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Spread Eagle Sex Position

In the Spread Eagle variation of cunnilingus, the receiving partner lays on their back with their feet planted to either side of the shoulders of their performing partner. This position is a big hit for its high level of comfort and the additional hand stimulation that can be provided. Because of the lack of contact from other parts of the body the experience can (ironically) be even more intense for the receiver, as all sensation can be focussed on the highly sensitive groin area (if desired).

Cunnilingus- a mind blowing sex pleasure

Every lady desire her partner gives head to her. It is so pleasure full and mind blowing,gives repeated orgasms one after the other,can be continued very long till she desires. Man should do only licking and sucking as slow as can be without any haste. Teeth should not touch her clit and lips to avoid pain and displeasure. It is a true bliss for her and helps in earning her total devotion and commitment to him it is great motivation and incentive for her never to refuse for sex and rather she will be proactive to cajole him for sex. Please her without any hesitation or reservation. Sex is bliss given by God and not to miss even a small chance to enjoy it

Making me Holla

Thinking about tap dance cause the feeling be so good

A classic

The classic position for eating her out. I love looking down at a guy (or sometimes girl) who has his mouth buried in my pussy. Fantastic for teasing me too before he gives me what I really want. And it lets the guy touch her all over and find out what really makes her tick.

Omg I love doing this with my

Omg I love doing this with my gf. I cant wait till Friday. Mmmmm cant wait

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Sooo good..

I have had it many ways with my ex bf, but this is the best. Just relaxed and he did the rest. Once even made me orgasm, but most of the time it was foreplay. My first experience receiving oral was this was. I had on a skirt because we like to grind as i sat in his lap facing him, then he guided be back on to the couch and started kissing my thighs, then to my panties kissing them. Then he moved them and fingered me and i felt his fingers parting the lips and kissing, licking my clit, it felt sooo good. I learned later to move my hips to make it even better. A must is to have your bf put a pillow under your butt and give oral this way. OMG! i should call him just for that...maybe not.

in NW NJ
Eating at the Y

I can't get enough of pussy on my face and in my mouth

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Woah yeah

This is me and my boy's favourite, it makes me cum so hard when he uses his fingers on me at the same time...


I love when my BF tastes me in this position. In this position, he's able to lick me clit to ass easily, even finger me as he eats me out. I especially like watching him go to town on me when my head is slightly propped up on pillows.

good position

I am very relaxed in this position and for me a good position to get an orgasm.

This is my favorite position

This is my favorite position when I'm eating her out


I love having my pussy licked/sucked,and my bf is def into licking and sucking. :D i love having tongue in my hole, and having it flicked and teased....OM goodness. FIREWORKS

i love my fuck to get eaten

i love my fuck to get eaten out

So why dont you?

So why dont you?

i love my fuck to get eaten

i love my fuck to get eaten out


I have ate women in every position known to man. This is the best by far. You can reach most anything she wants, tits, ass, legs, belly you name it. Also you can grab her legs and pin them back and put a tongue deep in her ass pretty quick too. Women LOVE a hot wet tongue buried in their ass.


mmm so wet right now...i want your tongue

I ate my fiance out in this

I ate my fiance out in this position and blew my load in less than five min. without any contact with her. Am wondering if this happens to other people. Thinking maybe I enjoyed it to much or maybe the humping of the bed while performing the act did it. lol

Robin Lovebug
Don't worry :) My BF does the

Don't worry :) My BF does the same thing!

first time

alright, so my boyfriend really wants to do this to me. i knew hes wanted to try giving head to a girl for a really long time and he insists that its not fair that i give him bjs but wont let him give me head, which is sweet. a guys never done this to me before, and i'm kind of nervous about it... i realize that every guy likes different things, but i was wondering if any guys out there would give me some tips? should i shave? should i moan? what do like about going down on a girl? etc

I'm guessing you two are

I'm guessing you two are young so most of your generation prefers their partners to be hairless, I would at least trim it up so no hair is in the way of your lips or clit. Only give him signals like moaning,palming his head when he is truly pleasuring you. Don't fake it for him. And sucking is better than licking. Make sure after he warms you up massaging and kissing that you tell him "I want you to suck my clit". What I like about going down on a girl besides pleasing her is how she tastes. So don't be self conscious about that. Take a shower if you want but that's it. Have fun!

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Great name...

This position is the Spread Eagle for sure. I please my wife this way sometimes & she explodes 100% of the time. Then while she's still in the Spread Eagle position I slip my manhood inside her & dominate like the King of the Jungle...

Hi I'm 17 and my gf is 13. I

Hi I'm 17 and my gf is 13. I (we) recently started doing this, and we both enjoy it. Hell, I can't get enough.. I could do this all day. Anyway, whenever we're done and she's had her orgasms, she just says thank you and acts like she's dissapointed I stopped. Am I doing something wrong? Was I not supposed to stop? Please help..

i'm not totally sure about

i'm not totally sure about this, but maybe she feels guilty? i wasn't sexually active when i was 13, but when i jerked off at that age i would feel really guilty about doing sexual things or having sexual thoughts. but if shes comfortable enough to do that with you, that might not be the case. why don't you just ask her?

Ive done this with my GF. i

Ive done this with my GF. i love it,she loves it. i agree, this is a great fore play position.

Awesome Position For Foreplay...

This is an awesome position for foreplay! The last date I had I used this position sucking and licking her clitoris while stimulating her g-spot at the same time and gently caressing her pubic area. She bucked uncontrolably but didn't want me to stop, her cum was all over my chin, chest and hands and her moans were so loud we woke the neighbors LOL!