Sex Games: Spin the Bottle


The object of the game is simple: it’s to randomly kiss or make out with others playing the game. If you’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to smooch with someone in particular, here’s your chance.

Number of Players

The more players you can gather, the better; more people adds variety and heightens anticipation. If you don’t, it’ll quickly progress from a saucy adult party game to a small orgy.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need one bottle, preferably empty; otherwise, if your spin goes out of control, getting whacked with it will hurt.

Ideal Participants

Players should be open-minded and have fresh breath! It helps if they’re relatively similar in good looks and/or great at making out; keep this in mind when you formulate a guest list.

Couples must be willing to play without jealousy or insecurity; if either one of them feels uncomfortable about players kissing their other half, they need to remove themselves immediately.

How to Play

This is a party game based on the one many have played as kids. Everyone arranges themselves in a circle sitting on, or close, to the floor. Players take turns spinning the bottle; whoever it points closest to is the one they must kiss. SexInfo101’s adaptation has one optional rule; if you land on the same sex, you also have to kiss them!

You can play the game by going around the circle consecutively to let each person have a turn. Some of you may have also used a more arbitrary method of taking turns, where the person who the bottle lands on goes next.

Depending on how adventurous the group is, another option is to ‘up the ante’ every so many turns, so that (say) ‘a kiss’ then becomes ‘a kiss & a stroke’ of a particular body part, followed by ‘a kiss & fondle' inside the clothing, followed by one removing another’s article of clothing … and so on. You are only limited by your imagination…


i did this with some buds and by the end we were all satisfied we also had all all cloths off

I love it!

Few weeks ago we played this game at a friend's house and it was fun!we arrenged in time that everybody must come with a clean towel and only must be naked only covered with that towel as we play!the horns of most of us were up all the time and the ladies loved it!no fucking happened that day but soon we planning a bigger one!