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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.

uhm, tried this position

uhm, tried this position last night for the first, im about the same, and she's about 5'4 you have to lay a lil farther down then her, dude get it right feels good :)

love this one first thing in

love this one first thing in the morning or the middle of the night... we almost always sleep with him spooned up behind me, so it's a good way to wake up! plus, if morning breath is a problem, we can keep our faces away from each other, but still have that intimacy.

Screaming Shadow
love this to bits.

the better half and i really prefer this for late night low exertion stuff cos we're both tired (and for anal ;) ) and sometimes she finds it helpful to put a pillow under her hips to make it more "straight in" but definatley a favourite.

I tried this last night, it

I tried this last night, it was very difficult so we ended up switching positions

when i was 14 i lost my

when i was 14 i lost my virginity with this i was on a couch with others in the room watching a movie it was great.

1: i don't believe you,

1: i don't believe you, and
2: if that is true, you're a slut.


How is she/he a slut?
Maybe if she/he had sex with everyone who was was in the room.

And what if she/he likes it like that? Grow up a little, "Slut" is a word I grew out of when I was about 13.


14? how'd u do that without getting caught?

Very Intimate

I'm a sucker for both slow and fast sex... and I have to say this is one of the positions I enjoy with my girlfriend for the former speed. Closeness, intimacy, and plenty breast and clit action.

One of our absolute favorite

One of our absolute favorite positions. Great for both vaginal and anal sex. It's amazingly intimate and feels great. It's also great for first morning sex, when you first wake up and roll over...mmm.

Love it. :]

My boyfriend and I were spooning once when his 5 year old cousin came in. Of course, we were under a blanket. :]

It felt so dirty doing it with the door wide open and the kids in the room, but no one noticed.

is this position only for

is this position only for anal sex?

No, it is a very intimate

No, it is a very intimate position for vaginal intercourse but we first had anal intercourse in this position.

actually no

Me and my gf have done this position many times with vaginal intercourse, and it feels very good for both of us! You just have to position it right, and you're good to go.

Tricky at first

Boyfriend and I have quite the difference in height, so our bodies don't quite match up. We found it easier for my top leg to be behind me and over his legs.
Just a tip =]

small change...

i like do do this, but have my girlfriend lay on her back. that way i can kiss her and play with her tits.

great to do on a couch under a blanket in a full house


does this postition feel pretty good??

Naked Boy
I like to do this position

I like to do this position with either my gfs top leg either bent forward or wrapped around behind me. it makes it much easier to penetrate her and is great for her. I like to run my hand all over her body and message her front half. This is one of her favorite because I can do things like rub her back and kiss/bite her neck and a lot more. She loves to be kissed during sex and this is definitely a position to do that.

i loved this

my boyfriend and i tried this last saturday. oh wow did it feel amazing! i liked it becuz we felt so close

this was the best one for me

this was the best one for me while i was pregnant.


nate 61
we love this

this is my fave my gf did it when we first met and we still love this it's great and so romantic

me and my ex did this on his

me and my ex did this on his aunt's couch while they were in the room. not only did it feel amazing it was soo hott doing something right in front of people with out them knowing. :)
tip- when/if you try that make sure hes wearing boxers and you've got on a nice pair of booty shorts on.. soo easy to hide the fact that you were fucking incase someone moved the blanket

lol, when me and my hubby

lol, when me and my hubby were dating we did the same thing only in front of my grandma. kinda pervy she was talking to us while we were doing the deed and never noticed, lol

it's good for beeing sneeky hihi

my first anal sex was in this position, it was relaxing and didnt hurt a bit....
One time I was sleeping on my bf bed and he didnt had a lock on his door yet....
so he pulled the covers over us and stared spooning me.....then the next thing i know his mom comes in the room....I never felt so embarssed...but then she just said something about the car and left
hihi so she didnt realise a thing hehehehe lol....
I was so releved hihi
You know how emberassing it is when your parents ketch you having sex hihi.
We'll for me it is hihi :P

it rocks

my bf and i did this last weekend and i almost screamed cuz it was so good. a helpful tip is if the girl puts her leg behind the guy.