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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.

yeah i always have my leg

yeah i always have my leg bent either behind or in front. helps and comfy.
we always do this position when other people are in the room/house and we have to be sneaky :)

Perfect for first time

This seems like a perfect position for the first time, you can do absolutely everything.

monday, tuesday, thursday sessions

i want to be intimitate with my k; i want his attention.

i LOVE sex
i love this one

this is my second favoprtie position.
anyone who is considering it
doo it ;D
when me and my sexy boyfriend do this position we sualy do this first anmd then move on to another one.(Y).
its also really nice if you stimulate your ciltoris at the same time
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;;)


One of my absolute favourite positions... Because I can massage her tits, bite her a bit in the shoulder, and rub her clit while I'm doing it!!!

love it!!!!

love it!!!!

: )

me n my bf sleep naked n one day me n my bf wer layin in bed under the blankets on r sides when he starts spooning me n i start feeling his hard long dick pushing in my ass. he starts fu*kin me n it felt so good. i love this position.



Did a variation of this

Did a variation of this position the other day and found it absolutely delightful. I was laying at more of an angle, like in a T position. I was giving her oral and she rolled over on her side, so I just moved a little bit and inserted my p**** in her and we pumped for awhile. I would move into the spoon position and fondle her breasts for awhile and kept myself in her, and then move back to the T position since it allowed me to really go deep. She loved it, I loved it and I came sooner than I wanted since it was so much fun. But then I really wanted to cum after so much oral and PIV fun.

Doesn't work for me

i would LOVE this position- if i could do it. im only 5 '1" and i think i might b too short for it. we cant get him into me, unless im bent almost all the way over which really isn't spooning. if anybody has any suggestions i'd love to hear em

get him to scoot down about

get him to scoot down about a foot and he should be able to slip right in.. i had the same problem at first.

andrew johnston
too short

either you have a ghetto booty or he has a penis on the smaller side. theres not much you can do about either

spooning the new way

my gf and I have found a new way to get to the naked spooning the best and its are favorite way to start sex in the night and mornings for us all you do is wear clothes and lay in bed with your partner and spoon against her and have enough room to slip her hand in between you guys and have her give you a hand job for a while and after a while of that you just slowly start to take your underwear and pants off and while she still has her hand on your big boy slowly start to stick you big boy in her a$$ and have fun after that!!!!

Good position with pregnant partner

This is the most comfortable position for f*cking your lady when she is very pregnant.
Talk to the doctor so you know the limits. If you you can do this slowly and gently and follow the doctor's advice, you can f*ck your lady into the the 7th month. My lady and I have enjoyed sexual intimacy through two pregnancies.

Anonymous (not verified)
i love this

i love to spoon one of my favorat positions along with doggy style and cowgirl

Anonymous (not verified)
you let a girl name your

you let a girl name your penis "precious"? as in....awh how precious?

Anonymous (not verified)
me and my bf are definatly gonna try this!

guy<----well me and my girlfriend are lookin for ways to get way more intimate with each other and i really wanna find somethin that will make her never wanna stop!!;) it definatly sounds like somethin to try! i really love her. her body is AMAZING and just typing this has made precious (my penis that she named!) really really HARD!!!!

GIRL<----- me and my boifriend are lookin for ways to be more together if ya know what i mean, but i think he summed it up pretty well. damn i'm likin this!

Anonymous (not verified)
F**k my a*s

Nothing to do except get well lubricated, relax and tell him "take your time to f**k my a*s" with a variant (prefer him not to use a condom in this position) is to release a load between my legs.This session could last an hour if properly timed and totally relaxed.

Anonymous (not verified)
a wake up

sometimes i wake up and just feel like getting it in. so this is the best way to take it while she is sleep

Anonymous (not verified)
My wife loves this one.

When my wife and I spoon, my wife loves it when I reach between her legs and gently rubs her clit. I can also stroke my penis at the same time which feels great. This is also a position that is easy to time your orgasm so we can orgasm together.

Anonymous (not verified)
For Anal

Once again this position I adopt when we are in a relaxing mood and my hubby wants to penetrate anal. This can go a long time as he just casually f**ks my a*s with a gentle pumping action.

Anonymous (not verified)

Who cares?! You are so freaking annoying.

Anonymous (not verified)
Me and my bf (again)

When my bf and I first started having sex, this is the one we liked to do a lot and would always call our "favorite position". ^_^ We loved it. So much fun.

Anonymous (not verified)
Absolutely the cosiest and

Absolutely the cosiest and most relaxed position ever! You can do this one for hours and hours.. ;)

/ d00rkey.