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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...

ooooh i love this one. i

ooooh i love this one. i love getting my face in my hubbys dick while he gets his tounge deep in my pussy


so my boyfriend wanted to try this position for the first time last night. i was so nervous and told him i didn't want to. i give him bj's all the time and honestly ive heard being eaten out feels really good for a girl, but my question is, what if he doesn't like the taste? am i crazy for thinking about that? help please


Make sure you shower before, maybe cut any extremely excessive pubic hair and he will love it. Strangly it can smell awful to you, and be very tasty and sweet to a male. Good luck


thank you so much for the advice :) it really helped


Love this poistion was great with my bf

my bf is scared of 69

my bf is scared of 69! idk how...ive never been eaten out b4 yet ive given him bj sooo many times... i need a way to brive him to get him to do a 69...... >:3

stop giving him BJs! if not

stop giving him BJs! if not find a new guy!

she is right

I agree


I love this pistion. ive gotten to be very good at it. The girls go crazy


how can you be bad at this position

We always do this Its great

We always do this
Its great

I envy u and ur

I envy u and ur girl never likes this postion.........dont know why ?

me and my bf did this last

me and my bf did this last week and i LOVED IT!

This is my favorite position

This is my favorite position of all time, my girlfriend and i love it

Finally talked my baby into

Finally talked my baby into doing this he is so shy but when I gave him a blow job for his first time his eyes got big then I saw he started enjoing it so I laid on top of him and he hesitated then he just shivrred n went for it now he wants to start like that hahaha dont be afraid to try

omg im addicted to 69,

omg im addicted to 69, feeling his hard cock in my mouth as he eats my pussy makes me cum soo much more than just having him go down on me.. i love feeling a nice hard cock forcing itself down my throat

Same here my baby s a 10 in

Same here my baby s a 10 in it just makes me shake when it goes all the way and gallons ...

Me 2...feelin her lips

Me 2...feelin her lips around my cock as I suk on he clit.....

my bf and i did this about

my bf and i did this about an hour ago and hes so good at it! oh my god! he will VERY GENTLY bite my clit and it feels so good! it makes me cum so much faster! and he loves sticking his big fat tongue in my soaking wet pussy! and i have to agree with him!!!

so hot

my fiance did this 2 me at like 12 am this morning and i loved it, he's so good at it. I was screaming 4 more

nice pose

i make this position always before actions

Was a little nervous

So I have to admit, the first time my husband and I did this, I was really nervous! I was afraid I wouldn't be good at it.

It felt so good to have him kissing and licking me, and I loved sucking on him and making him feel good. I have to admit, he probably did a lot better job at getting me, because I had to stop earlier than he did because all I could do was sigh and moan while his tongue was all up in me!

This position was a lot of fun, and made me feel so good!

The 69

To begin with I was unsure about trying this with my boyfriend Matthew but once we got into position it was beautiful. There is soo much pleasure in doing this infact you both get pleasure in doing it because whilst he is pleasuring you you are also pleasuring him Soo it's a team effort Ohh and plus it's a major turn on

althea love

We did this last night! And its so fun!I love my hubby's dick!Yummmmm!


my bf pushed me into this and it was amazing ...