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Stand and Carry Sex Position

This is not for the faint of heart... or arms, legs or back - so if the giver is middle-aged and not in great shape, they may want to skip this position. There are two common ways to get into the Stand & Carry position; the safer being to stand into it from a position like Delight, and the more difficult being to get into it from a standing position like the Dancer. Whichever method you choose, remember to stay within your limits as one joy-ride isn't worth the rest of your life with back problems!

Anonymous (not verified)
this is really good i have a

this is really good i have a 30 cm c**k and my wife loves it as she has a 20cm p**sy and if still fit everything in up to my balls and she moans and moans for me to stop and i don't and when we finsh she always thanks me for not stopping even though it hurt like hell. also when i get hard i have a problem getting soft we like to time how long we have sex for and because i don't go soft we went for 4 hrs and 23 minutes one time so goooooooooooooood

Arkansas Reppin 479
Haha This Is A Load Of

Haha This Is A Load Of It
30cm inside 20cm?
Thats Bout 4 inches Extra Pahtna

Anonymous (not verified)

Nobody beleive this comment! It's surely fake! He just wants to show off! A 10 cm penis is enough, there is absolutely no need for 30 cm, that would only hurt!

Anonymous (not verified)
i agree

if he pushed a "30" cm cock into a "20" cm pusy she would squel in extreme pain and wouldnt want to have sex for a good while.

30 cm?

first how the hell did you know she had 20cm puss? did he stick a petite ruler up there? (sarcasism ofcourse) but all I could say was yeeeouch! Everytime I say even the slightest and mumbled "ow" my love stops and tries to re-do or does something different, you should never make your partner uncomfortable because it can cause injury to the inner area! or worse, it is possible infections caused to bacteria in the irritation!

Anonymous (not verified)
i did this in a bathroom as

i did this in a bathroom as a quicky and it felt amzing my boyfriend held me close as not to drop me.

Anonymous (not verified)

I LOVE this one

Anonymous (not verified)
Great in the water

My wife and I love doing this one in the pool or hot tub since the water takes some of her weight off and makes it easier to perform.

Anonymous (not verified)

Looks great, but talk about tiring? Sex takes something out of you, but this takes so much more. Of course, if the guy can handle it, then woo hoo, let's gooo.

This one is

This one is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially he puts his hands just underneath my legs.

Anonymous (not verified)
great position...when my

Great position ... when my boyfriend showed me this i was in awe ... feels great ladies!

Anonymous (not verified)
For girls.

I suppose that if you're a girl you don't need to be as fit? Or maybe you do? Because I'm not fit at all but I really want to do this...

Anonymous (not verified)

My girlfriend and I did this in the shower the other night, and it was amazing. We are both in good shape so holding her wasn't an issue at all.