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Her 68 Sex Position

One short of the 69, this arrangement is called the Her 68 position. The performer lies down with the receiver on top of them, facing the same way, in a head-to-toe fashion. The position is great for both cunnilingus and analingus, just make sure to put a pillow under the giver's head to reduce the neck strain. Conveniently, this position affords excellent opportunities for the performer to use their hands all over their partner's body.

So much fun

There's just something about this position, the way the guy holds onto you, uses his hands and mouth and just drives you crazy.

would love to try this

looking for someone to try this position with...


I did same to my wife. she wants it again and again.
she says its more pleasurable than penetration

love this position

love this position


will try it soon with my wife

tips and tricks?

anyone have any tips for this one? i'm kind of a big guy down there and my wife has a tough time when we try this.


I love doing this. It's ALL about her pleasure.

Its a very enjoyable because

Its a very enjoyable because I tried it with my girlfriend . Thanx

Would love to!

I would love to experience this with my wife but I don't think she go for it. She loves it when I perform oral sex on her but she can be a little prude at times. Any suggestions. I would love to lick and suck on her in ways she's never experienced. Going down on her is awesome. Any ideas?

My favorite thing to do !

Girls seem to love it to !

raju34's picture

I love this setup. by far one of the best oral positions. really gives you the ability to make your woman moan and groan

had fun with it

I tryed this a while back and had no complaints my gf was going crazy but I had her leg locked in so there was no where to run

Lucky Girl

I love that feeling, when I'm getting close and he just keeps going, pushing me over the edge.

i want to have ...

looks so Fucking good!

This position looks so

This position looks so awesome and wanting

makes me feel horny just by

makes me feel horny just by looking at it.. weeeee..

Had to try

After seeing this cunnilingus position for the first time on this site, I couldn't wait to try it, just thinking about it made me so incredibly horny. As luck would have it, my wife and I had to drop my son off early somewhere on Saturday morning, which meant we were alone for the day, so we went for a nice romantic breakfast out, then i took her home. after getting real cosy and naked, I explained to her what I wanted to do. She isn't prudish when it comes to us alone in the bedroom, but she's also never been madly adventurous, so she was kinda a little bemused when I told her what I wanted to do. Now I do love eating her pussy, and I do it virtually every opportunity I get, but we have always just done the 2 positions, the usual, with her on her back and my face burried between her legs, or me on my back and she straddles my face (my preference, especially when she gets real lusty and really rides my face). Sorry, I'm digressing here. Anyway, she soon cottoned on to the idea, and in no time at all, we were in the prescribed position, but I could tell she was a little tense and apprehensive. Well, I think what followed took us both by surprise, as she was squeeling and squirming virtually from my first exploratory lick, with an ecstatic "oooooooeee, thats a different angle", and that was the end of her reservations, she went crazy,laughing, giggling, then moaning and writhing as much as she could without losing contact with my mouth. For my part, it wasn't the most comfortable position, and I felt a bit restrained in how much I could move, but her obvious ecstacy more than made up for it, the more pleasure I can give her, the more I love it, so yes, this was a great one. She came really hard, and when she just couldn't take any more, she rolled off me, and lying next to me, but still head to toe, she grabbed my very wet and very erect cock and tenderly rubbed me on her breast until I also came real strong. I tell you, we were both "glowing". In summary, if any of you ladies out there haven't had this one yet, get your man to it, if my relatively reserved wife took off like that, you gotta believe it's good! I can't wait to do this one again, and also work my through the great list of positions you have in your cunnilingus section, which happens to be my all time favorite activity, yummy!!!

Re: Had to try

Since you're a guy and are married & seem sensitive (I like how you write about your wife!) ...I thought I'd through this out to you (I'm female & very happily married many years. :-) Anyone else can pipe in too... please.

Can you tell me why guys love eating pussy and enjoying our cum? And why or how is this position different/better for you than others?

Kinda of random, I know... I'm just tying to get more insight as to what turns guys on (so I can turn MY guy on...more!). I've asked hubby but he's so elusive and just seems to like everything and nothing (more) in particular???

Again...just trying to keep the flames going...and going and...

