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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.

my girl is in th

my girl is in the other room right now and we just fucked for the first time. it was awesome. we both came so much....... mmmmmm :D i want to know, in the morning when she wakes up, do u think this would be good?

amazing position, i love it

amazing position, i love it when my guy pounds his huge cock in and out of me from this position even better when he starts rubbing on my clit trying to make me squirt. oh by far the best experience ever. top5 favorite positions!!!

Yeah. I love this one too.

Yeah. I love this one too. Rock hard cock in ass/pussy, one hand squeezing tits, and the other RUBBING ur clit.....

The perfect way to wake up

The perfect way to wake up and start the day! And free hands to roam all over! 3:-) mmmmmm...... Yes please

Not (necessarily) anal

This position isn't necessarily anal, folks.
My personal 2nd-favorite position is with top half of bodies in this (Spoon) position, but with the woman's top leg bent up (flat on the bed) and bottom half of bodies more like "Rear Entry" position - meaning vaginal, not anal. In this position, the man can not only reach around and stimulate the clitoris, but also (if the woman's breasts are large enough) she can hold a breast up for him, which he can then lick and suck on. Also works well starting with a pillow under the woman's lower stomach and bum region in the air, towards her partner.

oh me and my gf love this

oh me and my gf love this position because i can hit her g-spot and make her cum within 30secs but after about 5mins she wants me to stop because it hurts her after a take it easy if you still want the pleasure for the girls! but sometimes its hard to see where your poking her but what i recommend is that your finger your parter and keep your finger in her virgina so you can get the right hole! trust me its works!

tip for us ladies

I love holding the top leg up with my arm, while holding a mirror in the same hand. You have an incredible view! Enjoy!

Definitely my favorite

Definitely my favorite position. Very intimate. I usually have to take him in my hand and help him get the right angle in and that really turns me on. I love it when he takes my hand in his and starts touching me from the front. And also, when he goes wild and just holds my ass while he trusts.

I agree completely!

I agree completely!

First time

I did this for the first time today. I love this position it doesn't hurt so much. Also like it vaginal.

Throughly recommend it.



so relaxing

This is great for when you are already cuddling, or if you are tired but really want to have sex. It helps a lot when I lean more forward or arch my back, since my guy isn't the biggest...
We usually do vaginally, but anal is great too :)

Ive done this position for

Ive done this position for anal and rear entry so good i recommand this one more for anal cuz its so comfortable for both of you but either way it feels so good one of my favorites :)

i agree. i love to roll

i agree. i love to roll towards him and stare into his eyes when he's deep in my ass.

First Anal

My girl and i did our first anal in this postition about three weeks ago. We were laying on her dads couch under a blanket and i pulled down her shorts and mine and i was rubbing my c**k in between her cheeks and she turn her head and said you can if you want to. so i worked my way to her hole and started easing my way in (no lube or nothing just straight bare back) it took about 15 min to get in all the way without hurting her. Once i was all the way in i start a slow rythm and as we were doing it her dad walked in the door and asked when i had to be home (all while i kept pumping) and i said my mom didnt care so he grabed something to drink and went to his room so i started going faster and then i came and started to slow down but then she started thrusting back into me so we kept going. then about an hour and a half after i first got in we stopped, her a$$ full and both of us worn out. :) then i left her house and by that time it was 3:45 and i got home at 4:30 and got yelled at for being 4 and a half hours late but it was worth it

PS if you are longer than the couch, put something between your legs and the couch, the rug burns really hurt

Great for interrupting a

Great for interrupting a movie with a quickie.


I was not sure at first about this position as I had anal once before and I did not like it and was sore for a few days after.

However after a party one night we decided to try it and with lots of lube his 8 incher slid in nice and gently and soon I was having a great time.

He rode em slowly and it was about 30 minutes before he was shooting his cim deep inside me.

Throughly recommended


well... lemme just tell you all...

me and my boyfriend were sleeping in the livingroom and i started grinding on him cuz we were spooning, then we started doing THIS!!

it was soooooooooooooooo amazing!!

best ever!





I like holding my leg up for this one...and my guy likes to play with my ass a bit and opens me up...arching my back too helps with the angle so its more like i was sitting on his lap but laying on our sides. also I like it when he puts his arms around me when doing this holding me really close and if your into it he uses his top arm around my neck and holds really firm not really choking but kinda is lol


My boyfriend and I use this for vaginal pretty much every time, and I love it. I generally lean more forward (away from his chest), though, as it allows him to thrust deeper without it being the slightest painful for me. He fills me so nicely, and I love feeling him orgasm inside me.

Found it difficult

I know I am a average sized guy but I tried it and found great difficulty trying to do this postion. I could seem to get the angle correct or something and by the end it looked nothing like this picture any help?

def. my womans fave from

def. my womans fave from behind position!

need advice

for anal how do you relax enough to loosen so that it didnt hurt? any advice will help.

I've only just started anal

I've only just started anal last couple of months. I always do spoons position because the others hurt too much for first entry. I would suggest either get lube because once we used lots of lube and it went in without even feeling any pain or let him put it in slowly and you have to relax in your mind and trust he wont just shove it in. I always tighten up as its going in, but you gotta just relax. Tell the guy to be slow and start a slow rhythm then get faster and trust me it starts to feel sooo good. Try lots of lube for now best of luck x