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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.


don't you think the woman looks pretty laid back and.... well, bored??

to true

haah well that is how it feels . . . boring!


lol she totally does!!!

ha, she does

ha, she does

this is good when he licks

this is good when he licks her tits :)

no pain

feels so good once it's in. I find this least painful :)


i actually was very intimidated by anal. i hated the thought, but one night me and my man decided why not? it was absolutly one of the best experiences. I love doing this but it is strange when he cums because of the feeling. But a littl e clean u pand im good to keep going ;) its great for the first time

my & my fiance do this one

my & my fiance do this one alot, it always leads to my top leg getting flicked over behind him, then eventually I'll be on my back and he stays in the same position, it's great for subtle changes in postion without stopping the motion.

I like starting in this

I like starting in this position then moving into doggy style... it's nice and intimate at first when your going slower and just enjoying it then doggy is better for going faster and harder when your more excited :P Also great for cuddly morning sex right after waking up!

My sweetie and I hadn't done

My sweetie and I hadn't done this one for a while but we did it last night. Nice friction and I love how her butt feels against me.

Favorite position when wife is pregnant

This is a favorite position for my wife when she wants to give me a quickie or is pregnant. We have 3 Children and one on the way, she likes to do it this way in the morning to give me a treat. She doesn't get an O from it, feels good, but nothing special for her, but she likes 'giving it up' this way from time-to-time.

helping your wife O

You should try to put more pressure on her front area or using some type of vibrater on her front area. I guaranteed not only will she O, she may have one of the best ones ever. And, yes she probably does enjoy giving it to you this way. Having my man be in-control is always a turn on for me.


for this is a nice one to do when things are done but the guy just needs little more.

I did this once, mainly coz

I did this once, mainly coz me&my boyfriend thought his brothers friends might brust in during (in the end they didnt, luckily) it was about 50/50 pain and pleasure. Not a fan tho ha!

The angle of penetration

The angle of penetration must have been wrong for it to hurt. I did this to my wife just last night. We put a little lube on and my cock just slipped right in and we stayed at if for awhile. Then changed positions and did missionary. Great way to start a nice f**k session.

i've always wanted to try

i've always wanted to try this. it looks like it feels great (:


i used to give advice on a better sex life and this was one of the things i advised.
also i used to like a guy who wanted to do this

this is the first one i

this is the first one i ever.....ever.... did

Did this the other morning

Did this the other morning and it sure was nice. She was asleep and so I just curled up next to her and felt my cock getting hard, so just started to play a little bit. Put my cock between her legs and cheeks and just started some slow movement. It felt good to have the tip of my cock just poking between her legs and it just got harder and bigger. With a little natural lube emitted, it started to slide that much further into her and I kept up the movement. She got a little wet also from the stimulation and before long I felt my cock slide between her labia and start to penetrate her. I just took it slow and was enjoying the action and then she started to move her hips with my movement and before long my cock was buried in her and her ass was pressed hard against my stomach. We had a great time. She thanked me later for the nice action waking her up.

best wake up ever

god sounds like an amazing way to wake up
might just "accidently" leave this on screen for bf to see hehehe

I hope he gets the hint. I

I hope he gets the hint. I just enjoyed feeling my hard cock rub against her ass at first. Then moved it between her crack and proceeded from there. When she started to get involved with her hip movements, I knew we were going to have a great time. Feeling the tip of my cock part her labia was so exciting and felt so different doing it in this position. I just kept it up for about 5 minutes and then with a little angle adjustment, I felt the head of my cock go inside the vagina. Just thinking about this again a month and a half later gets me hot. I need to let my hard cock out of my pants now and give it some attention. Thanks for the response to my initial post.

i did that for my boyfriend,

i did that for my boyfriend, the next morning i woke up and had some INSANELY hot and firey sex, he even picked me up and i wrapped my legs around him, he got so deep. uhhhhhhh. :)


this position is much better if the girl puts her leg over his

ye it totally works out tht

ye it totally works out tht way too :P

Yeah, girl rolls over onto

Yeah, girl rolls over onto her back and puts her right leg over the guy, guy puts his right knee up near the girl's bellybutton. Comfortable position. Maybe too comfortable. The guy can move his leg a little for great clit access for either partner. Not the deepest position for us, but my sweetie said it felt pretty deep last night.