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Throat Swab Sex Position

The male version of Eve's Ecstasy, the Throat Swab can be a very exciting position for many men. The performing partner lies back on a couch or bed, tilting their head over the edge, while their partner penetrates their mouth from a kneeling, squatting, or standing position (depending on furniture height). Experiment carefully with the speed and forcefulness of any thrusting to keep it comfortable for the performing partner.

Since the performing partner needs air to stay alive, pause frequently to give time for breath...

wide one

being "above average" in length and girth, wife has always had a difficult time getting much of my cock into her mouth, i dont mind she gives excellent head !! cock sucking isnt all about deep throating, lips, amount of suction, teeth dragging, tongue, and head position
she's not a deep throat specialist my any means, but she can get most of my cock into her this way

My fav

This position is one of my favs. When it comes to giving blowjobs, I can't think of a bad position. But for my passion of giving deep throat, this position is wonderful. Nothing is quite as fun as getting some intense tonsil banging.

Perfect for deepthroating

This position, more than any other is perfect for deepthroating. No matter how big the guy I'm with is, I can always take it all the way down my throat and he loves the view. Plus it makes it easy for him to touch me and I can touch myself as well.

did this one the other night

did this one the other night with my guy friend. he came deep in my throat and i couldn't breathe because there was just a pool of cum in my throat. i swallowed and started to cough…
If you don't like deep throating or aren't a pro at bj's, i wouldn't do this one…

luckily Im a champ ;)

Levisrock66's picture
I m comfortable with him down

I m comfortable with him down my throat. He wants to come & I want him to. Any tips?

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My boyfriend loveis this on we did it last night omg i love it when he started playing with me. I'm 5'2 and my boyfriend is 5'8 so it was a little hard for him when i was on the bed <3

wasnt it possible to bite his

wasnt it possible to bite his dick at this position?
I hope u both enjoyed doing this position?

It's possible to bite his

It's possible to bite his dick in any position lol!

Deepest way to deep throat.

This position is so easy to deep throat and is even better if you like to gag on cock. Your body is all out the for his eyes and he gets to see every muscle respond when you gag. My guy will tell me to play with myself so he gets something to watch while he fucks my throat. Definitely one of the hottest positions to get that command in.

i agree that it's the best

i agree that it's the best for me to see every inch of the girl. What's extra nice is that sometimes, if im in an extra rough mood, this position allows me to slap her on her tits or pussy too ;) based on your username i suspect this isnt something youre against either lol


My boyfriend told me that he loves deep throating so I started research, since I've never done it before and he isn't here to help me, and that lead me here. Would this be very difficult to start off with? I saw all the comments about how this helps with alignment and all that but in general is this something that would make learning how to deep throat easier?

Most important thing to

Most important thing to remember about deep throat is your throat has to be relaxed, if you tense up it makes it harder.

This position really does

This position really does make it easy.

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I have never got off from getting head! Probably just the girls I have been with or the fact I have a above average penis :(

You need to find the right

You need to find the right girl!


Love to watch her stomach heave and squirm as her arms are pinned down and it hits her gag. THE BEST for oral domination.

i have tried this only once

i have tried this only once on a guy an he loved it! i loved it more. i felt really turned on laying at the edge of the bed while his big strong body and dick was thrusting in and out my mouth. i wished he would have squeeze my tits and rubbed my clit while in this position though, would have been even hotter. defo want him to cum all over my tits for next time this is too freaky hot

I would've. Great position to

I would've. Great position to rub ur clit and lick ur nipples

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Me and my girl do this but since she is a little older looking than her age we often roleplay when she is a teacher/boss/milf who has been drugged or hypnotised and being taken advantage of. I dress her in blouses and pencil skirts or just let her wear her bathrobe and heels and panties. I record every one with different scenarios and this is the primary position we do. She lays on the floor and I put a pillow underneath her shoulders/neck area so her head is tilted back for the same effect and slide my cock in her mouth. Shes a big slobberer and makes lot of noises. I have stockpiled so many videos I had to purchase a terabyte external drive to fit them. Lol

my lady doesn't have the urge

my lady doesn't have the urge to gag this way! I dont know why as my cock looks like it goes in deeper?

Plus point - I can play with her pussy at the same time!

Hmm, interesting! I love

Hmm, interesting! I love doing this with my husband but I have trouble deepthroating him in general because I have a really strong gag reflex :( Might need to practice more in this position!

This is my favorite. I do

This is my favorite. I do this as often as I can. I do wish my breasts were a little bigger, because they are right there for him. Oh well. I've had no complaints.

