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Stand and Carry Sex Position

This is not for the faint of heart... or arms, legs or back - so if the giver is middle-aged and not in great shape, they may want to skip this position. There are two common ways to get into the Stand & Carry position; the safer being to stand into it from a position like Delight, and the more difficult being to get into it from a standing position like the Dancer. Whichever method you choose, remember to stay within your limits as one joy-ride isn't worth the rest of your life with back problems!

one of favz

i really like this one and my bf is willing to do it but he says he cant do a lot standing up like that. im sure if he had some tips it would be easier ^.^ anything i could tell him?

If all else fails...

Tell him to fuck you up against a wall: this will help support you, so he can focus less on not dropping you and more on "driving you up the wall."

Muff Rider

I would suggest to change his arm position to scooping under, i have tried this and in my opinion going under the legs reduces the energy consumed in lifting for .. ahem .. other things :P and you can control depth and alot better!

awesome against a wall

when i did this with my gf against a wall i got so into it the wall had some cracks in it. her parents were wondering where the cracks in their bedroom wall came from. 0_0


i did it aginst the wall and nearly got caught..
funny tho defo..

tried it

I tried it, but it did not do anything for me.


I love this one me and my bf do this one alot except i'm leaning agaisnt a wall which helpes with the weight thing. I love the makeout session when we do this. He loves to kiss my neck and suck on it as he fucks really hard.


me and my husband do this every once in a while since it's soooo tiring, but it's GREAT!!!! guarentee orgasm everytime. i try to help out a bit by wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing on his shoulders trying to help lift myself up. this is a def. must try for people who havent

stand and carry

This position is very taxing on the male. but it is a good workout if hes trying to tone up or build some muscle. After this Im so exhausted my legs are like twitching. the wall helps minimally

im 118 and he is 170, I feel

im 118 and he is 170, I feel so fat!
Is it hard to hold someone like this??

I had my gf sit at the edge

I had my gf sit at the edge of a desk and I slide up to the desk. The position is the same but I don't have to hold her up the whole time.

118 worries

If you weigh 118, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You'll need to gain quite a bit more before you can qualify as fat. As for him, how much of his weight is muscle?

my bf and i just don't line

my bf and i just don't line up right for this at all, which is really disappointing for me as it was one of my big fantasies... my hole points straight down and he points straight ahead... lifting me is no problem, but we just don't line up. that's actually been a problem with a lot of the positions on this site... they just don't seem realistic for (at least our) anatomy...

starting out

it's easy if you start with the woman against a wall, and she wraps one leg around her man, and he helps her with the other one, and if the woman is a little heavier, they can continue to use the wall

I'm too heavy for this

I'm too heavy for this position. =(

The funny thing is that I'm not even fat at all, but I can't seem to find a guy strong enough to hold my weight. Would this be easier against a wall or not at all?

great in the shower.

great in the shower.


this is not an easy one in the shower for reasons like when a guy cums his knees lose feeling and could be dangerous for both!!!


me n mybf did this one in the pool. it waz so amazin.


I am very inexperienced; I have had sex only 3 times with one guy ever. But the other night we did this by doing the sitting cowgirl and then he stood and we did this....AMAZING! loved it and so want to do it again.

first position

Should I start off with this one or wait in the middle or end? Would you start off in this one; why or why not.

Anonymous (not verified)
I like it first

My lady is much shorter than I, very petite but also very athletic.

We start with this. Then I flip her into standing 69. Then it's her choice.

Be careful of the noise you make ! Take precautions not to wake the kids.

Anonymous (not verified)
love it

I loved this position. My boyfriend is so strong and big it made the experience unbelievable. I came twice before we were done. It tired me out but i could do it all night..

Anonymous (not verified)
err kay

ii reallii wanna try thiis p0stiiti0n buht my b0yfriiend has had bad expiieriiance wiif an ex partner :(
ii rellii wanna try iit

Anonymous (not verified)
its better

to me this position is beter if you start of on the bed or something and have her legs on your shoulders. you can then grab under her for better control ie. harder or softer thrust and speed. it also helps me maintain the position longer,prevents alot of slipage,and gives her legs a rest from holding on.

We love this

I love to finish with this one. My bf and I start out with the butterfly and then wind up here. I love it because I feel like I'm floating. When I come, I'm done, and because it's a difficult one, so is my bf.