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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...

Tonight was my first time

Tonight was my first time having oral sex. At first, I went down on him, which was fantastic. Then he came down on me, oh my god. We switched to 69 after that, and I came like 4 times. I got distracted by how well he was eating me out. I eventually web back to him, his rock hard nine inch cock was too good to resist :P. Oh god, try this NOW!!!! He is still here, maybe I'll go get some more ;)


me and my girlfriend did this. i suggested it to her and she loved it, i love it when she gets horny and moans. then she gets wet and cums all in my mouth, she tastes gorgeous. my girlfriend loves it when i cum in her mouth because she just swallows it. but i think doing it to her is better because she and i get pleasure. ;D x

Have fun :)

Have fun :)

Oh believe me, I did ;)

Oh believe me, I did ;)


i did this a few days ago it was the best ever my boyfriend loved it it was the best. yall really need to try it!

This position is great, but

This position is great, but getting into it is a supper mood killer, lol.
Me and my guy have to get it just right for me to be able to reach his package and him be able to reach me comfortably. (Height difference)

i love this position

me and my GF do this one almost everytime before we have sex she love this one so much thats she sometimes forgets to keep sucking my dick after she takes a breather

beast position to do before you have sex believ me i know be safe wear a condom and have fun :)

omg lol

omg i think my bf was just on my account lol!! anyway i just changed into sexy lingerie (lacy sheer black baby doll with skimpy thong panties and high black pumps) he's coming over and i cant wait! my fave part is stripping down for him he practically salivates, then he cant help himself and just comes over and grabs me and sexes me and omg i love it! we have sex a lot now which means more shopping for lingerie! anyway like this is always one of our favorites after he rips my clothes off cause we both like to eat eachothers cum...yummy!

i would like to try this

i would like to try this position but my gf dont want to do oral. how can i get her to do it?

I love this i mean lic

I love this i mean lic

tried it

tried it and loved it I love going down on a woman and I love doing somthing when I get head this was perfect for me. It is a little awkward on how close her asshole is but it was great the only thing was, she would get distracted by me licking her she would forget to do me lol

Me and my bf have this beat

Me and my bf have this beat going on to see who can get the other to cum first and stuff and this is the position he wants so i kinda wanna win this so what should i do 2 make sure i win this?? cuz it looks like im gonna loose in this position


Getting into the position is always a little awkward but once I'm on I never wanna get off! It's a great experience. My man loves when I moan while sucking his dick. He always moans the most when doing this because he gets to relax on his back and finger me and eat me out while I go further on his dick. It seems easier to deepthroat like this too because I get so in the moment I wanna eat the whole thing :)

Try this

I really wona try this but my GF dosen't want to. But she is like too scard, and it looks amazing, i love doing 69ers, we only do it sidewards and felt amzing, reciving and giving at the same time is amazing.


you gotta convince her because this is an amazing experience. It really is different from sideways. It is a different view and different feeling. Trust me, she will love it!

i like this because he can

i like this because he can spank you at the same time

I just love this position,

I just love this position, when my pussy get sucked then I just suck harder on his cock, and boy does it make you wild, the best position ever, just makes me want it right now just talking about it!!


haha, my boyfriend want's too try this so bad!
should I let him do this position?(x

Sure, it is great for me to

Sure, it is great for me to be eating pussy while getting my cock sucked on. She also enjoys the two pleasures of having a nice hard cock in her mouth with a tongue on her pussy.


haha, my boyfriend want's too try this so bad!
should I let him do this position?(x

I just did this Thursday

I just did this Thursday *NeW yEaRs*

And it was amazing you should totally try it.

It feels amazing!! *


definitely let him! it's the

definitely let him!
it's the best thing ever, it makes you suck him harder if he's eating u out.
and try make u both cum at the same time and then its fricking ridiculous <3


I absolutely love it when my man licks me out in this position, I love it when he groans when I suck him off as well, I think its cose the roof of my mouth is very high and curved!

My gf and I just did this

My gf and I just did this last night for the first time.. it was amazzinggggg!! We've both been giving each other oral for a while now, but just thought we'd try something yesterday;) and it was worth it haha


I love this position and She suck my dick real fun (gf) loves to lick her wet pussy