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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.

i completely agree

i completely agree


Yea, this position is really great :) But I preffer to do the one where she's on her back and i next to her holding her legs up and take her that way. Or to get even deeper in her, lift her legs up on your shoulder and hold her into your body. The girls i've did that to loved it. And its really relaxing at the same time because you're on your side. So if anyone haven't tried that position... Try it :). Its great, and relaxing. Can get really deep. Good luck :).

I love this one

I LOVE this position. Just wish I could find a sexy girl who wanted this from me right now...

Sneaky sex

If you just can't wait to have him inside you anymore and your damned roommate is tossing and turning a few feet away, this is perfect. Minimal movement and an amazing feeling (Girls: throw your upper leg over him, it'll give deeper and more fluid thrusts). No one will ever know! ;)

Or, it can be used as a very intimate, love-making position... although, I tend to like to finish with it rather than start, as I am very tight (& my man pretty huge) and it makes it hard to enter.

such a good position! my

such a good position! my boyfriend and i were on his bed watching a movie and his sister was on the floor.. he started touching me.. and one thing led to another and we ended up spooning without her ever knowing! when we were finishing it was a bit hard to control ourselves but to this day she never knew!! LOVE IT!

this is veryyyyyy "awesome"

this is veryyyyyy "awesome" in the morning ecspecially if one of you is tired or both just starting with that morning cuddle and then having this way more sexy cuddle with him inside me wakes me up and im ready to go..try it in the morning its evenn better than coffee


This Position Is Amazing We Do It Like This Quite Alot (: -x

I do this a lot with my

I do this a lot with my girl. We do this 24/7

why do i find this posistion

why do i find this posistion with my GF so hard? my c*ck is 7 inches long and i have a 5in girth...but stil sometimes i cant really get it in her? she has a seriously big ass...u think her ass is jus so big i cant get round it?

offering help

i have i huge ass and me and my boyfriend had the same problem you have to be lower on the bed than she is and penetrate her at a different angle, just be careful if there isnt enought room for you in her you'll hit the pelvic bone which will hurt and he's gonna bend a little but its all worth it i promise you she will love it


im having the same problem... like, exactly the same... with spoons and doggy style type positions

this is my favourite so far

this is my favourite so far ooft :)

First time help

Well im 18 and i really wanna have sex with my bf i mean everytime we together we just start touching and makingout and etc... but everytime we both wanna take the next step and have sex for the first time i would alwayz be the one to stop it cause im really scared that i'll get pregnent. I mean if we do it offcourse ima use a condum but i just don't wanna take the chances of getting pregnet and besides i really do want to do it with my bf.we both do so if someone could plz help me out on this it will help me alot and explain to me alot ? answerz plzz by saturday morning

re first time help

Ok so your scard of getting pregnant.
Couple of things then.
Are you takeing the contraceptive pill? if so that plus the use of a condom should remove most of the risk.
If your not on the pill you may wish to concidre having the emrgency contraceptive "morning after" pill on hand for when you have finished.

Both these options don't take in to account that you may be taking other medication that might effect the effect of the drugs.
The third option can be used with each of those above. Basicly being 18 by now you should know your monthly cycle (when you have your preiods, how long they last and how long it is between them.) this is important becouse roughly halfy through you cycle (between periods) you will be ovulating (that is releasing an egg from an overey) and this is when you are most likely to get pregnant. so if you can work out when this is i would suggest that you try to avoide having sex for atleast 2-3 days around this time. this would furth reduce the risk of you getting pregnant.

just remember that when you do do it you should be somewhere you can relax and not be interupted for a couple of hourse as your first time should not be rushed and make sure that the condom goes on before your nikers come off (genral commonsence in my opinion).

hope this helps.


This is great for waking up

This is great for waking up in the middle of the night, and starting it off. I used to be sleep, and my husband would feel around and get at me.

I find myself waking up with

I find myself waking up with a nice stiff cock and if she is on her side, then I enjoying moving into this position so my cock has some pressure against it. If she is ready to wake up, it can lead to some action. If not, she stays asleep and I enjoy the cuddling session while I fall asleep again. If I sleep in the nude, it is even better to feel my cock up against her and her nightgown.


I've seen a sex position where the girl is more on her back and the guy is like this with the girl's leg up. That gives the opurtunity for him to suck her nipples. FUN! What is that position called?

i don't know the actual name

i don't know the actual name for it... i just call it "awesome!" ;-P


hey i never done that position with my gf before...but im curious, if she has a big ass, not fat, but big....will it feel good??? and shes not fat, she happens to have a big butt.

I sure will feel good. I

I sure will feel good. I enjoy this position and feeling her ass pound against me as I slide my cock in and out. It is also great to grab her ass in this position. So the larger ass will just give you more to hold onto.

this is beyond my favorite

this is beyond my favorite so far! it's a must to try =)


Me and my husband did this position last night. Great that he could stroke my breasts and stimulate my clitoris whilst entering my vagina. Made me feel really horny, but I am sure he was teasing me with his penis as he only gave me a little at a time. I agree that lifting my upper leg over his enhanced the pleasures that he was giving me and I could use my hands to point him to the right places - good to have some control for the woman in this position. Overall a great postion for slow and enjoyable sex - well for me it is!!!

best for us

men and women do easly less energy :)

tried this position for the

tried this position for the first time last night, it felt fuckin good, done just right :) and + i can rub her clit :)

felt so good

J R Doe

Tried this but only for a min was difficult when we tried, only quickly tried to to go into this pos but found it rather difficult, perhaps we tried it wrong, does a males size matter, i mean im a lill over 6.2 inches and, im 5 ft 11 where as my partner is only 5 ft, do i need to be pos differntly becuase of height?