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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...


My favorite, me and my bff's boyfriend, we do this all the time, I love to suck his dick.. Love it when he eaats my pussy, he staarts spanking mee and telling me how much of a bad girl I am, it makes me melt! Any idea to make it more dirtyy?

Grab That ass

Tell him to grab your ass tight with both hands so he can control your ass and move your pussy all over his face.

get him to tease you more.

get him to tease you more. play with your clit and stick his tounge in as far as it will go. trust me, its amazing.

have him lick you asshole

have him lick you asshole

le soixante-neuf

A relationship that doesn't have the 69 is missing out!

Try And Tested
Very Good

Me And My Girlfriend Find This Both Great. She Likes This Better Then Me Just Eating Her Out She Says This Is Down To She Likes To See Me Happy As Well...This Is All Fun But When You Just Want To Treat Her And She'd Rather 69 Not So Fun.

I remember doing this with

I remember doing this with my ex in my car. fun times, though she broke my heart.

Ok, So I want to try the 69

Ok, So I want to try the 69 but it looks a little difficult. Does weight matter? I'm 116 and my guy is around 145. Also balance? Any tips??

No it doesnt. im 125 and my

No it doesnt. im 125 and my bf is 180. it really doesnt make a difference as long as you're on top.

Not if you decide to be on

Not if you decide to be on top.

yes, for like this

very like that to take action my GF loved it so much


i dont know which is best ..reg sex or 69..when me and gf do 69 i have to be eating her out first and she cums about 3 or 4 times before she start sucking when she moans in pleasure and ride my face like crazy...she is getting better at it and when she start suckin me i have to make her stop because i dont want to cum too quick but i cont to eat her pussy and loving every bit of it...she keeps it trim and clean ....i cant help it but i look at a female with pretty legs and wonder what that pussy would taste like....wish i could find one that would put me on a str8 pussy eating diet.... i just a hardon just thinkin about some nice trimmed pussy riding my face...they dont have to do nothing in return but ENJOY..I KNOW I WILL


I love having my bare smooth pussy ate... mmmmmmm I love "Riding The North Face"...

Riding the North Star ; my

Riding the North Star ; my fav... Mmmmmm :-P

This Really Gets The Ladies Off...

I use this position as foreplay when I am with a woman; it really hits the ladies off. In this position I light as feather gently caress the labia and perineun while licking the clitoris, has the ladies cum every time! I gotta watch out they don't squirt in my face though.

I'd love it when my girls

I'd love it when my girls squirts in my face

I love this

I wish I were with a girl that looked great in a thong bikini and I would do this all nite with here and poles apart too!

my ex-girlfriend and i have done this

yes my ex girlfriend and i have done this, It is very fun its just annoying that she is a freak for this a little to much. She like this more than sex. I guess i love it to but when it comes to my dick entering pussy nothing can beat it!


This position is amazing. My boyfriend was the first to insist on having sex, but I think he seemed a little nervous just as much as I was. But then the last time we met up with eachother, went over to his place and did this....HE WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! I couldn't concentrate on his dick. He was exploring my entire pussy and in between that he sucked on my clit. It just felt so good. He heard my moans pleasure, fliped me over on my back and he did Spread Eagle on me to finish me off. SOOOOO MUCH FUUUUUN.


honestly the taste is different, ive heared it depends wat yr girl would eat most frequently. My ex always ate lemons, i started eating her out and it tasted like lemons lol. But love this position, me and my girl did this last night and she sucked my did like a lollypop, she loves it when we do this

I've always wanted to do

I've always wanted to do this but I asked if my ex girlfriend if she liked getting eaten out but she siad it was nasty eating a girl out so I never asked her if wanted to try this

I was also wondering of how pussy tastes like ??


i love eating pussy its ridiculous, im getting hard as i type this because im thinking about it, i love slipping my tounge in and out and rolling my tounge across my girlfriends clit

whoo this ones good. theres

whoo this ones good. theres nothing i like better that my hubbys penis in my mouth while he eats me out! i luurrrv getting my pussy licked

its such a turn on when a

its such a turn on when a woman tells you she loves getting her pussy ate, tell your man and he'll go nuts. do you swallow or spit ?

Crazy Camilla
You're absolutely

You're absolutely right.
It's a wonderful feeling.

I'm having troubles giving a man fellatio. Not because I don't like it, but because I feel clumsy, while I'm doing it. But when he licks me at the same time I forget the clumsy feeling, and just enjoy!