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See-Saw Sex Position

A very intimate position, the See-Saw will definitely bring you and your partner closer. To get into this position, the giver sits up with legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs planted on either side. Although movement is limited, don't underestimate the passion that can be experienced using it.

defffff wanna try this one

defffff wanna try this one ;)



so does anyone here think

so does anyone here think this is a great position? I'm looking for one that will help me cum quicker (kind of odd, I know)...but I usually take at least 3 hours! As amazing as sex truly is, it gets to the point of seeming monotonous =/ believe me, my girlfriend and I enjoy a great f**k session, but with the amount of time it takes, its kind of hard to keep privacy for that long!!

One of my favorites

I love it when he pumps in me hard and fast, when we're in this position, and then pulls out...I end up squirting all over him. It's quite lovely.

this one looks so amazing, i

this one looks so amazing, i want it
the guy might need some back support tho


Me and my lover do this all the time i love it when he says giddy up to me its just so sexyyy Mhhmm we also once sprayed ketchup and mustard on each other and then started doing it on the kitchen floor mhmm he is so hot!

o this brings back great

o this brings back great memories... i tried this one my first time and ugh it was so good, my ex had a good time too, too bad i'm all alone right now D: really wish i had someone to do this with... *wink*


i just did this yesterday! :D
man sex with my boyfriend is sooo great, he always knows how to reach my G spot ;)

ahhhh i love this want it

ahhhh i love this
want it now.


This is a good one.

sooooooooooooooo horny

ahh just looking at this animation gts me wet


i might get my bf now lol!!
it looks like u both thrust it looks nicee

this one is making me so

this one is making me so damn horny!

me and my bf actually did

me and my bf actually did this on a playground in broad daylight...but we were inside one of those things that are on top of the slide and it wasn't see-through so...nobody could tell

BiG FliRtZ
helaaaa goood !!!

this one is sooo good i tried it 2day wit my bf. it's like one of my favoritez now cuz hiz dick goez in hela deep in me and i love feelin him so close to me

I know this may sound silly,

I know this may sound silly, but I see this position being performed in a lot of modern latino movies... and I'm quite envious!! I think I will be trying this on my husband tomorrow night... I have yet to go wrong with me being on top. I've had nothing but phenomenal experiences... such deep pressure of his penis inside me. It's just mind-blowing. This looks like a more intimate version, and I'm excited to try it!


i think i'm deffinatly trying this one,... SOON! ahha.

if you like deep

if you like deep penetration, then this one's nice!

omg i love this

i love doing this, i suck my gf's tits and kiss her and everything.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!

im doin this 1

im doin this 1

i think ima try this one

i think ima try this one when my fiance gets home from work... Sweet heard the car tome to go!!!!! lol

Blooberry Waffles

To Smiles8:
I know I'm in the same position, if you'll pardon the pun. I really think it comes with practice(another pun :p) but seriously I think it just takes time and practice, besides when you're on top it's about you, you're in control and generally if you let go and enjoy yourself it will make you a little more passionate and you'll both have alot more fun. Also I would think the more pleasure you get the more your body reacts in turn giving him pleasure.

looks like a simple positon

looks like a simple positon to get into. You can also go to the lotus position after/before this.

Yeah, how romantic. I'd

Yeah, how romantic. I'd love to try this with my gf. And it looks like there'd be deep penetration, too, with the weight of her butt resting on the guy.