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Spoons Sex Position

A great introduction to the world of rear entry positions, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't have Spoons in their favorite list. To get into the spooning position, the receiver lies on their side with their partner entering from behind. Not only is this position very intimate, but the penetration angle is great for either g-spot or prostate gland stimulation.

I do this when my partner

I do this when my partner tried.

Love it

I love this position. He hits the spot everytime. And when we're spoonnig, he'll wrap his arms criss cross around my waist and massage my breast with his hands with his face burried in the back of my neck and as he enters he'll slowly start penetrating me and after he see's that I'm enjoying every bit of it he'll start going a little faster but his thrusts are more harder and deeper. It's so much for me at that point, I'll start arching my back and I'll grab his thigh and squeeze it as I cum. He loves the position because he gets so much pleasure from it as well. He'll even pull me on top of him and let me ride until we both cum. I absolutely love this position. It's so intimate.


My girlfriend and I spent 6 days together recently and she spooned me every morning. She really likes this position and she gets very wet. She carried that into the "Cross" and then I carried that into the "Folded Deck Chair" where I climaxed. Great way to start every morning!

Unexpected anal

I had been gone on business several days and then my first day home we hosted a neighborhood party. My wife of 38 years was very attentive and affectionate towards me at the party.
After the party we went to bed and things got amorous quickly. Aside from massaging my cock she was rubbing my whole crotch, all the way back to my anus. She knows I like anal play, and that I would like to screw her in the butt. We tried it nice as teens and it hurt her, so that was our only try. She was being aggressive enough that I thought that maybe tonite was the nite to see if she would try it again.
I put plenty of Liquid Silk on my hand and went for her butt. She seemed to enjoy having me rub her crack and even pushed back when I slowly eased a finger into her anus. I felt that was the time to roll her on to her side and spoon her. I then rubbed her crack with my dick. She took it and placed it on her anus so I pushed. Once I was in I continued to slowly, gently push and she was good with that. I couldn't believe it! She was so tight and hot inside.
While I know that she probably didn't enjoy it like I did, it was great that she just did it for me--like when you go down on you mate and expect nothing in return but knowing that you gave selflessly.
The spoon position was the best because if she began to feel discomfort, she had the easy freedom to withdraw.

At night or in the morning,

At night or in the morning, when me and my fiance are laying down, we'll cuddle like this, and if I'm horny, I'll start rubbing my ass against his crotch. Then he'll whip himself out and start playing with me, then we fuck like this until he either pulls me on top of him, or tells me to get on all 4's.
Last night we were doing it like this, and he was playing with my clit, and I was starting to scream, he tried covering my mouth with his hand, but it wasn't enough. So he grabbed one of my scarfs and put it in my mouth and brought it around to the back of my head. He still had to cover my mouth with his hand.


This was my least favorite position with my boyfriend Nick. Even though he has a seven inches of dick I couldn't always feel him. However I'm happy to have him in any position I can. Love that man.

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I agree

My boy and I find it really uncomfortable, my spine isn't really supple enough to allow me to bend back enough to get much penetration... there are much better positions for us!

if the girl opens her legs

if the girl opens her legs allows the guy to get her clitoris. while he is already hittin the g spot. perfect combo for an orgasm! works like a charm

i want to try this positon

i want to try this positon but dont know wheter its vaginal, anal, or both?

It can be either.

It can be either.
My fiance and I do this a lot, but we never to anal.
I would assume some people do this with anal, too.


Okay, so the wife and I tried this for the first time the other day and we just could not get it to work. My cock is about average length (just over 6") and her booty is also about average. We lined up parallel like in the illustration and I only just barely touched her lips. So she bent forward some and I scooted down a bit, and even then I was only able to get just the head of my cock (about 2 inches) inside her vagina, and kept slipping out. Needless to say, this did nothing for her. Any ideas? I'd really like to try it again, but I can't figure out what we're doing wrong.

answer to your dilema

Scooting yourself down was the right way to go,afterwards try raising her leg and gripping it with your hand (thigh level, just above the knee) and holding it up while you two go at it. If you still find it hard, keep scooting and playing until you find that just right angle! This position is GREAT for deep satisfying penetration and doesn't HAVE to look exactly like the picture here to be effective and FUN! Don't try too hard and rub her a little while you find that "good" spot or angle that is, to relax u both and make it sexy and hot!
Enjoy! ;-)

Everyone is built

Everyone is built differently, and for some women (such as me, and probably your GF) the vaginal opening is quite high up and just makes this poistion impractical. It can work really nicely for anal, if you want to give that a try.

A good time at the end of a work day

This is a good position when my husband comes home from work. We can lie in bed and talk about the day’s happenings with him in me and his hand cupping my breast. He will stroke me from time to time to keep stiff. It is very special feeling of having him in me while talking about the day. After the day gets covered, he will start stimulating and screwing me or we draw a slip out of a cup that we keep in the night stand. Each piece of paper has a position on it that we both like.

We also like this position with a movie. My hubby will put a romantic comedy movie in the DVD. Under a blanket on the floor in front of the TV he slides his dick into my pussy as the movie starts. I really love the feel of his dick in me as the movie plays. He will thrust enough during the movie to keep stiff and he cups my breast in his hand. Some times during a romantic comedy a belly laugh is a result. He calls it some thing else. When the credits roll the fun begins when he stimulates me as starts fucking me.

oh that sounds fun!

oh that sounds so fun! i think im going to get my bf to do that some day!

Jamaican name

Spoons, also known as Lizard lap in Jamaica, my home land. I remember introducing this to my GF....she screamed like a girl. (which she is)

It isn't as good as

It isn't as good as Teaspoons for sure, but we like to start from this position slowly, especially in the morning. What is more, guy can play with your clitoris at the same time. Spoons is quite a slow and romantic position.
P.S. At first we found it quite difficult, but you just have to find the right angle for vaginal intercourse.

this position is great, my

this position is great, my wife and i usually do this in the morning, you know when i had very hard on. my wife moans with pleasure since i can always play with her tits.convenient also when you have somebody in the room, our kids were not aware that we are fucking.

morning sex...

morning sex for sure...

My proctologist told me that

My proctologist told me that being on my side with a leg crossed over was the least painful position for a rectal exam. My devious mind said "Aha, that's the way into my wife's ass." She had resisted for years, but she love to snuggle up. On night I applied some lube to my prick and while snuggling up in the spoon position, I gradually pressed into her. She loved it, and we have done it in that position and several other positions since then. My biggest surprise ever was once on our wedding anniversary, she leaned forward over the side of our tall bed and said "Put in my ass." It was one of the high points of my life.

lol..sneak some position

this is the sneak a shot position good for morning, late afternoon especially if you have kids, just put the cover over each other and sneak you some,you can play with the clit in this position too and she can cum good and everybody's happy.

Crazy Camilla
Mmm... slow morning

Mmm... slow morning sex...
This position is good, if you haven't brushed your teeth yet, cause your breath doesn't point to each others.

oh yes

This is the perfect one for wake up morning sex especially when he wakes up so rock hard

this morning i woke up to my

this morning i woke up to my bf thrusting into me in this position. i got so horny right away and then he spread my legs just enough until we went into scissors. i got to work so late...(;

Under Experienced
for me this is more 4

for me this is more 4 teasing, my fella dnt go in he just grinds, an it feels amazing