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Screw Sex Position

Essentially the Butterfly position with a twist, the Screw definitely deserves the name. The receiver lies on their side at the edge of a bed or couch, while their partner enters from the edge side. This position offers the giver a great deal of freedom of movement, takes very little strength, and features the rotated penetration angle, making it one of the hottest sex positions around.

darling, u don't have to b

darling, u don't have to b in a relationship to have sex. trust me, haha

i neeed this

im 17
and i have done some fun stuff
but this looks so amazing

I absolutely love this position

I will say this is my one of my top 3 favorite posions. Although when me and bf did was by accident. He was on top and I asked him i he wanted to go sideways and he misunderstood and so he went and took my legs and put them on my right side and it was absolutely amazing. But it was driving me crazy on what this postion was called and I found this website and it has been very helpful. The only difference we did was is that he was up on the bed with me and I was laying all the way down. But ladies, it still works...its prolly lot more comfortable too cause then your not holding your head up.


Yup me and my wife just did this 1 day and we swore we invented it...i meen it felt so gd to me bc of the freedom im allowed and i gess it did to her too bc she cudnt help herself with noise (which i love bc it makes me noe im doin my job) reely the guy has access to so many angles its almost unbelievable

this is so hot. i normally

this is so hot. i normally don't like anal but this is really hot. i love it.

lol... you obviously never

lol... you obviously never had a really big dick! i'll get to your pussy in this position

what is that

what is an italian chandelier?

Hey crownroyal69, this one

Hey crownroyal69, this one is not just good, I did this one to a girl and she actually run leave the cock saying its too fuking hot. lol

like this

this is a good one.

Great position for anal sex,

Great position for anal sex, and switching between the two.

When we do anal

On the rare occations that we do anal sex, my BF uses this position (screw) as both my and ass hole as well as the cleft is well lubricated and I dont feel much pain. We also go this position when he wants to hard pound my c..nt, but than I have to rhythm move with him as well. I know it's odd, but to me it's a bit cleaning up to to afterwards as semen drips all over when finished.

this one is incredible turns

this one is incredible
turns me on so much

I love transitioning my wife

I love transitioning my wife to this from the regular butterfly. Our bed is high, so I can stand up. She loves how controlled and dominated she feels. She can see me and I can enter and grind from every angle.

omg this position is the

omg this position is the best

I've never tried that before

I've never tried that before but it looks like fun. What might be even more fun is just like that except with one leg up on his shoulder... really open me up...

me and my bf were gonna try

me and my bf were gonna try this but he started licking me insted. i ended up f*cking his face fo 20 mins. felt really gr8 tho!!!!!

Not one for ass

I would rather my cock gripped between my GF's legs than putting my cock in her ass. If is able to in this position open her cunt would be a bonus

oh fuk is this up the ass? i

oh fuk is this up the ass? i dont wanna do this ever im scared does it hurt? and wat if i have to pooooo wen he goes in can dat even happen? lol

actually the best for the

actually the best for the girl going into her first anal is the spoon position because you can get her relaxed first and also the guy cant rush into it and has to take it slow

Nah, position is for both.

Works for both... And if you're not properly lubed/stretched/RELAXED/all-of-the-above it can hurt. But it gives an INCREDIBLE amount of pleasure to both partners, due to the tightness.

Usually... you take care of bodily functions before sex. How awkward and gross would it be if I thought I was coming while my girl's blowing me and instead I end up pissing down her throat? Best to get all of that taken care of BEFOREHAND so you can avoid that disaster.

i love when my BF does me in

i love when my BF does me in the ass i LOVE the pain i NEVER use lub! the harder the beter!

Really up the bum isn't so

Really up the bum isn't so bad, just make sure to use a bunch of lube. And poo a few hours before you're gonna screw. Actually, for a first timer, I would recommend that you start like doggie-style, but then lie flat on your stomach while he pumps your bum from on top. Keep your legs squeezed tight together. It's an awesome sensation-- it feels almost like he's in your va-jay, but with all sorts of added excitement. If you're into it, talk to him ahead of time and get him to hold you down hard and talk real dirty to you while he does it... it's a thrill ride you'll never forget!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

Just did this and I've got to say, it WORKS! She says it hits the g-spot perfectly, and it makes her much tighter. Will be trying this again.

Anonymous (not verified)

Why? Is she loose?

Anonymous (not verified)
I really want to do the

I really want to do the screw.