Had to try

Gee, Im so sorry, I haven't been on this site for a while, I hope I'm not too late with my answer, although most of it is difficult to explain, because I think it is more of a chemistry thing. Why do we like eating pussy so much? I actually used to think I was in the minority as a 3pussy lover, but the more I read, it seems like there are millions of us out there. Just like some ladies will like sucking a penis and some won't, it is the same with guys, only I think more guys are on the "like" side. For me, it had long been something I fantasized about, and imagined I would enjoy, but for the first few years of marriage, was a bit shy to ask my wife, because I feared she was too conservative. To cut a long story short, one romantic night on vacation, I finally decided to just do it, I never even asked her first. Well, from that first time, we were both hooked, she went almost balistic with pleasure, and for me, giving her such pleasure, is at least half the deal, even more. Seeing and hearing my wife so obviously enjoying it, feeds my own excitement, I'm sure most guys will verify that.
The other side of it, well, I believe we guys are pre programmed to like pussy, and the mouth and tongue are extremely fine tuned for not only tasting, but for feeling textures etc. My wife, like most women, likes to know she is really clean for this, or they become too self conscious of offending their "eater", with any bad odors, to actually enjoy it Consequentially, on most occasions when I eat my wifes pussy, there is little or no smell or taste, but the soft, smooth, and slippery (especially when she is more aroused) textures of her pussy on my mouth and tongue, drives me wild, I can't seem to get enough of it.
I think there is also a psychological element to pussy eating, in that just the actual thought of what you are doing, is erotic, and my wife also said that to me once, that mentally, she finds the concept very stimulating and arousing.
This particular position for me, while it looked extremely sensual in the picture, and really grabbed my imagination, proved not all that great from a comfort point of view, and I had to strain my neck some to maintain good mouth pussy contact, what made it so good, is that she enjoyed it so much, and as I said, I love giving her as much pleasure as I possibly can, so for that reason, it will be repeated, probaably often.
As for encouraging your hubby, it's hard for a third party to know what turns him on, especially if he won't engage to talk about it. What I would suggest, is that you find a way to convey to him that the thought of him eating your pussy, is a big turn on for you. What I'm trying to say, is to let him know that this particular activity is for your pleasure, not his, and that he will really be making you happy, but my guess is that if he indulges you, he will very quikly develop a taste for it, few men don't. When he does oblige you, be sure to let him know how much you are liking it, give him lots of feedback, moan, wriggle, etc, that will encourage him, and turn him on, thereby he will come to associate eating you, with being turned on himself, so his thinking becomes "eating pussy turns me on". I hope this was helpful, the other guy who answered your question, also made some very good points, it is good to get feedback from many people.

I know I'm not the person you

I know I'm not the person you were asking the question to but I think most guys will agree with my answer.

Women have a much sweeter and much thinner natural lubricant than men, making it much easier to enjoy (not saying girls don't grow to enjoy semen). Many men will also enjoy sex better if they make their girl cum even if they don't cum themselves so we will do anything we can to ensure that you have an orgasm.

Personally, I love the feeling of having my head down by my girls pussy and knowing that even though I'm in a lower position than her, I'm still very much in control. The mix of knowing how good I make her feel and how close to her I am is one of my favorite things about sex.

When a girl lets you taste her pussy, you know you're closer than before

My man absolutely loves

My man absolutely loves eating my pussy. He Is a major giver and I have no compliants. I had the same question as you and when I asked him he told me that he gets more turned on by me getting wet and cumming so hard my whole body shakes then some other things. He gets so hard when he moaning and screaming so loud he has to cover my mouth. Also there are so many different things that a man can do to a pussy at one time. If he isn't too fond on just licking and sucking your pussy tell him to try and mix it up with some fingering action and rubbing your tits. I love when my man mixes it up. It helps keep you guessing what is gonna come next


First time I tried this with my girlfriend, she was getting so into it and moving her head around that with her long hair rubbing against my penis, I accidentally blew my load all over her hair. To make her feel better, I ate her out longer than usual and since she is a squirter, I let her get me back and squirt all over my head. Talk about a fun night!!! I couldn't wait to do this to her again and again, too bad she won't be over again until friday. It's going to take me about 5 seconds to lift up her skirt and just smell that sweet pussy this friday.

This is a must!

I haven't tried this one before, but just thinking about it gets my mouth and cock salivating, because eating pussy is almost what I live for, and this one looks soooo erotic!l. I am going to try copy this pic and email it to my wife today, telling her that I would like breakfast in bed this Saturday morning, and that is exactly how I want it served up. I''m sure she will be only too happy to oblige. Oooh, I can't fucking wait!!!!

Had that!

