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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...


My boyfriend and I did this for the first time a few days ago. I've been performing oral on him for the past month or so, but he's never done it to me, never bothered me to be honest, so 69 was actually the first time I had oral done on me.
Woahh, it was amazinnnng. (:

haha, i've done it with a

haha, i've done it with a girl- SO much different from doing it with a boy. The first time we did, my boyfriend FREAKED out and e couldn't get enough of it. :D it really is easy too and a lot of fun.

Wouldn't it be hard to

Wouldn't it be hard to concentrate going down on him while he's working on me? I have bad habits of shaking really bad and involuntary jaw-clenches whenever he goes down on me... He says he wouldn't mind if I accidentally bit down a little or quivered, but I don't think he realizes what he's saying haha! What if I bit to hard? Or what if I fell on him? Or drip all over his face? Haha I'm too nervous but he wants to try it =(

You should honestly

just try it love! and if your man is like me! then i love a good wet pussy! even love when a girl cums in my mouth.

oh this poistion my

oh this poistion my boyfriends dick is so lush to suck its amazing this is a good postion oh god i love it so much infact hes just walked through the door so ill do it now yummy bye xxxx

I've done this before, cant

I've done this before, cant say i like it yet because the guy i done it with, he wasn't licking the right place no matter how many times i showed him.

my gf and I do this 24/7 ,

my gf and I do this 24/7 , seriously! I love it

i love this position me and

i love this position me and my gf did it is very sexy her pussy in my face and her blowing me and her tounge licking my cum while i eat her up if you have not done it do it do it now

great position and I love to

great position and I love to cum in her mouth....

We have tried this a couple

We have tried this a couple of times i love my bf licking my pussy and he loves it when i suck his cock this is a good one i like 2 stop him and let him finger me wile im still sucking gives good pleasure!!

yummy. i just did this with

yummy. i just did this with my boyfriend 5 minutes ago and i swallowed it all...mmm delicious


i didnt like this much i like it better when he just eats me out xD my babes amazing with his tounge

I love sucking my husbands

I love sucking my husbands big hard dick and him pleasuring me at the same time. This is why i love it so much

This is exactly why my wifes

This is exactly why my wifes loves this position. She thinks it is extra sexy to have me licking her pussy while she has my hard cock in her mouth. She sometimes like me to stop on her and grab my cock and stroke myself while she continues to work my cock with her mouth. So she has had plenty of stimulation since we usually start out with me down on her, then move to 69, and then her getting a show of me stroking myself while she has a big hard cock in her mouth. Whats not to like about it?


this looks like fun. but i think it would be hard to concintrate on what your doing. would love to suck a dick like this though

Yes it can get hard to

Yes it can get hard to concentrate on licking her pussy when she gets me going. But when we first start it is nice to have my mouth on her pussy and to have my cock in her mouth. Double stimulation both ways since I love to eat pussy. So there are times when I stop eating her and just relax and enjoy her work my cock. But I just have to return to her after awhile since having her nice pussy above my face is too hard to resist.


hmmm, just looking at this is making me horny. i wanna try this on my bf right now!! haha. shame we dont get much time alone together =(

I love this position!

I love this position! Tasting my gf pussy as she takes me into her mouth. I work her clit and she starts to moan as she's sucking me. She gets so wet. If only I could get her to swallow my cum. I just want to do this right now but she's not home from work yet. These animations are getting me so hard I need to pleasure myself. Ahh yes...!

I love this position I love

I love this position I love to lick my gf pussy nice wet :P

The Best!

I love this position! I know it is shown in a hetero situation, but I love to lick my gf pussy while she is teasing my clit and playing with a vibe on my wet pussy. We can go for ever like this. Teasing and pleasing each other. My husband loves to watch then we take turns teasing and pleasing him!


this is the best oral sex position!
i did it last night and gosh it was great

i lost concentration on sucking my guys big hard dick because he was licking me out so good!
im so horny right now!
wish i could do this now..

That is the only problem

That is the only problem with this position that I have found, and that is losing concentration. I love licking her pussy. but there are times that she is working my cock with her mouth so well, that I forget what I'm doing and just enjoy her on my cock. Or sometimes she wants me to stroke my cock while she continues to give me head and I can keep working on her doing this. Just like now, I need to stop keyboarding and give my hard cock a few strokes since thinking of this gets me so horny.

i love to lick my girl but

i love to lick my girl but shes doesnt wanna do the same to me i just wanna know how it feels any sujections on how to open her up to giving head please tell me

i love this one cuz the girl

i love this one cuz the girl is rubbing her tits against the mans chest and thereboth getting equal cuz like I just said for the man and the woman is having the man to rub her waist with his hands! so good!

Ahh! this looks amazing!

Ahh! Just imaginin a guy licking and fingerin my pussy is makin me wet! Not sure bout suckin his dick tho! What should I do???