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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...


me and my more experienced bf love this position bc its easy and it will get things movig very quickly. we can either use it as a quick way to ge things heated very quickly or we can take our time and pleasure each other. my bf like this better than just a regular bj bc he said when he gets me all worked up and i start moaning alot the vibration on his dick makes it and undescribable feeling. when we get into it he can make me cum mutiple times with just his tounge...:P

althea love
I really love this

I really love this position!!I love eating my pussy while i'm on top sucking my hubby's dick!!Love it!

Best position

My wife and I do this all the time!! Its the best feeling ever to have my cock sucked and licked all over by her tongue. The way her mouth is moist just gets me going. And I love it most when she spreads her legs wide open over my face, and her wet pussy is just waiting for me to eat. I love it when she groans while I get my tongue right up in your pussy, playing with her clit, she groans really bad making my cock even harder! She will cum in my mouth, and I make sure I lick her dry and swallow! She'll stop and I'll keeping eating her out! Amazing!!! Mmmmmm....

My boyfriend and I did this

My boyfriend and I did this last night, it was an incredibly hot night though I felt like he pleasured me a lot better than I pleasured him. Any suggestions on how to spice up my end?

As a guy, I love it when Im

As a guy, I love it when Im sucked and my wife plays with my nuts and the same time... It really is satisfying to have my cock sucked and my played with.. You should try, its totally different to just being sucked.

Me and my gf do this all the

Me and my gf do this all the time and i loveeeeeeeee it sooooooo much. It turns me on so much when her juices start dripping into my mouth. mmmmmmm. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Good thing my gf is here ;)

Johnny Better I...
Johnny Better In Bed Vegas

My girlfriend and I love this position and really amps the passion up. I used to hate the 69, but turns out you just really need to be with someone who (a) knows that they are doing and (b) someone you really are into

Posted this up at my blog and created a whole sex position section based on SexInfo101's amazing 3D animations over at:
Better In Bed Blog

x Johnny

i miss getting eaten out :(

The guy I'm currently with won't eat pussy. At all.
I miss it!

this is something i never

this is something i never understood. i could do it for days

I eat pussy

I love eating pussy, i have an amazing tounge name i can do it...

yeah this does look pretty

Yeah this amazing nothing like having a girls mouth on my hard cock and i get to play around with her. The best position because both parties benefit from it. Havent done it in awhile havent found a girl thats ready to do it. I miss it so bad nothing like having an orgasm at the same time

i wanna do it...

i am new here seems like nice position to do..i will lick her pussy when she suck my cant wait ...


I love eating pussy and my girl loves when i do it...and she loves sucking my dick...but she doesnt like the idea of this lost....


I am a male that wants to do this but is there any girls that can handle me? bc I eat the pussy out for 2 hours! and I suck on it and nibble on it and other things that some girls have even passed out bc i did it and they have never ever felt before... so if you think you can handle it girls then lets put it to the test and you must be into me cumming on yur tits or face or in or on your ass if not then no way... sorry i love my cum on other girls

sounds fun ;)

sounds fun ;)


sounds like a hell of a good time ;]

My boyfriend wants to try

My boyfriend wants to try this, and i'm excited for it, i just don't know how to get into the position, do i give him head then just like turn and sit on him, or what? I don't want to like surprise him or freak him out by just sitting on his face, no matter how bad he wants it. i mean we do other stuff we just have never quite accomplished this.

Old Friend
Getting into 69

Absolutely, when you're giving him a blow job and you get him really excited, stop and turn around and spread your legs wide and straddle his face. He can have his arms on either side of your legs, you just need to experiment which is best for both of you. Lower your crotch down so it's literally on his face. If your crotch is too high then he will have to sit up a bit and he won't be able to full lick you for very long, you can also manipulate how much licking he can do. If you get too sensitive while doing this you can just raise up and he'll have to stop, until you lower your crotch down to tongue height again. The only problem is if you're short bodied and can't give him a blow job at the same time he's eating your pussy. If this is the case, and you want to be licked, then turn around, like your facing him if you were in missionary position and slide up to where your pussy is over his face and you're on your knees sitting up right and let him lick away!!! Both positions should get you to a full or multiple orgasms if he licks you the right way!! ENJOY!!!


Best position ever dont u just love the taste of those pussy juuces

Old Friend
Tasting a juicy pussy

ABOSLUTELY, a juicy pussy is the best. I love to taste the true essence of a dripping wet lady!!



Eatin my gf out

finally got my gf to try this. she was hesitant the first attempts...but i got her moaning on this one. its now one of her fav positions. did it yesteday and she wants more today. i love pussy juice. so sweet

The Best

Absolutely the best! Pity my baby doesn't like ANYTHING! That is what you get when you have been with the same girl for 18 years....

sexi cani

I would love to do this with my man right now! To bad his is out of state. Damn I really want to please a guy and I want to be pleased all night (;

i hear you on that one.

i hear you on that one. would love some pussy in my mouth right now