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Screw Sex Position

Essentially the Butterfly position with a twist, the Screw definitely deserves the name. The receiver lies on their side at the edge of a bed or couch, while their partner enters from the edge side. This position offers the giver a great deal of freedom of movement, takes very little strength, and features the rotated penetration angle, making it one of the hottest sex positions around.

Anonymous (not verified)
Anal Screw

When doing an anal screw just make sure that you as the female do the controlling or else if your guy is on the wild side he will tear your a*s hole to pieces.

Anonymous (not verified)
yea..i noticed

thx for the tip

Anonymous (not verified)
italian chandelier

can you show an animated version of the italian chandelier??

Anonymous (not verified)
anything goes

this can be used to either:
1 pentrate normal pu***sy sex
2.Get a beautiful screw in the anus