Had a woman try that on me a few days ago, except she folded her knees back and her feet were beside her ass/under my shoulders..freaking HOT! She was riding my mouth then just laid back and grinded up and down. It was one of the hottest and most erotic positions a woman tried on me to date!

oh yaaaa

oh yaaaa

yeah, catch his ass off

yeah, catch his ass off guard when he doesnt have enough blood in his brain to fight back :P


This position would probably keep me from watching too much sport on TV.

after getting tired holding

after getting tired holding myself up on top of his face, i layed back to this poistion and i loved how he could get deeper in both my holes in this poistion other that just feeling up on my clit. the only thing i didnt like is the feeling of his hard on, on the back of my head just poking my neck then sliding through my hair, im sure i wouldnt mind it if i had time to take a shower after then i would let him cum in my hair all he wanted.

Ok. I am a 17 year old

Ok. I am a 17 year old virgin :/ who, while muscular and athletic and only slightly over weight, can't seem to get any pussy. I do go to an all boys military boarding school, but even still when i go home i see girls staring at me and smiling at me a lot. especially when i am in my speedo playing water polo. What can i do to get girls to want me to fuck them and eat them out and how do i get more comfortable talking to them and guiding the conversation towards things that will make them wet and make them want me to fuck them and eat them out?

well, being a 17 year old

well, being a 17 year old girl, i think i might be able to offer some assistance. you definitely don't want to seem too forward. when you first start talking to a girl,keep it pretty clean, just talk about normal stuff like family friends hobbies etc, try to connect with her emotionally. you can throw in a sex joke here and there, if she responds well, you can talk a bit more about sex, things you find arousing, relationships, etc. make sure you continue to connect with her on emotional level, and talk a lot for a while and if you know she wants a relationship, ask her out. if she says she would prefer to have a friend with benefits offer yourself up. if she doesn't really contribute to these conversations it probably means shes not interested (she could just be really shy and unfamiliar with these topics though. depends on her background, i guess).

i think it would be easier for you to find someone if you weren't looking for someone. make sure you don't try too hard and remember to be yourself. also, be patient. lots of 17 year old girls haven't done much yet, so it may take a while for them to become comfortable.

how to build confidence

Well I had a buddy who had that issue....when he asked for advice I took him down to the local church parking lot and had him ask his bicycle out until he could do it without laughing....well it was me, my girlfriend at the time, and well....we were there till about 3 am...we went down there at about 5 took ages..but that dude now has such confidence...he gets more bumper then a body shop now.

As for the rest well thats called being your self.



i recently tied this

this is a very nice way to get her off with foreplay

Oh my. Oh my. This is my

Oh my. Oh my.

This is my wife's birthday. I am going to do this to her tonight.

ok so, my bf and i have been

ok so, my bf and i have been together a while now and have been active, but every time i c him he begs me and tries making me give him a bj, but when i ask him to eat me out he wont do it, is there something i should be worried about?

he won't eat you

Have you tasted yourself, are you sure you're clean and taste OK? If so maybe he just doesn't like eating pussy!

oh my god...

oh my god...i want my husband to do this to me... he'll be back home at december, and we'll try this for sure... i missed his tounge leaking my pussy...

have you noticed that on all

have you noticed that on all the positions the ppl look bored

lol yes they do.

lol yes they do.

No expression LOL!!

No expression LOL!!


This position is heavenlyyyy!!!!!!!!!
Just imagining my boyfriends hand sliding up and down my stomach and chest...and his tongue working around my clit...drives me crazyy!! Ah this is so amazing ;)

my girl

wants this i love to give it to her


this looks so good

Its incredible

Saw it on the site and tried it, ended up with her getting multiple orgasms!

this feels

this position, lemme tell you man.. it feel sooo unbelievably good. my ex boyfriend did it so, aaaaaggghhh, it made me orgasm twice five minutes after each other. he said i tasted "sweet." but now my friend with benefits doesn't wanna do it, he only likes when i do 68 his, he looooves it. so sexually frustrated now cause of him, want this so bad!



Personal Fav

I love this setup. by far one of the best oral positions. really gives you the ability to make your woman moan and groan


It always make me moan and grone.I always want to do this over and over again. He can really get his tongue deep in my pussy. I love it when guys aren't afraid to eat me out.


great great

Does it feel good

I'm a 15 year old virgin, but I have a feeling I might lose my virginity soon. And, in case I do, would anybody care to tell me if getting your vag licked feels good? I mean, it LOOKS good at the very least, based off of this animation. But it's a little weird for me, having my boyfriend's face up my vag...but I might want to try it, does it feel good?