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Sitting Bull Sex Position

In the Sitting Bull position the giver sits on a bed or other service with their legs open, and has their partner lying on their back with their legs over the giver's shoulders. It is quite an awkward position to get into, so the easiest way to get into it is by having the receiver lay down backwards from a kneeling position and then swing their legs up-and-over. Although a fairly comfortable position for both partners, it does lack in mobility for penetration.

this one looks sooooo good,

this one looks sooooo good, he could do so much teasing from there as well

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how heard is this to do

Great for larger penises

When we get her legs up in the air, sometimes I penetrate too deeply. This position controls it (you can only get about 5" in from our experience). Also great for hitting the g-spot and rubbing the tip of the cockhead.


Tried a variation of this last week and oh my good heavens. Folded my legs back with my pelvis (and penis) jutting out and drove into her at a slight upwards angle over and over. It was just pure ecstasy.


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I was at my bfs house and he

I was at my bfs house and he got up to use the restroom when he got back downstairs i wasnt there so he came up to find me and i was naked in is bed he immidiately started ripping his clothes up... we ended up doing this position... but then his parents got home early... needless to say i wasnt allowed at his house for awhile while his parents were gone... his dad was really proud and said way to go son but his mom was horrified she now hates me... it was really awkward sitting there looking at his parents while theyre sons dick was inside of me but hey atleast it was fun lol:)


As great as it looks, execution & enjoyment was highly limited in my experience. Just couldn't get the alignment to match up. Maybe I'll give it another go and use a pillow to help prop me up =]

Did this one today. WOW!!!!!

Did this one today. WOW!!!!! She cummed a couple of times!

Damn! You must be good in

Damn! You must be good in bed because NO man has made me cum more than once! ;)

you obviously havent found

you obviously havent found the right man :L

great job!

great job!

going to try !!

I am so ready to try this one tonight. Me and my bf have been together for almost five years and we are looking for good postions to try. But sometime it is hard cuz he has more experience then I do. He is my only sexual partner I have ever had and so somethings are hard for me to understand. And I love that they show you are to really do it.

im the same with my bf lol,

im the same with my bf lol, accept weve only been together for 3 years...and i cant get my bf to try new positions. -_-


I love this position
its one of my favs..

want it

ohhh i'd love to try this loooks amazing!

Gotta try this one .. this

Gotta try this one .. this one looks comfortable for the female and the guy and it looks satisfying ..

It is!!!!

It is!!!!

Me and my boyfriend do this

Me and my boyfriend do this all the time. We LOVE it. It's an amazing feeling...

sweet action

I like going to town on my wife it feels so good and it goes in deep!

Love IT!!

I really love this position! mmmmmm I'm so wet thinking about it right now

love this position with my

love this position with my fuck buddy he gets so deep and ir feels so good I can't stand it I cum so many times in this position

did this yesterday with a

did this yesterday with a fuck friend .he surprise by pulling me to the end of the bed and stand up it was shush a jolt at first but good

i love this position! my bf

i love this position! my bf gets a HUGE hard, and he gets up to 13" and he get soooo deep, it feels amazingg. he gets wicked girth too!

damn girl! props to you for

damn girl! props to you for being able to handle 13" hah!