There are good reasons why this pleasure object is higher-priced - and when you compare it with other insertable vibrators, you'll see why. The quality, craftsmanship and features are first-class and make the Gigi worth every last penny. You start getting wowed before you even open the box - whoever's getting it will know they're in for a treat. The Gigi arrives to you in a stylish black box such as the packaging that you get when you buy fancy jewelery at Tiffany's.

The Gigi can be stored snugly in the box (that even has a compartment for the charger), or you can opt to keep it in the black satin satchel that it also comes with. Yes, you can always go out and buy your own black satin satchel but it is much easier when you get a comprehensive package so you don't have to make a special trip to find something to discreetly and safely store your toys in. Best of all, not only is it rechargeable, it comes fully charged so you can try it out immediately!

Now for some stats...

  • The Gigi is very lightweight, ultra quiet and is made of high grade silicone with a plastic base. For all the folks looking to buy a lady a toy, consider materials like silicone because they warm quickly to the body and are easy to clean and sterilize.

  • The Gigi takes about 2 hours to fully charge whereupon the LED indicator will emit a steady light to indicate that it's ready to be used; it'll be ready to go for about 1.5 hours. In my opinion, this is great considering that the no-name batteries that you're supposed to use with toys tend to burn out extremely quickly. You can keep your toy out because of your discreet black satchel, have it charging by your bedside and always have it handy.

  • There are 5 vibrating patterns as well as multiple speeds, only 5 of which I can distinguish. The vibe patterns are awesome: Continuous Vibe, Short Interval Pulsation, Intermediate Interval Pulsation, Extended Interval Pulsation and Before & After (my favorite). It has a locking feature to avoid turning on your Gigi accidentally. Their website is beautifully done and you can even email them for customer support.

lelo gigi 2

The new generation of quality toys brings a lot to the table, my favourite being no more batteries!! One of the biggest mood spoilers is hearing the cranks on your toys start slowing down and then all of a sudden crash to a screeching halt. "Don't worry, I've got batteries around here somewhere!", you say as you jump out of bed and start rummaging through your purse, your junk box and your drawers. This is especially annoying when you're with someone, particularly when they might have required gentle coaxing to try out a toy. Let's face it - it's environmentally friendly, a more efficient use of power, and the Gigi even gives you a blinking red warning when your power is just about run out.

This toy would knock the socks off someone if they got it as a gift, particularly if they're seasoned toy users. The vibe can get intense and you have about 4.5 inches of insertable length. I found it to be really comfortable to hold and very easy to switch back and forth between intensities and settings. I can't wait for Lelo to come out with a longer, perhaps girthier, version of this toy because I found that I got fairly overzealous at times and would plunge it past the control dials! I know what you might be thinking - yes, it's that good.

The only negative thing that I noticed about the Gigi was a high pitched frequency that it emitted while it was on turned on. It reminded me a lot of a dog whistle. Overall, the toy was relatively quiet but the hum was audible. On the bright side that sound disappears when you bring it under the sheets.

Lelo Gigi 3

One thing that I was pumped about was how keen my partner was to try this particular toy out. At times guys might be put off by using an 'oh so realistic' looking phallus on their girlfriends, when in their heads they're thinking, "My penis, tongue and fingers should be in there, not this thing!". I think it goes to show that when you design a sophisticated looking toy (not one with pink bunny rabbits on it), you can significantly improve the amount that you and your partner spend using it together...


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Where to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing a Gigi by Lelo, in North America please for Eden Fantasys, or in U.K./Europe for LoveHoney.