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Side to Side Sex Position

Similar to the Missionary position, both partners are lying down and facing each other in the Side-to-Side position. Although this takes away from penetration depth and thrusting mobility, it does free up one of the giver's arms to touch their partner. When playing in the Side-to-Side position, make sure to roll into and out of the Missionary and Reverse Missionary positions often!


How do u get in this position? My bo and I tried this once and it was very difficult for his penis to slide inside me. It just would not stay inside. We ended up spooning because we couldn't do this one. He has a nice size penis when erect so I don't think that size was the problem at all. Maybe I wasn't close enough...? We'll try it again. !


What works for my husband and me is to start in the Missionary position. Then I bring my bent legs up along his sides and then we roll over. Works ever time. At this time you can straight out your lower leg if you like.

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Hi Klassy

It is a wonderful position!!! Penetration isn't as deep as other positions but there is something about the leg bent up and somewhat over your fellow that allows friction on different spots. I've done it probably 10 men ranging from 5" to about 8". It works well for all sizes. I'm told my vagina is kinda tight and this position spreads me pretty wide open. Send me a message if you would like to discuss.

grip on.

this is a perfect position to get a good handful of her ass for gropping and grip or feeling up on her side vagina lips for stimulation.

spoons position

My fiance and I just did spoons position with anal and his own little added extra... very mind blowing multiple orgasmic.

Never to old to learn new tricks

I'm a 65 year old single guy. My latest girlfriend who is 64 introduced this position to!!! Despite what you might think a long penis isn't required. I'm about 5 3/4" with an upward curve and get almost full penetration. My girlfriend likes it because of great clitoral stimulation and since my penis is kind of thick the position spreads her nicely open.

It is a very intimate position with just gentle rocking and thrusting and because she is much shorter than me and puts our lips as a kissable level.

The first time we tried I didn't think it would work due to my modest length...what a pleasant surprise.

oh yea

My b/f solved my problem .....

Love to try this with someone

Love to try this with someone, my husband's dick is to short for the task.....

Dawn, unless you husband's

Dawn, unless you husband's penis is extremely short I can't imagine what problems you two might have. There are a few position where a longer penis is necessary but not this one. An old girlfriend of mine used to like straddling me. Her hip movement was such that I was always sliding out of her. She later told me that her ex-husband of 30 years had a much longer penis than me. I wish I would have discovered the side to side position many years ago.


My husband's dick is less than 2" fully erect so you can see my problem.

very good n relaxed

a very good position, very intimate, my fiance'e n i loved it, we were very relaxed. once we got at the right angle n level it felt awesome, great clit n gspot stimulation

We tried this many this, and

We tried this many times, and yet haven't found the right angle for him to go in :/

Try this

Start with him on top and raise you knees up along his sides with your feet down. Then both of you roll over on to your sides. You can adjust your legs for what feels good. A variation is for you then to partly roll back which make so that he provide direct stimulation. Depending on your sizes he may also be able to lick and kiss your nipples. If he does slow in and outs while doing the direct stimulation and kissing your nipple, the results can be mind blowing. I have had as many as four orgasms this way with last one with him rolled back on top and fucking me as fast and hard as he can.

try this

try to get one of your legs on top of his, get him down to where he is below your pussy n have him come up from under it n urself as close to you, as in your hips/pelvis area as you can n see if that doesnt help :)

me and my boyfriend do this

me and my boyfriend do this 1 alot because he has to share a bed room with his little brother and have to be careful we dont get seen, we start kissing, he will slowly take my hand down too feel his dick, i wank him off and he plays with me. when he starts getting wet i rub the top of his dick up and down on my, it feels amazing! then i caefully guide him in and we bring our bodies together to thrust. we have real good sex like this and he always cums. weve never been caught

This position makes me so

This position makes me so wet..

Me too

Me too

: )

i did this last weekend but with a twist instead of having my leg bend at his side i put it up over his shoulder. it was amazing he was hitting my g-spot perfectly ans he made me cum in a matter of a few minute. the only thing is going it that way it, it doesnt allow for deep penetration but it hits all the spots that are just barely hit in normal sex.

Awesome position

Me and my boyfriend LOVE this position!! Makes us come every time!

Leg underneath successfully?

Can anyone do this sucessfully with the woman's leg bent underneath the man instead of the leg straight? It seems my weight on my wife's leg is too much to bare.


This brings back the old My future hubby and I love this along with many others. Yes, I'm 18. However, I've been with my future hubby for 11 years, we started going out in second grade. lol does that count? teehee! It's so romamtic! This is our fave, and on our honeymoon this summer it's gonna be great!

me and my boyfriend tried

me and my boyfriend tried this but we couldn't get it to


me and my boyfriend have been wanting sex and cant decide what we want to do, i think this is a great thing to try. with him holding me and saying that he loves me, =) i cant wait to tell him


This a pretty nice postition to start up. Very romantic aswell, the kissing and cuddling, the touching all over the body. Touching her clit / touching his penis, massage her clit and pussy lips with his dick, dip it in her pussy just a tiny bit. Very good turn on for both parts, and personally its very pleasureable because of all the kissing, cuddling, touching and so on. Very very nice start up position. Nice as a relaxing postition too. But then i preffer the normal spoon more than this. Have fun, and give your woman the pleasure she wants!

Good for the initial stick-in

My sweetie and I used to do the initial stick-in and get things going a lot in this position after facing each for kissing and mutual fondling and pressing my hard dick against her pussy with my leg, but we'd transition to something else pretty quickly.