Alice Of Eroticland
Deep Throat

My husband liked this position. He was large. He would put me on the couch and hang my head over the arm rest. He would then approach and slide it in. As he got worked up he would go Deeper. His pleasure was more in watching it slide down in my throat as it got larger then the pleasure of the oral sex. And yes he did film it so I can see it. He would get a kick out of it watching it over and over. Those were good times.

So Fun

Really enjoyable to do when you're feeling aggressive and you just want to ram your cock down her throat. If you plan to do it until you cum, her face/mouth are right there ..... nice and convenient

mmm face fucking aggressively

mmm face fucking aggressively such a turn on.

This looks like alot of fun

This looks like alot of fun can't wait to try it out on my guy this weekend :)

sounds like fun

really sounds fun :P

Can't wait!

I can't believe I never thought to try this this way! It's the trifecta! He gets control, I get my boobies played with, he gets to play with them and I can use a toy on my clit all at the same time! Yippie!

i loved it

i am male and at the time had never had a BJ..
i was talking among friends one night about never getting a bj
and on the side one fellow whispered he would
break me in ....
he took me home with him where he had a special bed
he laid in to do this Throat Swab he called it
and let me do his throat ...he would slap me on the
butt when i got to rowdy and i have been hooked ever since have been doing it to him and his wife ever since they like to share me...and yes i like it that way DS

sick... (guy to guy) never

sick... (guy to guy) never for me Only females give me head.

I always called this one

I always called this one "Upsidedown Blow Job." My hubby loves it but it gives me a head rush.

This was my first experience

This was my first experience with my boy friend deep throating. I LOVED it. I didn't get to taste his cum that time, but he liked my tits being right there while he face fucked me. Try it girls.

bday gift

gonna try this this week. it's my bf bday and he wants me to try deep throating for the first time as his pressie

mmm, best position like fucking Ever

i absoulty love this one. I mean like i aint great at deepthroating, but this, shit, is great. I love sucking dick, especially my bf's 10inches. No1 fogets me, im that great. This position, so far, makes my bf, on any other guy go insanely nuts. And i go crazy to. Feeling the guy thrust his big dick into your mouth all the way to the base of his dick, rubbing his balls a lil to arrouse him even more. Making a guy go insane means a job well done for me. Major rush with my head hanging off the edge of the bed, or a car hood. Lettting the guy know i love it by taking my tongue and just pushing it up a lil harder. And letting him see me finger myself at the same time. I LoVe getting my mouth fucked

Holy shit girl, 10 inches??

Holy shit girl, 10 inches?? Cut yourself some slack! I would never be able to take that whole thing in any hole without getting hurt. LOL.

Extremely hot

Great position for both the guy and girl, trust me on this on. It makes it easier for the girls to take more inches without a lot of discomfort. The angle make the sensation heighten. The guy is also in a dominating position and for girl who fantasized about being dominated, it's heaven.


rough on the neck, for along time blow.

This one is GREAT!!!

I've loved this one ever since I saw Johnny Wadd do it with Marilyn Chambers in "Insatiable!"
Tryit....You'll like it!

Johnny Better I...
Great position

Takes a little trust on the girls behalf, but its a great position for the guy and feels fantastic. Also by having him in control adds to the overall experience as well.


I must say I never really enjoyed giving head the 'usual' way I tried this the other night with my hubby and I'm in love with this position. I didnt have any neck issues (had a light pillow for support) and just make sure ur partner thrusts at a pace you can both enjoy.

I love that he can play with my boobs as can I, and that I can also play with myself and his balls.

This is the best position! :)

Saasy sammy

The first time i ever tired this we had to stop after a few mins coz i just couldnt breath and i was gagging but then the next time i put a thin pillow under my neck and it made it so much better, my boyfriend loved it and got faster and faster all the time, it didnt take more than 5 minutes till he was cuming on my face and titties.

I love this position. I've

I love this position. I've tried this a few diff times. There was a guy and all I would do was give him bj we tried this for the first time together the angle was a little off and my teeth were in the way a little. He said it felt so great that he didn't care and didn't stop until he came.

my turn

my turn

Throat Swab

Oh I love doing this to my man! its makes my entire body shaking and its feel soo good.. Oh I miss making love.

i wanna f my gf so would

i wanna f my gf so would this be a fun one?

This is a fun one for doing

This is a fun one for doing girls with big tits, because you can squeeze them and slap them around while you get your cock sucked. Also a great position for pulling out and cumming all over her tits.

i agree with u ;) guys love

i agree with u ;) guys love doing this to me cuz i have some big titts that they love to play around with while i gag on their cock. usually i'll start rubbing or playing with my pussy at the same time.

i wwant this lol

i wwant this lol

I Love This Postion

I want to try this.


when ur bf or partner shoves his big cock down your throat its soo frikin nice!!