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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...


my wife loves it, but my sister in law loves it even more, eating her pussy and having my cock sucked is amazing she tastes so good

cannot wait

the guy I'm talking to now has done this. I hope he's good bcus I can't wait to try this!! ;)

finally did it

me and my girl was doin this 4 exactly 45 min strait... she made frequent stops cause of some jaw pain but i was eatin her pussy till it got dry for 45 min. she had 2 had came like 2 or 3 times... love this 1

awh man, I absolutely love

awh man, I absolutely love 69. to be honest, we didnt start doing this position til I hit my sophomore/junior year in hs. I've been with him since the 6th grade and his ass didn't start eating me out til the 10th/11th grade :/ sucked, but damn it feels good, better than good, fucken fantastic :D love it when i suck his dick so good and hear him moan, while he eats me out and make me go crazy for more.

I love oral

but.. i be afraid to put it in my mouth all the way because i feel like i might gag!

i love this position

i like this position but my ex-gf doesn't but we do this for one time only and she hates it!

Helpful Hint

Any oral sex on women can be a bit overwhelming, so they might not be able to focus on pleasing the guys too much.

youre right!!

when me and my boyfriend do this position,i start out able to please him really good while he eats me,then as he licks me more i start to become overwhelmed and i stop sucking him and moan,so yea,it is a bit overwhelming,but very good!

a girl stopping dosn't

a girl stopping dosn't bother me really because i (and this is true) prefer to give oral than receive. I think I might be the only guy that prefers to give than receive.


i would love to lick your pussy and taste you, and have you sucking my cock,

omg, this position looks

omg, this position looks amazing.
far too young to try it .
ha, im so aroused right now.


ok. so i'm only a new member here.
i'm 16 years old and still a virgin.
my friends well, eventually they're not.
i want to do this with my friend tonight but i'm scared.
any advice on how will I let him have the best sex ever?


luv this position


i love 69 but i can't do it again for the rest of my life....i have genital herpes and my boyfriend says he would still like to 69 me but i just dont want to anymore....its disgusting for him to 69 me whether i have an outbreak or not....i know its still there. Is it right to 69 if one partner has genital herpes and the other doesnt?? they have pills to help someone else not catch it but i can't take them because they r just too expensive. What should I do?? Ive tried talking to my bf about it but he still wants to. IDK if i should or not.

i love eating pussy. deff

i love eating pussy. deff good position

alright well for some reason

alright well for some reason licking a girls pussy doesnt sound to good to me? like whats goin on? haha


i love sucking cock :) im so horny right now anyone wanna fuck?

my wife just love this

my wife just love this position

i wanna try thissss but im

i wanna try thissss but im not sure about sucking his dick... im just not sure about it. but i KNOW he likes giving me oral. :]

Don't start out sucking his

Don't start out sucking his cock. You can give a great hand job from this position also. Just think about how much fun it would be to be stroking his big cock and feel his mouth and tongue licking you pussy. Then you could start kissing and licking the head of his cock to get used to it. I think once you try sucking his cock it will be very enjoyable especially when you see and feel his reaction. If not, he still gets his cock stroked while he gets to enjoy your pussy and you get your pussy worked on while getting to handle his cock, so it is still a win win situation.

about sex

Well i have been in a relationship with my bf for about 8 monthz now and we both are ready to have sex but the one thing is that im not such a good person in this. Like i really don't wanna get pregent or anything and i just need someone to explain this our for me. I know we are gonna use a condom. Im really comfrotable having sex but the thing that is pulling be back from having it is that i don't wanna get pregent but i love the 69!

idk wat to tell u,tha only

idk wat to tell u,tha only thing i can mention is dat ive had sex 5 times wit da same guy without a condom(stupid me) but since he pulled out b4 he came,i didnt get pregnant. so...yea,jus b careful and dnt b crazy like me,lol

just use a condom and go on

just use a condom and go on the pill if youre that conserned! Talk to you mom if you're comfortable enough. Go to plan parenthood if you want the pill without your mom knowing. There's little or no charge. The pill and a condom will work 100% of you used them correctly.
good luck.

looks good

amazing my gf might lovwe this if i get the chance...grr

gf luved it

ok peps me and mi gf did thsi she fukin loved it cause we got oral pleasure at the same time cause it waz her first time giving a bj rlly and i felt kinda bad cause she waz so good i chould not keep up with her like4real she waz like a pro lol...she loves it more then me cause she can deep it all the babe if u read this i love ya