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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...


ı like it when shaved pussy and nice mouth and lips for my dick

Fucking love this position!

Fucking love this position! I can pull on my GF's hips to get deep in her, while she deep throats my cock and plays with my balls! Feeling her tits on my stomach is such a fucking massive turn on too... 3:-)

why doesn't my husband want

why doesn't my husband want to eat me anymore? used to before marriage and now i blow him but he doesn't ever go down on me :(

Take off your panties and

Take off your panties and when he's lying down (floor, bed, wherever) sit on his face. He'll eat you then!

Lay down the law

Well, I think that is just selfish and lazy of your husband. I am married as well, and I would definitely not allow my husband to do that to me. We make sure that we pleasure each other. Because in a real loving relationship, giving you pleasure would give him pleasure as well, and vice versa. I know that with my husband it turns him on even more when he goes down on me and when I go down on him,it turns me on as well. So my advice to you is first have a talk with your husband about it. If he still persists to be selfish, then don't go down on him. I bet after a few weeks of not getting any blowjobs at all, he will change his mind.


Great position this is one of my favorites ..

This position is so much fun

This position is so much fun I love doing this with my boyfriend. :)

Best position there is

Best position there is

ms. wet pussy04
I get asked from a lot of

I get asked from a lot of guys to have sex or to suck their dicks but I never have time alone. It's not of the fact that I am scared I just would like to suck someones dick and have them to eat my wet pussy out ! Any ideas people on how I can get him alone and to get him to suck my pussy ? ? ? Please message me or reply back, btw I'm 14 !

Just ask

make a deal to suck their dick while they eat u out. i'd take up that deal.

hi i am a male and i always

hi i am a male and i always wanted to try 69 but dont reall know how to get into the position if anyone can help would be great. thanks eagleboy

get ur girl to get on her

get ur girl to get on her knees, then lay 69 position besdie her and tell her to suck you. while she's doing that, pull her knees over your shoulders, on either side of her head. hold her ass cheeks and eat away. if u do it good enough, she WILL NOT pull away. careful she may bite ur dick if it feels too good. mine did...try it. lemmie know how it goes. good luck

i feel highley embarrassed

i feel highley embarrassed doin this has any one got any tips on how to make me feel less embarrassed and how to talk mf bf round to doin 69-inverted please :)


Do it in the dark if u feel embarrassed, till you get used to it...u tried it yet?

This 69 position is so nice.

This 69 position is so nice. I just love to be buried in her pussy and have her work on my cock. Feeling her tits rub against my stomach is also so pleasurable. She also likes me to reach down and stroke my cock with my hands while she continues to suck my cock. Just so many possibilities with this one.


i love 69, but sometimes i just want to do one or the other

very nice

very nice


I LOVE this position cuz I can suck his dick so hard me makes me wet Ugh.He sucks my clit and it feels so good.I MASTERBATE then I suck on his dick and bite it.Oh GodHe eats me out so good in this one!

this is definitely the best

this is definitely the best of all the & my girl started doing this when we were only 14 Or 15 & we have'nt stopped since.

it is a really goood

it is a really goood position me my gf did it for the first time it was awsome...

the best!

this is one of the best postions!!

since i'm in a new relationship, i was kind of nervous doing this at first because i'm not tiny. i'm curvy and he loves that about me. so when i got on top, he automatically started eating me out. i could hardly focus on giving him a blow job.

it was amazing!!



I have done that fucking loads of times anybody else agree with me there. its fucking awesome getting your cock sucked by some chick while you lick your pussy.

two words"GREAT POSITION" i


the joys of sex

this position is awesome, I really love licking my wife's sweet p*ss*y and doing it whilst receiving a thorough BJ is fantastic. But eating her out takes time and you should enjoy every second,sometimes I do the alphabet on her clit, sometimes I stick my tongue inside and sometimes I really go down and give her a thorough French kiss. This is all based on the understanding that she has had a thorough bath. The 69 is awesome - one of teh best things life has to offer.


lol I love this position me n my ex would always do it and it was awesome!