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Standing 69 Sex Position

Don't even think about trying the Standing 69 position unless the lifting partner can squat the same weight as that of the other partner.

To get into this position the lifting partner needs a lot of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should start from the Sitting 69 position, sitting down in a fairly high chair and help their partner manoeuvre into position, with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.

The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner and stands up carefully (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

looks like pile driver to me

looks like pile driver to me :o

like she

i tried last nite with my g/f and i came her mouth and she has a gag


I think it is a cool position to try IF the male partner is strong enough to do it. I would just want to make sure there is a couch or bed nearby.

If you are strong, and have a little "spinner" type girl....

Great position to really dominate her. She'll feel helpless as you hold her upside down and prepare her pussy with your tongue.... Make sure she resists the urge to let your cock come out of her mouth... Sometimes she will be scared, so you need to tell her to keep sucking!! Ladies -- men love to feel you moan and "coo" on their cocks, so be sure to be as loud as possible ;)

This position is great ..

This position is great .. you should try it in a web cam chat room that was funny to see all the comments.

Spinners only please!

This position has got to be for tiny women only. I'm guessing anyone average size and up just isn't invited.


its better if the man bounces a little

This position is very

This position is very special to me and brings back a lot of memories for me and my ex try the sitting 69 first and then stand up help if your girlfriend is petite. do in front of mirror also awesome

Love this

I would love to do this with my man. Just looking at it turns me on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this position for some fun foreplay, it makes me feel manly to hold my girl by the hips while she shakes from the oral. haha. It's really not that hard to do btw.

WTH??? The guy better be

WTH??? The guy better be STRONG enough for that.. plus it may also cause head injuries and blood rushing up to the brain. I dont want this.

Yoni So Sweet
Is it better?

I hate the 69 position but I am so eager to try this one, is it really better than the regular laying on the bed???

I tried this back in college

I tried this back in college and we were standing on the bed when we did it. did you know that ceiling fans hurt if they hit you? i thought i had broken my ankle but i was not about to let on! his fan still wobbles to this day and he won't tell anyone why there is a golf tee stuck in it 9 years later.

Him: quite strenuous, and

Him: quite strenuous, and was worrying about gripping too hard. Also difficult to reach between her legs properly due to the positioning of her legs.

Her: Once in this position it was comfier than it looks, just a shame he was worrying so much and had to stop before either of us managed to reach completion :D

I love it!!!!

My boyfriend and I try this possition, it was the best... I'm 5.5 , 115 lbs, he's 6.1 250 lbs, he was able to carry me for a good time!!!!!

mirror image

i love doing this in front of a mirror with a girl. big turn on.

donny blondie
i love this position, its

i love this position, its amazing. Me and my b.f have done this loads of times. Hes not the strongest person in the world but he can pick me up and do this it feels really amazing. We've found a better way to get into this if i do a handstand and he catches my legs, we can do this amazingly. i don't if i will work with other couples there's only a few inches height difference between me and him. There's only one problem with this position all the blood rushes to my head, but otherwise its amazing, you shouldn't be scared anyone, do it near settee or bed if scared you'll fall.

its a wrap

This move just scream, one orgasmism too many and someones gonna get hurt from the other person loosing strength.

its a wrap

This move just scream, one orgasmism too many and someones gonna get hurt from the other person loosing strength.

damn right

shit dude, after a few minutes i got tired as hell and when she orgasmed i almost dropped her... scare the hell outta me

i tried this but didnt like

i tried this but didnt like it at all. i was way to afraid to actually get into it even though my bf wouldnt drop me. just too scared to ever do it again.

i do NOT recomend this one!

i do NOT recomend this one! my sister and her boyfriend were doing this and he dropped her. unfortunatly, the way she landed caused her to be paralyzed from the neck down! i really dont think anyone should do this!

That is so awful! id be so

That is so awful! id be so scared to even attempt being upside down like that. her bf must feel so bad.

my boyfriend picked me up

my boyfriend picked me up once to try and do this position and even though i know he would never drop me, it is just way to frightening for me. it wasnt good for me or him cuz i didnt concentrate on what he was doing for me or what i was doing for him. all i thought about was being dropped. lol

great position

Guys you need to try this position. I am really surprised that more women have not tried this before.I am a big guy 6'3" and 270 pounds.So women feel relaxed that I am not going to drop them. but guys just remember that you should not try this position as a finishing move. If you are the type of guy that really explodes when you cum you could loose focus and drop her. Never happended yet but their is always a first.

id never be able to try this

id never be able to try this with my back and since my girl aint that small im even less willing to really try it but the 69 is a perminant position in my bed so good job to anyone thats done this.

this was so fun. me and my

this was so fun. me and my bf were having sex last night and he was giving me oral when he just wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. i started licking him and it was really fun. i was screaming so hard when i came, fortunately the fact i still had his meat in my mouth muffled the sounds really well. i could hear him moaning too tho.

yoyo nono

OK big girls I don't think so,I'm strong anuff but that s what they made beds for

Easier than it looks

this isn't as hard as it looks, guys just start in this position, then lean down and wrap your arms around her waist lean back and pick up.

hell no!!!!!!

hell no!!!!!!

Crook Jones
Thank God She's Light

I saw this possition in a video years ago & I've always wanted to try it which I did not too long ago. My partner weighs 100lbs & I weigh over twice as much. One thing that suprised me was that she's to my shoulder in height so I wasn't so sure it would work but if it worked lying down then it was worth a shot. We faced eachother & I flipped her upside down. Her legs were perfectly braced upon my shoulders, that's really where the leverage was at. Very easy to hold with one arm to do other things with the other. A very cool possition that I think every couple should try. It was something we've never tried before & we loved it.

No way!!!

No way!!!

Anonymous (not verified)
We can't do every position

Not everyone is a weightlifter ! Some of the positions shown on this site are only for the physical fit with a partner who is both willing and physically compatible.
I would never have attempted this with my previous live-in lady. But my current partner is physically small enough for me to flip her.
Also, men, you do not need to change ladies. Just find other positions she and you can enjoy together.

Anonymous (not verified)

I desire this position greatly but the only girl i licked was too fat for me to pick up even for standing intercorse.

Anonymous (not verified)
What the hell!!!!!!??

What the hell??? You can friggin tip over backwards if the chick is too fat!!! I tried it and my back still hurts from holding her up...

Anonymous (not verified)
i got flipped last night by

i got flipped last night by my EX. i loved it.

Anonymous (not verified)
Super Fit

I am joining the gym to get a little more fit to try this. LOL :)

Love it!!

I love being flipped upside down, And the fact gravity pulls me down and how I must let him squeeze me tighter, I bite his penis longer, and harder.

hard but worth it

my bf is strong enough to hold me so it rocks. his dick always seems 2 taste better lik this. we do it 4 as long as he can hold me then try another position! ahhhhh

Anonymous (not verified)
Easier Way

There is a way easier way to get into this position that's a hell of a lot less awkward. Have her lay with her back down on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. Penetrate her mouth, and bend over (almost lay down on top of her) and then wrap your arms around her waist and pull her up.

Also, you can just put your right arm on her right side and left arm on left side, and then flip her around while you're both standing.

'Easier Way' as in 'easier

'Easier Way' as in 'easier to put your back out'? :)
Sorry but you should never bend over like that to lift anything heavy - certainly not another person! Stick to the way described in the position description unless you want to add 'Hernia Operation' to your list of unwanted outcomes...

so true

LMAO, that was funny but true. Don't try to come up with new ways on doing it. They tell you how to do it like that maybe because one of them got hurt during practice, idk.